Condi Loves Football, Haters Love to Tweet

Condi Loves Football, Haters Love to Tweet

Condi Rice loves football.


Apparently, that’s enough to bring out the vile, festering hatred that some people still harbor for anyone connected to the George W. Bush Administration.

I can’t repeat some of the names she was called here, but if you have a desire to see a successful woman degraded simply because she served in government and dares to love football, just look at Twitchy’s compilation of tweets.

I respect Condoleezza Rice immensely.  She is a true embodiment of the American success story.  She grew up as the daughter of a teacher and a minister in segregated Alabama, and through hard work and a determined mind, she rose to become Secretary of State – only the second woman to hold the office, and the second African American to serve in that role.  Even if you disagree with her politically, you have to respect her tremendous accomplishments.

So, she adores football.  I’m more of a baseball fan, but I like watching football.  So what?

Apparently, it is nothing more than an excuse for haters to come out of the woodwork.  And it’s so predictable that it’s laughable.

I bet if you actually got face-to-face with most of the writers of these ugly tweets, they wouldn’t really know why they “hate” Condi Rice.  Some may cite her service in the Bush Administration and call her a “war criminal.”  But would they be willing to call President Obama a war criminal, too?  Unlikely.  So why the Twitter filth?


When I really stop to think about it, it does really come down to jealousy, and the anonymity of the average person on Twitter.  Condi Rice came from humble beginnings and rose to success and power.  She takes excuses away from anyone sitting on their couch watching football on why they can’t work hard and achieve things.  So, the unhappy person tweets about how much they “hate” Condi, because they can.  Twitter is more anonymous than Facebook, and allows people to say things to the world at large – celebrities and powerful people included.  And because people often speak before they think, Twitter has become the place where people tweet horrible things that they would never say out loud to the person that they are slandering.  Some of them might, but those are the minority.  The majority of the hateful tweeters are simply anonymously jealous, and that anonymity gives them the license to spew whatever ugliness comes out of their brain, through their fingertips, and onto a screen.

If your life is so small, and your sense of self so insecure, that you need to spew about Condoleezza Rice liking football on Twitter, just because you can, then you have my pity.  You’re not worth my anger.

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  • Marvin says:

    Condi, Please, talk the Browns experience in the Super Bowl. What?! You have nothing to say.

    Ok, then – Can we talk about the Fumblers (er.. Steelers) then.

    A Bengal fan.

  • Merle says:

    Small minds + weak arguments = vile language.
    The more people that “hate” me the better job I am doing!


  • Dejah says:

    Leftists are the pinnacle of racists and racism.

    She is drinking their milkshake, because evidently, in order to be on the “plantation” you have to be a libturd. I bet they think she likes fried chicken and watermelon too.

    This is what happens when you give dumb people smart phones.

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