Douchery Roundup: Americans – Hated In Our Country

Douchery Roundup: Americans – Hated In Our Country

Douchery Roundup: Americans – Hated In Our Country

Americans – real, downhome, love-our-families, pro-Constitution, principled Americans wrestled back some important elected offices last Tuesday. But don’t get cocky.

Tuition at Columbia is $50K/year

It should be noted that we never see research on the well-being of the people forced to engage in compelled speech in support of a radical, political ideology. The whole pronoun movement is an exercise in sanctioned bullying. Don’t send you kids to Columbia


Americans in Afghanistan

Remember how fast Leftwing BigMedia buried all mention of American citizens and legal residents left behind in Biden’s FUBAR Afghan bug-out? The few hundred were people who wanted to stay or didn’t move fast enough or who the hell cares any way, we have a narrative to maintain … Imagine our shocked face.

The State Department believes as many as 14,000 U.S. legal permanent residents remain in Afghanistan, Foreign Policy has learned, as the agency faces increasing scrutiny from Congress about the status of U.S. citizens and green card holders that are still stranded in the Taliban-controlled country.

Say, what? And Obama retread, Brian McKeon, was flippant when asked about this …

“We don’t track [legal permanent residents],” McKeon responded. “It’s a good question why we don’t,”

Oh well, what’s the lives of 289 Americans and five-figures worth of legal residents when there is Obama Administration 3.0 to maintain?


Et tu, Pew Research?

We shouldn’t have to point out that Hispanic has never been a so-called race designation. Anyone born in a traditionally Latin country, or in a family that immigrated from such a country, can claim the Hispanic label, regardless of radical Left’s attempt to shove Latins into nothing-but-brown slave quarters on their plantation.

If we are to hazard a guess about Pew’s descent into colorism is that way too many Hispanics are not voting per their melanin. So time to divvy up the Woke melanin from the White Supremacist Latins.

Beside having to declare our pronouns we’ll now have to include our Pantone number, too.


NASCAR President Angry with Americans

Someone needs to kick Steve Phelps in the to the curb on this display of partisan pique..

The president of NASCAR strongly denounced the company’s association with the popular anti-Biden chant “Let’s Go Brandon!” on Friday.

NASCAR president Steve Phelps said the company didn’t want to be associated with either side of the political divide.

Oh, honey, when you decided to speak out, you took sides. And it was the side of people who sneer at NASCAR and wouldn’t shed a tear if you all disappeared tomorrow.

Go Brandon yourself, Steve.


Komrade Kamala isn’t the only cackler in Pedo-Joe’s Admin

Kamala may do it at every appearance, but Granhold is going to give her a run for the money …

Let’s remember that Obama was clear he wanted gas prices for Americans on par with Europe ($5/gal +) in order to force people out of their cars. Granholm is quite willing to laugh in your face if you complain about it.


The above is why we say don’t get cocky about the important, but small, victories on Tuesday. The Left is fired up and is doubling down, whether it is found ballot shenanigans or versions of honeypot campaigns, to derail Americans taking back our institutions and maintaining our nation.

We are the resistance and we need to keep acting like it.

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