Comparing AntiFa THUGS To The Greatest Generation Is Insult To WWII Heroes [VIDEO]

Comparing AntiFa THUGS To The Greatest Generation Is Insult To WWII Heroes [VIDEO]

Comparing AntiFa THUGS To The Greatest Generation Is Insult To WWII Heroes [VIDEO]

In her prescient blog post yesterday, Kim pointed out that once all the monuments are gone, what is next? Literally on the heels of that question we find out the answer from media jackasses. Be warned, you might want to break things after reading this.

From the editor of The Atlantic:

And this from an Esquire reporter:

Really? REALLY? You jackasses went there??!! Needless to say, many were NOT amused. And I don’t blame them one bit.

The Greatest Generation definitely wouldn’t stand for this type of crap. And for anyone to compare the AntiFa THUGS to those who fought in WWII is…unfrickenbelievable!

Folks, there is zero comparison between the two. Period. The AntiFa, the fascists, the Neo-Nazis, the white supremacists, the socialists, the masked THUGS no matter which “movement” they belong to can never EVER measure up to the courage, humanity, bravery, and Patriotism exemplified by those who served in World War II.

We cannot and SHOULD not compare this:

or this:

or this:

WWII Veteran salutes a fallen friend at Normandy

to this:

or this:

The AntiFa run around in masks burning things down and attacking people in order to stop them from speaking freely on any subject the AntiFa deems unacceptable. Those who served in WWII went after those who did the same and stopped them dead in their tracks.

The AntiFa shows up with clubs and uses them on people to stop their freedom of speech and peaceable assembly. Those who served in WWII set people free who’d been imprisoned because of their speech and because of who they were or what religion they were.

Unfortunately some idiot at the Washington Post named Mark Bray offers up a completely disgusting argument for accepting the AntiFa as necessary:

Antifascists argue that after the horrors of chattel slavery and the Holocaust, physical violence against white supremacists is both ethically justifiable and strategically effective. We should not, they argue, abstractly assess the ethical status of violence in the absence of the values and context behind it.

Ben Shapiro correctly calls this type of advocacy horrifying, and he’s right. Furthermore, he points out that the AntiFa in the 1920’s and ’30’s helped drive both Hitler and Mussolini into power because both dictators used the AntiFa violence against those groups. Is this what we want here? NO. Horrifyingly, it seems there are those who should know better are agreeing with Bray, Golberg, and Hendrickson’s not-so-cute little talking points.

The AntiFa cannot and should not proclaim themselves victims of violence on one hand while promoting and instigating violence on the other. Again, zero comparison to the heroes of our Greatest Generation.

And no, World War II allies fighting Hitler’s soldiers weren’t fighting protesters — they were fighting armed men with guns who had invaded sovereign states and were busily exterminating Jews. We didn’t send tanks and howitzers to fight rallies. We send them to fight armies.

The AntiFa are not heroes in this. You want to know who are heroes really are? These men:

World War II veterans salute during the playing of the national anthem at the ceremony at Normandy American Cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer, on June 6, 2014, marking the 70th anniversary of D-Day.Michael Abrams/Stars and Stripes

Want to know what they endured? Watch:

For anyone in the AntiFa, the media, or in the political realm who have dared to equate our Greatest Generation with that of THUGS and baboons; what you did is stupid, it’s dangerous, and you are part of the problem.

You who have made this comparison need multiple Gibbs slaps upside the head and a major refresher course as to the true meaning of a Patriot and a Hero. Comparing the AntiFa to our World War II Heroes is an insult to our Greatest Generation and an insult to this country.

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