Code Pink, KKK, And MTV Clowns Display Their “Class” At Sessions Confirmation Hearing [VIDEOS]

Code Pink, KKK, And MTV Clowns Display Their “Class” At Sessions Confirmation Hearing [VIDEOS]

Code Pink, KKK, And MTV Clowns Display Their “Class” At Sessions Confirmation Hearing [VIDEOS]

It seems the confirmation hearing for Senator Jeff Sessions brings out the classless idiots. No, I’m not talking about Chuck Grassley or Diane Feinstein. I’m talking about the KKK, Code Pink, and some jerk with MTV. Seems they have a bone to pick with Senator Sessions and figured trying to stop his confirmation, or accuse his granddaughter of being a prop was a grand idea. Yeah. NO.

Its really almost comical. Here is the KKK, an overtly racist organization, attempting to stop Sessions confirmation as Attorney General. What’s comical you ask? They want the removal of a man who aided in the successful prosecution of the head of the KKK in Alabama.

“It was because of Jeff’s willingness to help us that Hays and [accomplice James “Tiger”] Knowles were indicted. Down the road a guy named Frank Cox who provided the rope was also indicted, and the leader of the Klan at that time, Henry Hays’s father Bennie Hays was also indicted.”

According to Galanos, securing Henry Hays’s conviction was a long, involved process, and the resources Sessions provided helped break the case wide open.

In other words, the KKK is protesting Senator Sessions because a federal grand jury found one of their great leaders guilty of lynching an innocent black man and was sentenced to death for his role in that killing. In my opinion, their protest is a tacit admission that they thought Michael Donald’s lynching by KKK clan leader Henry Hays was a ‘good thing.’ Like I said…comical.

And then we have Code Pink. Yeah…they surfaced.

Desperately trying to regain relevance they exhibited their own brand of clown show.

She’s lovely isn’t she? Oh but she wasn’t the only one there.


I’d rather eat dirt and die. They really can’t help themselves can they? But then, Code Pink has never been known for their brilliance. Rather they are known for their ludicrous clothes, shrill harpy attitudes, and pissing various people off.

Wonder what Senator Feinstein thought this morning about their idiot shenanigans? Oh but it wasn’t just the KKK and Code Pink. Nope, some clown with MTV had to show exactly how low he would go.

Seriously dude??!!  Oh but he didn’t stop there… nope, he burrowed deeper into the cesspool. Ira believes she shouldn’t be there, that Senator Sessions is using her as a prop – a PROP!! in order to let everyone know he’s not a racist. Really. REALLY??

Such a sweet face!

You know, many of us knew that quite a few of the upcoming confirmation hearings would likely be a circus one way or another. But I tell you what, it will take some doing to top off the clown show exhibited by Code Pink, the KKK, and good ole Ira Madison III at MTV. Stay classy clowns. Stay classy.

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