Do it!-Republicans Have a Brilliant Idea to Impeach Joe Biden

Do it!-Republicans Have a Brilliant Idea to Impeach Joe Biden

Do it!-Republicans Have a Brilliant Idea to Impeach Joe Biden

Monday, the idea of impeaching Joe Biden dawned on one Republican to which the universe can be heard saying Do it!

Let’s go back to ohhhh I don’t know the last ten months and remember all the ways seated President Joe Biden has demonstrated truly impeachable offenses.

There was the Burisma-bribery-pay-to-play machine that was Election 2020’s October surprise. Not only should it have been enough to indict Hunter Biden, but it should also have precluded Joe Biden from holding office. It should have been enough to charge him with treason. No joke.

Interestingly, no one noticed but Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene did file articles of impeachment against Joe Biden the day after his inauguration. The pravda media was too busy talking about January 6th.

Oh and let’s not forget, at this point in the timeline, Democrats had succeeded in impeaching President Trump once…and working on their second round for sheer spite. Funny enough, the reasons they impeached Trump could legitimately be made against Biden.

I guarantee you if Trump went off script, like Biden does regularly and singled out a seven year in the crowd to compliment her hair barrettes, noticing how she appears to be nineteen and how nicely she keeps her legs crossed—Pelosi and Schumer would be firing off articles of impeachment. When Joe Biden does it—regularly—the only recourse we have is the cringe that goes up our spine.

As a parent, if your “danger danger” hairs didn’t go up on your arms, you might be Joe Biden or his handlers. If you are skeptical, do a video search using “creepy Joe Biden”.

Speaking of sexually creepy things, let’s remind ourselves of Tara Reade. In the late 90’s Tara Reade worked for, then senator, Joe Biden. In 2019, Ms. Reade came forward with seven other women claiming sexual harassment from Joe Biden. Pravda media ignored it, scorned the women and moved on to hating Trump more.

Speaking of sexually assaulting staff members, the President stopped abruptly when asked if he would endorse impeaching New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for sexually inappropriate actions to his staff. It laughable to think President Biden will call for Andrew Cuomo’s impeachment when Tara Reade’s accusations against Biden read almost identical to Cuomo’s. Even in Joe’s diminished state, he knows that would be the pot calling the kettle black.

When it comes to inappropriate sexual behavior—where there is smoke there is fire. Period. The guy acts creepy to young girls and women. Impeachable? Maybe not legally, but Democrats would have found a way if any of these substantiated accusations and videos were uncovered about Donald Trump. Guarantee you.

Enough of the creepy things our disgraceful president does for all the world to see, and let’s examine the things he does that might actually cause Republicans to file articles of impeachment.

A mass of conservative talking heads took to their microphones and in one solid voice, called for Republicans to impeach President Joe Biden last week. Two issues have set the airwaves afire. First, Joe’s administration told the CDC to extend the eviction moratorium after the Supreme Court expressly told the president the only way to do such an act was through Congressional action—not the him, not the CDC.

Second, Biden’s administration is releasing thousands of COVID positive illegal immigrants into the country all while shafting citizens’ Constitutional rights with mask mandates and forced vaccinations. That isn’t making anyone happy. The collective voice of conservatives is a resounding Stop!

Mark Levin. Went. Off.

Guess what? When conservative talking heads Mark Levin, Dan Bongino and Jenna Ellis collectively rant for a week demanding Republicans file articles of impeachment for disobeying a Supreme Court order and endangering Americans with COVID positive migrants—it works. Who knew?

Don’t get excited. For Republicans such things are scary and must be taken in baby steps. Rep. Bob Gibbs, R-Ohio stated he believes articles of impeachment should be filed against President Joe Biden. Doesn’t mean he’s going to. Doesn’t mean anyone else in Congress agrees with him. It’s aspirational at this point until the paperwork is filed.

“You’ve got … a lot of landlords in this country are small, middle American families invested in one or two rentals…And they have a contractual arrangement…They still have to pay the mortgage, maintenance and property taxes on the rentals, but are barred from collecting rent if the renter can’t pay…That’s just a violation.”

Sounds good, now do it. For the love. Rep Gibbs went on,

“The president’s talking about more restrictions on American citizens and masks and all that, and we and we’re letting all these people in…He has a solemn duty to his oath to protect the Constitution, the security of the United States and the safety of all American citizens, and he’s definitely violated both of those, so I think it’s the reason why impeachment is warranted.”

You can almost feel it in his words—the growth of a backbone. The Democrats didn’t need a backbone to impeach President Trump for unsubstantiated and lesser, petty, and politicized reasons.

To the Republicans in Congress, take a play from Democrats’ playbook. Do it. You’re in the minority, so what? It won’t pass, so what. That never stopped Democrats from floating crazy ideas before. Turn their idiocy on them and make them play defense at their own idiocy.

Here’s a thought to consider, the rest of us are sick of living under this diminished tyrant and his handlers. Make you a deal, keep growing that backbone and file those articles of impeachment, and the rest of us might vote you into a majority in Congress in 2022. Do it.

Featured Image: 1280opx-Joe_Biden_(49405107506) by jhervas via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic, cropped.

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  • There’s an old saying that I find to be a reliable guide: “Believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear.” It’s particularly useful when attempting to assess the sincerity of a sitting legislator, no matter what letter appears in parentheses after his name. 98% of these people are strictly whores. Everything they say is for personal advancement in the political hierarchy: i.e., to garner either campaign contributions or votes. If Rep. Gibbs were sincere, he’d have composed and filed articles of impeachment himself. Thus, as a first approximation we should take his comments to be an attempt to pander to conservatives in his constituency who might be thinking of primarying him. Other interpretations are of dubious reliability.

  • GWB says:

    It’s aspirational at this point until the paperwork is filed.
    Hell, it will always be aspirational. No one on the supposed right-side of the aisle will do it because they fear “destroying the norms of politics” or some such crap. IOW, they fear the people who will actually use it as a weapon and just make take it out on them.

    Until we the people step up and do something about this unconstitutional regime that has run our gov’t for far too long – and that is NOT just Biden and his handlers – we will see our freedom shrink every day from here on out.

    Impeaching Biden won’t stop that. But it might, just maybe, show that someone in D.C. is paying attention to the people he serves..

  • ROP says:

    Biden and the rest of Rinos and Democrats, They have been allowed to be given much and have wasted it.
    Mene Mene There crimes are many and it would be better for a millstone to be thrown on there necks in the deepest
    ocean. Better to surrender and pay for there sins from man. Than to die in there sins and be judged by GOD and be judged they will !
    Tekel Uphasin !

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  • elmer says:

    If anyone is skeptical about Biden’s pedophilia, take a look at Kvon’s compilation of his predatory behavior towards young girls. He flat out distracts the parents and then starts pawing their daughters. In one case he puts his hand on a 7 yold girl’s breast and likely pinched her nipple. If it were Trump the media screaming would be incessant. Post a comment about that on a liberal website and you will likely get banned. But when he is of no more use to the Democrats they will act as if they discovered it and push him out of office, and then say it’s because they won’t stand for their leaders to behave like Trump.

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