DC Comics Tells AOC Comic Book Creator To Stop It

DC Comics Tells AOC Comic Book Creator To Stop It

DC Comics Tells AOC Comic Book Creator To Stop It

The “is DC Comics or Marvel Comics better?” is an argument that generally doesn’t involve politics, thankfully. However, both brands are very protective of their characters and intellectual property. Enter Devil’s Due Comics, who apparently likes Democrat politicians and making them into superheroes.

According to the New York Post, Devil’s Due Comics has run such titles in the past as “Talk Bernie To Me” and “Barack the Barbarian.” That sound you hear is my eyes rolling into the back of my head.

But it’s Devil’s Due Comics’ latest entry into the political comic superheroes – this time, regarding freshman Democratic Socialist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (she who was once defeated by a garbage disposal)- that has now earned them a “cease-and-desist” order from comic book heavyweight DC Comics. And it’s pretty obvious why.

Ocasio-Cortez is the subject of a new comic from Devil’s Due titled Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & The Freedom Force: New Party, Who Dis? and in promotion of the launch, the publisher has been offering up special limited retailer variant covers. One particular cover came under scrutiny for DC Comics though, being a bit too close to their iconic character Wonder Woman for their liking, and now they’ve sent a cease and desist to Devil’s Due (via Bleeding Cool).”

The cover in question was the NY Collector Cave retailer exclusive cover by artist Carla Cohen, which as you can see below does bear a strong resemblance to DC’s Wonder Woman. Ocasio-Cortez has an A symbol where the typical W would go, but it’s not hard to make the leap to Diana of Themyscira.”

Yeah, this is a pretty obvious and blatant rip-off.
DC Comics was also not thrilled with another of the covers of the comic book, for obvious reasons, but this one wasn’t the target of the legal order.

Apparently, DC Comics want the copies affected by the cease-and-desist order destroyed. Instead, it’s created the perfect example of how a fool and his money are soon parted.

The print run was already going to be small at 250 copies, but once DC sent their cease-and-desist notice that will now even be smaller, as DC requested the covers not be distributed, but recalled, returned, or destroyed. The cover, however, had already been printed, so while 250 won’t be available, there will be some to get your hands on if you want them, but do expect the price to jump. The cover was originally sold for $30 by NY Collector Cave and then jumped to $40 from several sellers on eBay. It jumped again to $70 on eBay, and you can bet it will make another jump over the next week or so.

Seriously, if someone you know spends $70 on this tripe, get them help.

And, viewer warning – please don’t read this comic book unless you want imagery that will haunt your nightmares, because some crazy comic book artist out there thinks Nancy Pelosi looks like this:

Honestly, DC Comics is doing us all a favor by limiting the run of this hot garbage. Remember, everyone – friends don’t let friends buy political comic books that feature Wonder Woman knock-offs with fantasies about the Speaker of the House having washboard abs.

Featured image: original Victory Girls art by Darleen Click

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  • Jim says:

    Well Occasional-Cortex is a woman. She is also a ”wonder”, but superheroine I think not.

  • Scott says:

    “with fantasies about the Speaker of the House having washboard abs.”… More likely she has “washtub” abs… not that i EVER want to find out!

  • I saw this story first elsewhere – and my first thought was that they got the WRONG DC character.

    Now, as I am a different variety of geek, I don’t know if she ever appeared in the books – but AOC reminds me most of one of Harvey Dent’s sidekicks in one of the Batman movies. She can’t be “Sugar” (the blond and giggly one), so she must be “Spice” (dark and stupid).

    Appropriate, in my opinion – what is Occasional-Cortex but one of the Moronic Minions that the real power brokers shove in front to soak up the fire when the bullets begin to fly?

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