Dear Feminuts: You Asked for This!

Dear Feminuts: You Asked for This!

Dear Feminuts: You Asked for This!

A feminist writer named Natasha Pearlman recently penned an indignant essay in Britain’s Daily Mail, lamenting the death of common courtesy, thoughtfulness, and consideration. Men have lost sight of what it means to be a decent human being, she claims. Is this the flip side of equality?

The answer, dear Natasha, is: depends on how you define equality.

Equality of opportunity for both men and women is a good thing. Everyone deserves an equal chance to achieve and succeed, regardless of gender. But today’s army of Clitlers wants more and God forbid any man steps out of their irrational, outraged feminist dogma circle!

For years, the muff mafia has been telling us that chivalry is a threat to gender equality. For years feminists have been calling simple gestures such as opening doors for a woman or paying for dinner “benevolent sexism” – the attitude that women should be protected and provided for.

These chivalrous acts are superficially positive, but may entrench gender inequality by positioning women as weaker and less competent, says Pelin Gul at Iowa State University.

So they denigrate acts of kindness and respect toward women – the idea that women are to be cherished and loved – into some kind of clueless misogyny, and then they’re surprised when men simply stop treating them with respect and start acting like they’re one of the guys.

Yeah. OK.

Natasha Pearlman recounts her recent experience with a guy who, in spite of her being quite obviously pregnant and pretty far along, shoved her out of his way, called her a “stupid fucking cow,” because she was holding her cell phone and wasn’t moving quickly enough for his needs.

I began calmly, explaining that it’s really not the ‘done’ thing to shove a pregnant woman and that, however much I might want to walk as fast as him, when you’re eight months pregnant, it’s physically impossible.

Also, I was holding my mobile in order to use it for contactless payment to get me through the Tube barriers.

Did he apologise? No. He shrugged, started up with another insult and, I’m embarrassed to say, I found myself shouting expletives after his rapidly retreating form.

Yes, the guy was a total jerk. Yes, there are a lot of them in the world.

But I’m not sure what feminists expected after years of demeaning men and ridiculing them for exercising basic

6 months pregnant Emma Wallace goes on the tube for the evening standard.
Photo credit: The Daily Mail


It’s called “blowback,” ladies (and I use that term loosely). You denigrate, disparage, and revile men long enough, and they will pretty much tell you to eat a dick make a sammich. When you start seeing sexism in everyday acts of kindness… when men are too scared to offer you a seat when you’re pregnant because you may take that as a sign of your daily outrage (HE’S CALLING ME FAT!!), men will stop offering you seats, you fuckwitted sows!

Helping a woman carry heavy bags? You’re a sexist, because you’re assuming she’s not strong enough to do so herself.

Holding a door for a woman? That’s demeaning. She doesn’t need your help, according to feminist dogma.

Being polite and allowing a woman to go ahead of you in a turnstile? You’re treating women differently, you sexist, penis-wielding piece of garbage!

Recognizing that men and women are different – not better or worse, but different – that’s a firin’.

Merely mention the fact that the underrepresentation of female scientists at elite universities may stem, in part, from “innate” differences between men and women? Get the hell out of Harvard, you sexist prick! I don’t care how your words were twisted and misinterpreted!

Constant feminist indignation has transformed simple acts of kindness into onerous acts of male superiority.

Letting girls use the bathroom first isn’t a show of respect. It is, rather, the first brick in the super high pedestal that allows men to exalt women out of sight. A true show of respect is paying us equally for the same work, not 77 cents on the dollar, which is the current average. That’s the world I want my son to live in and I seriously doubt it will ever happen as long as women believe men should hold the door open for them.

I’m not even going to go into a separate rant about the feminist myth of the gender pay gap, because I don’t need my blood pressure to skyrocket at the sheer stupidity and malicious obfuscation of that claim! You can read about it here, if you so choose.

But this… Do you really expect men to have any kind of respect for you if you raise your son to be an omega male “feminist” turnip, who thinks chivalry is somehow offensive to women?

No, men aren’t going to offer you a seat if you’re pregnant for fear of being the target of your autistic screeching about fat shaming.

No, men aren’t going to treat you with deference because you happen to be lugging around your fuck trophy in your belly. You chose to spread ’em and get yourself knocked up? You will be treated just like anyone else. You are not special. Get it?

No, they’re not going to ask you out on a date, because they don’t want to be accused of sexual harassment.

Wait! Does that mean she WANTS to be harassed so she can feel attractive?

No, they won’t pay for your dinner if you agree to go out with them, or hold the door open for you, because they don’t want to have to defend themselves against charges of sexism and misogyny.

