Corporate Media *is*, Indeed, Our Enemy

Corporate Media *is*, Indeed, Our Enemy

Corporate Media *is*, Indeed, Our Enemy

“No one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.” 1984 by George Orwell

Corporate media as Minitrue

Nothing enraged the Fourth Estate like President Trump did when declaring, rightfully, corporate media as an enemy of the people.

Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.

Mark Twain

And the hypocrisy of faux-journalists who beat the drum of Speak Truth to Power while they wield the immense power of position of deciding what information will be disseminated to the public. They control what narrative will be pursued. We’ve endured four years of Russian Hoax, continuing “insurrection” hoax and, just as destructive, the years of never-challenged narrative of Black Folks Murdered By Cops. A narrative that has engendered unrelenting anti-white hate and a narrative that is demonstratively false.

Thousands of black Americans killed by police?

A nationally commissioned survey asked respondents for an estimation of how many unarmed black men were killed by the police in 2019. Forty-four percent of liberals said it was 1000 or more. In reality, the number was actually no more than 27. (snip)

Among those identified as “Very Liberal,” a majority (about 53 percent) of them estimated that the number of unarmed blacks killed by police in 2019 was one thousand or over, with about 22 percent putting the number at ten thousand or above.

America’s own Minitrue is directly responsible for this false conviction among the population. The eager and unrelenting coverage of cherry-picked black folk killed by law enforcement with the most sensationalist and, many times, salacious coverage is inexcusable.

It is also very dangerous

CNN’s own Chris Cuomo dialed up the race-baiting with his on-the-air comment that white kids need to be killed. Anyone ask him if he’s going to sacrifice one of his kids for justice, then?

That Cuomo remains employed, along with all the journalists who cheered the Chauvin verdict in lieu of reporting, is just more damning evidence of FakeNews Corporate Media.

Twain gave good advice for his day. But unless we let BigTech completely shut us out, we have the ability to fight back. Marxist scum need not be given any quarter, even if they are wearing a press pass.

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  • Of course they’ve all completely forgotten about the WHITE carjacker killed by police recently. They were starting to protest until they realized he was white.

    And did anyone ever prove that Floyd wouldn’t have gotten the same treatment if he was White — i.e., career thug, resisting arrest, lethal amounts of illegal drugs, etc.?

    The link had LeBron saying “You’re next” about the cop who saved a black girl’s life. What a complete jerk. I’ve been a lifelong Lakers fan but I’ll never watch them again.

  • John Higgins says:

    I remember in the early 2000s when bloggers began appearing on the scene. I thought “Finally, the influence of our garbage press will be diminished.” I was so wrong.

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