Elites in U.S. Are Bankrupt and Corrupt

Elites in U.S. Are Bankrupt and Corrupt

Elites in U.S. Are Bankrupt and Corrupt

The pandemic of this last year put the final nail in the coffin. Elites in the United States have proven themselves morally bankrupt and politically corrupt. They hate us and we need to stop listening to them, like, yesterday. Not just the political leaders, but those with top tier educations and letters after their names in every profession.

University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds dropped an article last night on a move by Yale University to rig board elections. In the world of elites, Yale, along with Harvard, is the tippy top of the mountain. Professor Reynolds graduated from Yale Law School. As did former Knoxville Mayor and former Ambassador to Poland Victor Ashe.

This gist of Reynolds’ article regarding Yale is that the board recommends who is going to being on the board and graduates can vote from that list. Ashe petitioned to be a candidate, got enough signatures, but lost in the voting. Yale’s board then voted to end the practice of allowing petitions. As Glenn says in his article:

As the pandemic especially underscored, the people who run our institutions look with disdain at those they are supposed to serve. They think that they’re so much smarter and better than everyone else, which entitles them to have their way, without interference from the unwashed masses. (Yale, apparently, regards even its own graduates as unwashed.)

To quote the Cowardly Lion from the MGM version of “The Wizard of Oz”, “Ain’t it the truth?” In just about every area of endeavor in our beautiful country there are elites who disdain the great unwashed masses.

Let’s start with Nancy Pelosi. On March 11, 2020, we were told that the United States needed two weeks to “flatten the curve”. We couldn’t have hospitals get overwhelmed. Everything shut down. School districts, theme parks, businesses, sports. Everything. On April 9, 2020, the New York Times noted that food pantries were being overwhelmed by people in need because they had no income. On April 14, five days later, Nancy Pelosi displayed her basket of chocolate and Sub-Zero freezer full of high end ice cream, recently restocked, on the James Corden show:

Morally bankrupt? Yes, showing off while people are in need. Plus, Nancy Pelosi’s husband was invested in firms that received money from the Payroll Protection Program.

While we are talking about morally bankrupt and politically corrupt elites, we cannot leave out the tech biggies. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and their ilk, I love that word, are disdainful of the great unwashed because they earned their wealth through merit. From Business Insider:

“The tech elite does not take a critical view of the role they play relative to their abundance of power,” said Brockmann in a press release. “They deny their role in setting technical standards and influencing democracy with their financial capital.”

The researchers claimed that the tech elite’s view of the world was shaped by a meritocratic ideology. They believe their wealth is earned through effort, and so they don’t question their financial position.

Highlighting the elite’s “disproportionate influence” over how consumers spent their money, the team outlined the need for future policy research investigating how to “shape social outcomes” in a manner fitting of a democracy.

The techies are smarter and richer and proletariat dare not question anything they divine for us.

The medical elites pooh poohed the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19. Which didn’t make sense to this non-medical type. If people were presenting with different symptoms, didn’t it make sense to treat those symptoms and not take anything off the table. Ventilators work for some people, but shred the lungs or cause damage in others. But, the elite medical professionals and television teleprompter readers were screaming for more ventilators.

It’s time to stop listening to experts and use our common sense. I found this article about trusting elites in The Guardian and will quote from it.

At times when public institutions – including the media, government departments and professions – command widespread trust, we rarely question how they achieve this. And yet at the heart of successful liberal democracies lies a remarkable collective leap of faith: that when public officials, reporters, experts and politicians share a piece of information, they are presumed to be doing so in an honest fashion.

What happens when they abuse are trust and are morally bankrupt and politically corrupt?

What nobody foresaw was that, when trust sinks beneath a certain point, many people may come to view the entire spectacle of politics and public life as a sham. This happens not because trust in general declines, but because key public figures – notably politicians and journalists – are perceived as untrustworthy. It is those figures specifically tasked with representing society, either as elected representatives or as professional reporters, who have lost credibility.

That’s where we are now. And like Yale, the elites will try to change the rules so that we don’t get a chance to toss them out. The elites are not better than the great unwashed. They just have better ice cream.

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  • Bobroberts says:

    I’ve said this twice in my life but maybe the French had it right, circa 1793-94.

  • I am a retired Physician, 54 years as an Anesthesiologist, and am appalled at the lack of spine from our Elite physicians when it came to how we treated Covid 19 patients. Instead of treating early symptomatic Covid 19 patients with Hydrochloroquin or Ivermectin we were told to send them to the hospital when the disease took its course. There were a few brave souls such as Dr Zelenko who treated his patients when they presented with early symptoms and out of 700 + patients had 3 only admitted to an ICU when treated with hydrochloquin. Or Dr Armstrong in Texas whose practice was nursing home patients and he treated them with hydrochloroquin when symptoms of Covid-19 first occurred- only 3 required icu care and the one that died was 102. I am not blaming the physicians in practice as they were threatened with loss of their medical license if they used Hydrchlrquine. But where were the ELITE LEADERS OF OUR PROFESSION? I await a response to this question. Curious George Best M.D.

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