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Death and Taxes AKA Obamacare and IRS

Death and Taxes AKA Obamacare and IRS

Benjamin Franklin said, “The only things certain in life are death and taxes.”

Well, we all know the first thing is for sure.  Nobody gets out of here alive.  And it now is abundantly clear that the second thing, the IRS, will influence how fast and painful the first thing will occur….which, if you are a conservative, libertarian, or Republican … is not good news.

And hey, liberals…just a head’s up….don’t think you’ll be immune from the result of bureaucratic imperialism…..just ask the AP.

I do not wish to debate the cons and cons of Obamacare.  But please remember, that despite the fact that most Americans are opposed to it, Obamacare still exist and the administration is pushing as fast and hard as they can to implement it, public opinion be damned.  It is their punishment to use against anyone who dares to oppose their agendas.  After all the propaganda about it being not a tax (it is…therefore, the IRS), and how you can “keep your healthcare if you like it” (you can’t and they won’t let you), it boils down to having nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with control.   Remember that.  You know, when you go in for treatment or care and it’s refused.

Medical problems, emergencies, and end of life care await all Americans.  But for conservatives, these issues will become something out of a Quentin Tarantino film.  Dealing with an IRS that is targeting you and/or your business is outrageous enough.  But when you let this very same agency get ahold of your healthcare…..

What else can we expect from an out of control liberal/progressive agency that targets groups and individuals that oppose liberal/progressive agendas?


What should give you and I nightmares… is that the scandalous and criminal IRS is in CHARGE of your healthcare, your insurance, and you and your physicians’ medical decisions.  The same agency that pleads the Fifth (they remember that particular Constitutional Amendment quite well, don’t they?) when caught red-handed abusing their duty and privilege.  The same agency that actively and aggressively seeks out opponents to liberal or progressive policies and agendas – and not just about TAXES (which we all grouse about to some degree or another), but ANY opposition to ANY agenda this administration wants to advance.

It is not unreasonable nor is it paranoid anymore to think your government is out to get you.

And now they have the drones to do it.

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