Environmentalists Kicked to Curb by Obama Supporters

Environmentalists Kicked to Curb by Obama Supporters

Environmentalists Kicked to Curb by Obama Supporters

Environmentalists are the darlings of the Democrat party — or so you’re led to believe. First of all, they tout Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal. What’s more, all the Democrats running for President say they want to fight climate change — somehow.

But if environmentalists push back against building a temple Presidential Center dedicated to President Obama, then all bets are off.

On Tuesday, a federal judge ruled that the $500 million Obama Presidential Center can be built in Chicago’s Jackson Park. A small group of environmentalists called “Protect Our Parks” had filed a lawsuit to stop it, but the judge kicked them to the curb.

U.S. District Judge John Robert Blakey — whom President Obama appointed, by the way — didn’t explain why he didn’t buy the plaintiffs’ argument. He just insists that they’re wrong for pointing out the obvious: that the Obama Presidential Center would glorify Obama:

“Unconvincingly, Plaintiffs attempt to twist this public benefit into a private purpose, arguing that the Museum’s mission merely ‘seeks to preserve and enhance the legacy of the former President and his wife.”

Never mind that Protect Our Parks wants to appeal. Judge Blakey — did I mention that Obama appointed him? — said there should be “no delay in construction. This case is dismissed.”

But there’s a lot more to this story than you might think.

First of all, in 1836 Chicago’s city officials designated its lakefront to be “Public Ground — A Common to Remain Forever Open, Clear and Free of any Buildings, or other Obstruction Whatever.” Moreover, environmentalists recently used that stipulation to kill a proposed $400 million “Star Wars” museum. They filed a lawsuit, but George Lucas and Co. didn’t wait around, so they moved the museum to Los Angeles.

Furthermore, groups also used “forever open, clear, and free” to block the Chicago Children’s Museum from grabbing up some lakefront property, too. Former Mayor Richard M. Daley supported that project, so this was a big win for the environmentalists.

But it now looks like the Obama Monstrosity Presidential Center will rise in Jackson Park. And that fugly shrine will supposedly complement the classical Museum of Science and Industry nearby.

environmentalists jackson park

Museum of Science & Industry. Credit: Brent Payne/flickr/ CC BY 2.0.

But this is Chicago. And you know there’s more, much more.

The city is practically broke, and it doesn’t have enough to cover its debt. Even worse, Truth in Accounting gave Chicago a financial grade of F.

Yet this eyesore will cost $500 million, plus more money for street construction.

But it’s all good, because that money will go to honor Barack Obama, Patron Saint of Chicago and Overall Superhero. As for the environmentalists, the Democrats have no problem kicking them to the curb. After all, it’s all about Obama, and what Barack wants, Barack gets.


Featured image: Marco Verch/flickr/cropped/CC BY 2.0.

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  • Mark says:

    LongTerd doesn’t deserve a shrine. He needs a Hall of Shame.

  • sam shovel says:

    has anybody noticed that the Obama shrine bears a striking resemblance to an abstract design of the head of a penis?

  • nuthinmuffin says:

    a small dirty bomb set off inside once it’s completed…that would be the cherry on the cake, highlighting the long term toxic policies promoted by his administration.

  • Steve S says:

    “Environmentalists are the darlings of the Democrat party” Ah, nope.

    Environmental ACTIVISTS are the darlings of the Democrat party. Working in pipeline construction, we are a main employer of environmentalists. From that, one quickly learns the vast difference between a professional environmentalist and a professional environmental activist. The professional environmentalists are as dismayed by the antics of the activists as are any of the rest of us; probably more so as they find themselves tagged with with the same brush as are the activists.

  • CintiCB says:

    We, really, do not need a building for us to be reminded of everything ‘our’ foreign ex-president did to our country!!!

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