CNN Sticks Foot In It When McConnell’s Feet Don’t Work [VIDEO]

CNN Sticks Foot In It When McConnell’s Feet Don’t Work [VIDEO]

CNN Sticks Foot In It When McConnell’s Feet Don’t Work [VIDEO]

A quick Google fact-check would have saved CNN from wearing egg on its proverbial face. But that would require – *cough* – real journalistic research. And this is CNN.

President Trump helps Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell up the steps in the Rose Garden (photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
After the press conference in the Rose Garden on Monday, McConnell took a stumble going up the Rose Garden steps. President Trump was right there, and acted as support and balance to help McConnell up. This did not go unnoticed by CNN reporter Daniella Diaz.

Har har har. The reason McConnell has a problem with stairs sometimes? He had polio as a child. You know who reminded Diaz of that? Her own colleague at CNN, Manu Raju.

But but but but GOP, so FUNNY!!!

Oh, and GOP, so McConnell gets no sympathy.

For the left who thought this was the second coming of a Gerald Ford parody on Saturday Night Live, think again.

Because last I checked, CNN wasn’t in giggles over this “assistance.”

Or this one.

I mean, Hillary Clinton says she just broke her toe tripping down a flight of stairs in London on her book tour, and I don’t think Daniella Diaz was busting a gut over that one. *checks her Twitter feed* Nope!

Also, for someone who may have a rocky political relationship with McConnell, Trump was right there to help him steady himself, and not make a big deal about it. That actually was a nice moment, and Daniella Diaz apparently can only see the slapstick comedy.

“Stay classy” implies they had some class to begin with. This is CNN.

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  • cathymv says:

    CNN – their fail continues unabated!!

  • Marta Hernandez says:

    Hurrr Durrrr healthcare!

    Never mind you can get vaccines free of charge or at severely reduced prices almost anywhere, and a lot of leftist hipsters shun vaccines, because NATURALHEALINGBIGPHARMA DERP!

  • GWB says:

    And yet he wants to take away healthcare to the most vulnerable

    No. No, he doesn’t. I don’t even want to, and I want 0bamaCare gutted with prejudice. I can’t take away your healthcare in a free country. I can, however, insist that I won’t be paying for it.

    And the comparison with HRC is appropriate. Because Hillary just denied that she had any problem whatsoever! Even when she DID say “Oh, I haven’t been taking care of myself, got dehydrated, passed out stumbled”, she couldn’t just admit weakness/illness, but tried to downplay it and make it not-a-factor-in-the-campaign. And she didn’t downplay it like a guy shaking off his injury on the athletic field, she tried to deny anything whatsoever could be wrong.

    Big difference between HRC and McConnell (on the physical front – not so much politically) is her natural resort to lying about it.

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