They will treat you like they treat any other guy, because no one wants to carefully tread around your delicate Golden Snatch™ instead of having a good time and enjoying a laugh, a few drinks, and some intelligent conversation. No one needs that kind of pressure.

Ultimately, the possible corrosive outcome of your perpetual grumbling and vacuous accusations of sexism is just not worth it.

It may be common courtesy, but you have made it into something noxious and toxic. So what did you expect?

So yes, you perpetually outraged, grievance mongering vag-plugs, you did this. Live with it.


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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • Robin H says:

    Come on Marta, tell us how you REALLY feel!

    You are absolutely right, and I think men can sense the feminist vibes that some of these women throw off. I’m hoping that there are enough normal manly men left for my daughter to find one before they’re all cowering in the corner,

    • S.Lyn says:

      Yes! We raised our son to be an alpha. Off at college now after 4 yrs of Navy. He won’t even ask a fellow female student out because of the reports of men being expelled after a false claim of rape or even harrassment. He is very normal looking for a normal date-able lady (with no kids). I told him never give up but don’t put yourself on the line and settle.

  • GWB says:

    positioning women as weaker and less competent
    Don’t need chivalry to do that, hun. Nature already does.
    (The ‘weaker’ part, anyway.)

    No, men aren’t going to….
    Oh, I disagree. MEN still will. But you will have turned almost all the men into something else. Those males certainly won’t do those things.

    I’ve had a single woman try to give me crap about opening the door for her. So I went through ahead of her and shut the door in her face. Hard. (It opened away from us, so I got to swing it back into her.)
    It was not my finest moment.

    • GWB says:

      But you they will have turned almost all the men into something else.

    • SFC D says:

      I was raised to hold the door when someone is entering behind you, male or female. So I’m walking into Wal-Mart, there’s a gentleman in a wheelchair behind me. I held the door open, just being polite. He snarled “I don’t need your fucking help!” So I let the door go. Smacked him in the knees and rolled him back onto the sidewalk.

      I slept just fine that night.

  • Skid Marx says:

    You mean the Gilded Vagina isn’t real? NO! Bwahaha! Hey these feminists asked for all this so now they can suck on it. Ol’ Gretel there in the photo could cut back on the sammiches while she’s at it.
    Real men know women are stronger. Do you think humanity would have made it this far if men had to give birth?
    Sure we can do some heavy lifting and yardwork but women get the real hard work done known as giving birth and raising the child. To think how F’ed up this world would be without women is scary!

    • Jamie says:

      Sir (I’m assuming), yes, we are the ones who have to give birth, and it does require a certain… vigor (as Chris Pine playing Capt. Steve Trevor said in “Wonder Woman”). But I hate it when men denigrate their own strength in order to make a (chivalrous) point about women’s strength. ISTM that each sex has both strengths and weaknesses, and happily they’re often complementary.

      I was trained as a geologist, as was my husband. I was better at remembering the mineral formulae and the date ranges of things and at identifying subtly different fossils; he was better at most field work. I chalk up these differences to my womanly bent for categorizing things and remembering things in relation to one another (as the “gatherers” of hunter-gatherers had to do), and his manly bent for arranging the world in maps (as the “hunters” had to do). I’m a much better mother; he is a much better father. I’m thrilled that I get to go through life with someone whose skills and interests are not simply the same as mine.

  • Man in the Middle says:

    For me, the surprising moment was when pretty young women started holding doors open for me. That’s when I realized I’m now officially old.

  • Scott says:

    The article shows only one side, the side that is afraid of disapproval. There is another side, the side that just does not care. That has decided that due to the hostile environment, they will not be a father, so a pregnant woman means less than nothing to them, just another probable enemy that will use the child to screw the father over. Why on earth should they give up their seat for that.

    • Eric says:

      I think this is the bigger part of it. Men have decided dealing with women is like walking through a minefield. Best to just go around.

  • Bee says:

    I can tell you from personal experience on public transportation that people (men) did not give up their seats for pregnant women more then 20 years ago. I have also seen healthy college students (male and female) at a prestigious school take up handicap seats on the bus while an old person with 2 canes stood on a very bumpy bus. That is because people are not raised properly to have respect for someone older, or someone in vulnerable health. I would say feminism is a symptom of that breakdown not the cause of it.

