An Empty Chair is a #SOTU Guest. The Irony is Not Lost on Us!

An Empty Chair is a #SOTU Guest. The Irony is Not Lost on Us!

An Empty Chair is a #SOTU Guest. The Irony is Not Lost on Us!

Ahhh, the grandiose speechifying spectacle that is the State Of the Union is upon us. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure we will be inflicted with a long winded self-congratulatory speech that will include awesome, in his mind that is, ideas for the future using the props he’s brought. Did I say props?


That’s what they are. Don’t get me wrong, for a citizen to be invited to attend a SOTU speech by the President is exciting and many consider it an honor – no matter who is sitting in the President’s chair. Unfortunately, those who sit with the First Lady tonight truly ARE props.

Guests invited to the State of the Union 2016 include, clockwise from top left, Lydia Doza, Braeden Mannering, Gov. Dannel Malloy, Maj. Lisa Jaster, Jim Obergefell, Refaii Hamo, Earl Smith and Cary Dixon. (Photos courtesy of White House/Associated Press)

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is invited solely because of the gun control initiatives passed in an overreaction to the tragedy at Sandy Hook. I say overreaction because the laws passed ignore the fact that the shooter STOLE the legally obtained weapons, and the very real mental health issues the shooter had are ignored.

Obamacare is one of his “accomplishments,” hence Cedric Rowland the “affordable” care act Navigator. Do you think Obama will mention the increasing number of state exchanges that have imploded? Do you think he’ll mention that the numbers of those signed up for ACA are in the tank, or the skyrocketing prices? NAHHHH – that doesn’t fit the narrative he’s pushing.

How about Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Do you really think that the President will push the STEM initiatives that Microsoft is engaged in? Sort of.  Instead the greater focus will be on expanding parental leave – never mind the fact that far too many businesses can’t afford to do so. I mean if they did, then they will have an empty chair, a very UNPRODUCTIVE empty chair impacting their bottom line for an additional 8 weeks. Such a lovely idea with no basis in reality!

The juxtaposition of a Syrian refugee, a supposed anti-Muslim advocate, and a soldier; Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone who, along with his friends Anthony Sadler and Alex Skarlatos, stopped a terrorist attack on a train is beyond ironic.


The vetting process for K-1 Visa’s..or ANY type of visa is so chock full of holes its a sieve. Yet we are supposed to welcome, with arms thrown wide, any and all refugees into this country with ZERO questions asked, because that is working out SO very well for Germany, Sweden, and Denmark. If Obama even mentions that San Bernardino was a terrorist attack by avowed Muslims…. He won’t because you know that nasty ole T word doesn’t fit his rosy unicorn view of the world!

Obama thinks HIS Obamacare is an accomplishment, far from it. He wants us to believe his immigration proposals, that include doubling the number of immigrants will be the best thing since sliced bread; its not. He wants us to buy into the unicorn promise that he’s kept our country safe from harm; he hasn’t. He wants us to believe the tinfoil promises made by himself and {{HUGS}} Kerry that that Iran Deal is absolutely stupendous; yeah no. He’d like us to believe that all of his Executive Orders and Actions are truly Constitutional and in the best interest of this country.

Nope, instead everything he’s done has been solely for Obama – the Me, Myself, and I President.

That would be a thing of beauty! Tonight’s SOTU instead will include Chair 24 – the EMPTY CHAIR. A sadly ironic fit for an absent President who spent the last 7 years choosing golf over leadership.

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