Donald Trump Battles More Beasts Of The Deep State Alone

Donald Trump Battles More Beasts Of The Deep State Alone

Donald Trump Battles More Beasts Of The Deep State Alone

For seven years, the Deep State has thrown everything they have at Donald Trump. They impeached him twice. Ask Joe Commie on the street why DJT was impeached and Mr. Commie will snarl back that Trump should be in prison for life. That’s all they know. He has been vilified by The Left, The National Review, the Country Club Republicans, the Never Trumpers, and the Bluenose Republicans. Now, AG Merrick Garland has unleashed Jack Smith, Uber Prosecutor, on Trump under the guise of “fairness”, just two days after Trump announced his 2024 run. The Left squeals with glee and the Deep State makes like the Wicked Witch of the West, “I’ve got you, my pretty.” I am done with all of them and all of you.

Y’all frost me. Donald Trump had nothing to gain by running for President once. Could have built buildings till he turned toe up. The second run was STOLEN from him. The hacks in certain states used Covid as an excuse to institute unConstitutional voting rules, like ballot harvesting, drop boxes and universal mail-in voting. France doesn’t allow that ish and we are better than the French, right? We all know that election was a clusterf*ck and yet state legislatures did nothing to cure the rules. That gave us the 2022 midterms. Candidate quality, my Aunt Fanny. On Wednesday, Trump announced his third Presidential run and immediately the Country Club and Bluenose Republicans took to their fainting sofas.

But not the Deep State, no. AG Merrick Garland, the Shield and the Sword of the Deep State, announced a new Special Persecutor for matters pertaining to Donald Trump. Garland named this guy:

In the photo, Smith is shown in front of the United Nations flag and wearing his Judicial Robes from the International Court in The Hague, to which the United States is NOT a signatory. Kelly is wrong; Smith is not unknown. The Left is positively squeeing like they all just got Taylor Swift concert tickets (rather have dental surgery).

And, he went after Tea Party Patriots, too.

Here is the Vox take on the Special Persecutor announcement:

The announcement is a significant development that underscores the seriousness of the probes into Trump — one into his attempt to overturn Joe Biden’s 2020 election win, the other into his handling of classified documents.

It’s unclear whether the move will change much about those investigations, which were already proceeding pretty vigorously. That is: it’s not about appointing some new tough prosecutor to take on Trump. It’s more an attempt to assuage fears that the Justice Department’s decision-making will be driven by politics.

In the announcement, Garland referenced Trump launching his presidential campaign earlier this week as well as Biden’s own comments that he will likely run for reelection as factors influencing his decision to appoint a special counsel.

Smith is a career prosecutor who headed the Justice Department’s public integrity section before stepping down from the DOJ in 2017. After his departure, he was appointed chief prosecutor for a European Union body investigating war crimes in Kosovo and worked out of the Hague. He is still overseas and did not appear at Garland’s announcement.

Smith, a triathlete, is in the hospital after a bicycle accident. He is still in the Netherlands and Joe Biden wasn’t around. I don’t care. He looks like an MCU baddy.

I have less than zero confidence in anything the Biden Administration is involved in, as should all of you. He signed off on the Mar-a-Lago raid, which was a chicken show. The Regime and its scribes have now admitted there was nothing found untoward in the raid:

These people stated that the review did not find any business benefit from Trump’s access to classified information. They said that FBI interviews with witnesses have not revealed any attempt by Trump to sell, leverage, or use government secrets. These people stated that the former president was motivated by a basic desire to keep his property, rather than a more sinister motive.

The FBI did not find any codes for nuclear bombs, and they found no evidence that Trump wanted to “leverage or sell the government secrets.”

Trump was not selling nuclear secrets on Craigslist. Who knew? Everyone. That includes most likely the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Donald Trump knows the score on this:

Donald Trump is the most investigated man EVAH. He is a victim. I believe he is innocent. He should cooperate with nothing.

I am sick to death of all of this. Senators and Congressweenies stick one finger in the air and the other up their own backsides and do nothing. The people that Donald Trump brought along with him, pretend they never met him. And, Republican voters look to Ron DeSantis who is Jeb Bush-lite. Get ready, lovelies. It’s going to get super-ugly.

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  • Carol Marks says:


  • John C. says:

    I will vote for Trump if he wins the nomination, to deny the Presidency to the Democrats, but I would prefer that he not be the nominee. He will be very old. He may be more vigorous than Biden at the same age, but the job is killing enough to younger men. He would have all the opposition he has, and had, with the fact of being a lame duck to reduce his ability to get things done. His second term was stolen from him, and his opposition bragged about it after the election, but I think it would be better for someone else to take the torch.

  • Dietrich says:

    The Kosovo War took place in 1998-1999. How’s THAT investigation going? The left will spend the next 50 years “investigating” DJT.

  • GWB says:

    Toni, it’s “National Review”, not “The National Review”.

    Also, I really wish people would quit making it look like they’re lionizing the man. Quit holding this guy up as a hero. He did some good. But he’s neither a saint nor a demigod. He wasn’t even very ‘conservative’. We would much better spend our time talking about what our principles need to be to return to our constitutional republic, and how to move the electorate to the position of believing in them and voting for them, regardless of who the individual politicos are. (And, yes, that top pic sure looks like someone here is lionizing the man.)

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