  • That girl with the “No, YOU make ME a sandwich!” should really be careful what she asks for when around minds as evil as mine. I’m pretty sure there’s enough meat on her bone to stock an entire deli provided that one wanted to run a deli that specialized only in the serving of Long Pig. The only difficulty would be in finding two large enough slices of bread to put her between. ^_~

  • Gretz says:

    [i]They will treat you like they treat any other guy, because no one wants to carefully tread around your delicate Golden Snatch™ instead of having a good time and enjoying a laugh, a few drinks, and some intelligent conversation. No one needs that kind of pressure.[/i]

    Almost… They’ll treat you like a belligerent street crazy, not like “any other guy”, because other guys won’t try to get them fired or incarcerated. You *won’t* get the privilege of being treated like a guy. Not for lunch, drinks, casual conversation, or any other socializing after work, not for mentoring, or anything involving the slightest potential risk, unless they check off more intersectional-bingo points than you do in the HR department. (You *can* be “One of the guys” with one of those special snowflakes, though.)

    The real, significant costs of getting fired due to an angry, petty, vindictive bint isn’t worth the risk. And if you’re not *that* bint, well, who can tell anymore?

    If no one wants to be alone in a room with you, especially if the door is closed, you might want to ratchet back the feminist dogma a bit.

  • Bull says:

    Women unloved by fathers, unable to now love men for fear of more loss.
    Truly sad.

    • Chuck Pelto says:

      RE: ‘Unloved by Fathers

      “Women unloved by fathers, unable to now love men for fear of more loss.” — Bull

      Because their mothers drove the fathers away. So they weren’t there to love them.

  • Patrick Loudoun says:

    Muff mafia? Dayum!

  • Servo1969 says:

    Radical feminists want all the rights and privileges of both men and women, but the responsibilities of neither.

  • Chuck Pelto says:

    RE: Fat Woman w/Make Me a Sandwich Sign

    Reavers would do that for her.

    The flavor is in the fat.

  • John C. says:

    I do not hold doors for women. I hold doors for everyone. Not because I am a man, but because I am a gentleman.

  • Whitney says:

    Men hold doors for me all the time. All it takes is a little smile and they’re happy to do it but of course the feminist tell women not to smile because walking around with a sour look on your face is better. And I’m 50 so it’s not lust

    • alan says:

      That’s how I navigate between ladies and feminists: a little smile. If it’s returned, they probably won’t go harpy if I treat them like a lady, which is something that makes us both happier in that moment.

  • SFC D says:

    These wimmin are doomed to die old and alone, with a houseful of cats.

  • grayswindir says:

    Why would men respect a pregnant woman?
    Feminists treat pregnancy as if it is a disease, they bear within them a hatred for what is a significant aspect of femininity- the ability to bear life. Their zealotry, bordering on worship, for abortion is contemptuous of motherhood and female nature.
    If they abhor it, why would men show any deference, reverence or awe that the patriarchy encouraged towards motherhood?
    Welcome to the matriarchy….

  • cheeflo says:

    Fuck trophy. I have to remember that. For some women, that’s exactly what it is. I’ve been calling it accessorizing, but that’s more accurate.

  • Sadie McQueen says:

    I was entering a building once behind a man…I will not call him a gentleman because he wasn’t. He walked through the door, and I didn’t care if he entered before me, but when he let it slam shut as I was walking through it, that pissed me off. I hold doors for everyone. A few people say thank you; most do not. It takes all of a second to say thanks. It’s not sexism; it’s called courtesy.

  • Warmongerel says:

    I’d bet my house that her sob story about the rude guy never happened. Leftists, like the emotional children that they are, have no problem making things up to “prove” their point.

  • Gillyo says:

    I was in Home Depot the other day faced with the dilemma of how to lift the 4 gallon tub of joint compound I needed. In our town the guys are great about helping a lady out so I knew that the next one to come by would lift it for me. A female employer saw me waiting, came over, and hoisted that thing into the cart like it was nothing. While waiting to pay for it she went past me with a refrigerator. That lady was awesome! I wish she’d been around when I got to my car. But, no worries, a gentleman saw my predicament and walked two lanes over to help me. Fortunately my 20 year old son was able to get it out of the car for me when I got home. When I told him the story he was annoyed at me for not bringing him with me to the store. We raised him to be helpful to anyone who needs it, at least there will be at least one gentleman for a nice young lady who’s looking for one.

  • […] Dear Feminuts: You Asked for This! A feminist writer named Natasha Pearlman recently penned an indignant essay in Britain’s Daily Mail, lamenting the death of common courtesy, thoughtfulness, and consideration. Men have lost sight of what it means to be a decent human being, she claims. Is this the flip side of equality? […]

  • TJ says:

    I hold doors open for both men and women, because I am a gentleman. Anyone who doesn’t like it can BITE MY SMEGMA!

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