Democrats Party In Puerto Rico Yet It’s Only Trump’s Fault Government Is Shutdown?

Democrats Party In Puerto Rico Yet It’s Only Trump’s Fault Government Is Shutdown?

Democrats Party In Puerto Rico Yet It’s Only Trump’s Fault Government Is Shutdown?

The U.S. government has been shut down for 24 days. The rhetoric however, has ramped up to eleventy. People blame Trump for the shutdown. But the question is, who is RESPONSIBLE for the government staying closed? Perhaps the Democrats who partied in Puerto Rico can answer that?

Trump wants funding for border security. That funding includes the following: 

$211 million to hire 750 additional Border Patrol agents
$571 million for 2,000 additional ICE personnel
$4.2 billion for 52,000 detention beds, personnel, transportation, and detention alternatives
$563 million for 75 additional immigration judges and support staff

And yes, $5.7 billion for about 234 miles of new barriers/walls along the border.

Yet, when Nancy and Chuck had the opportunity to meet with Trump in the White House to negotiate, they refused as long as the wall was on the table. I don’t suppose that they stopped to think that

A. The $40 billion they BOTH approved several years ago including funding for a wall?

B. Maybe tried to negotiate more funding for the other border security initiatives and a little less for a wall?

But nooooo…the wall is the hill they want to die upon.

And what about all those Democrats who partied it up in Puerto Rico?

Thirty Democrats spent the weekend sunning themselves on the beaches of Puerto Rico, enjoying the Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC’s winter retreat in San Juan, while their colleagues back at home worked to negotiate an end to the ongoing government shutdown, and complained — loudly — that most federal workers have now missed a paycheck.

The timing could not have been worse for BOLD PAC’s annual roundtable weekend, where “key officials” met with members of the Puerto Rican government to discuss the ongoing Hurricane Maria relief efforts — but also to spend quality time soaking up rays on San Juan’s famous beaches, rubbing elbows with Puerto Rico’s VIPs, and attending a premiere performance of the musical “Hamilton,” starring the show’s A-list creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Oh. Well. That’s nice. And such lovely optics. Sure the legislators had to pay for their own Hamilton tix, but all the lobbyists ponied up for their $429 per night hotel rooms and most of their meals. But wait! They really truly were concerned about the government shut down. They talked about it…or something. And besides guys, this beach retreat has been planned for MONTHS! Let a measly government shut down get in the way. NOT. A. CHANCE.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wasn’t pleased that his Democrat pals were being called out. He sniveled that everyone is there to work and help Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria. Sure, 36 major democrats and a ton of lobbyists were there to work. AND grab some beach time. At least corrupt NJ Dem Bob Menendez did. 

Meanwhile Senator Ted Cruz had this to say.

Yes indeed. This is pure politics. Here’s the entire interview with Cruz and John Cornyn.

Everyone is talking about how Trump is to blame for the government shut down. However, as my husband and I were discussing yesterday, the bigger question in our opinion is, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for the shut down continuing?

Memo to Chuck, Nancy, and all the partying Democrats. You bear a significant amount of responsibility for the shut down. The CBP, ICE, and far too many others in government are STILL working to ensure our nation is safe and secure – paycheck or no paycheck. Your political partisanship and derp stupidity regarding a wall makes you look like the arrogant SOB’s you are.

You can play political games all you want. But if something happens during the shutdown that could’ve been prevented if you’d pulled your heads out of your collective ass and listened to your constituents who want better border security AND a wall, you will be just as responsible as Trump.

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  • GWB says:

    everyone is there to work and help Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria
    Ummm, you don’t know what “work” means. “Working” to recover from Maria would involve actual sweat and a few skills beyond “sipping mai-tais”, “enjoying perks”, and handing out other people’s money. At a minimum, toting boards for the guy who actually swings the hammer.

    paycheck or no paycheck
    And the unions are suing the national gov’t now, too, over having to work without immediate paychecks, as a violation of… Federal Labor Law.

    You can play political games all you want.
    I won’t call it “games”. This is exactly the politics that should happen – real stuff, fighting over principles. I much prefer this to the “Oh no! This isn’t the hill to die on!” malarkey that Republicans have been practicing for 30 years, and to the “we’re gonna shut it down because we want 2.5 billion and you only want 2.1!” stupidity.

    Now, if only we could get enough people in a caucus in the House and in the Senate to actually start paring the gov’t down to a manageable, if not Constitutional size, I’d not blink when they went to party in PR, or anywhere else.

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