CNN Is Sad About New Mexico Terrorists Difficult Life Off The Grid [VIDEO]

CNN Is Sad About New Mexico Terrorists Difficult Life Off The Grid [VIDEO]

CNN Is Sad About New Mexico Terrorists Difficult Life Off The Grid [VIDEO]

Those poor misguided adults and eleven starving children were training to attack Atlanta’s Grady Hospital. Yes folks, they were training to be terrorists. However, quite a few at CNN, along with much of the rest of the media, refuses to report on the story. CNN decided to whitewash everything with their hippie dippy ode of sadness regarding the supposed difficulties the family had adjusting to life off the grid.

As we wrote the other day, the fact that the judge initially granted all the adults release on a signature bond was infuriating given the background of the suspects, including ties to 9/11 and the ’93 World Trade Center bombing, and what has been found at the compound.

Now, in light of new evidence, the prosecutors have renewed their push to have all held without bond.

A four-year-old, Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, was murdered by his father at some point earlier this year and buried in the dirt.

There were an awful lot of people, mostly in politics and the media, who want this particular elephant to quietly leave the room. So much so that for some very odd reason, authorities leveled the compound as Deanna noted here.

Well, CNN has decided to whitewash the entire story.

Oh, yes, indeed. You read that correctly. We must cut the family some slack, we MUST sympathize because, you see, they were just so UNPREPARED for life off the grid!

You see, people want to be left alone because, you know, they might do things that are unconventional. Like starve and train eleven kids to be terrorists? THAT kind of unconventional?

The entire article is about life in the west. Believe me, it’s tough. I grew up on a working ranch and we dealt with all manner of things. Equipment breakdowns, Mother Nature dumping on us with rain, hail, blizzards at the wrong time, cattle dying, power failures, and more. It’s a tough life. One that calls for resilience, planning, working hard, and more. What it does NOT call for is pandering to terrorists.

CNN, however, with their hearts and flowers whitewash, gets everything wrong about life in New Mexico, life off the grid, and reality. Pretty sure they took what the very liberal judge overseeing the case said and ran with it. Needless to say, it doesn’t go over well and actually paints many in that area as rubes.

This dreck in the seventh paragraph is unreal:

The regions history of welcoming outsiders has contributed to cross-cultural exchanges and a tolerant attitude that locals consider a post of pride. Many are quick to distance the state’s counterculture vibe from the compound and it’s inhabitants, who are accused of training children to commit mass shootings. But they also fear that the publicity around a case infused with allegations of terrorism, child abuse, and faith healing might contribute to a rise in racism and Islamaphobia.[Emphasis Added]

Are you kidding me??!! It is very clear to everyone except CNN that the blame lies squarely on Wahhaj and the rest of the adults from that compound and no one else. But NOOOO, CNN just HAD to go there.

We don’t need to hear about the group’s oh-so-difficult struggle to survive. Not at all. What we SHOULD be hearing more about is what were their other targets? Who was financing them? Who else is involved and where are they? How much did the imam know and when did he know it?

But again, CNN had to drop buckets of whitewash all over the place.

Their narrative is clear: we are not allowed to discuss terrorists and Muslims because CNN tells us that makes us racist and Islamophobic. Sorry CNN. We ain’t buying what you are shoveling.

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  • Like many others, I avoid CNN. In my case, the shift came back in the late 1990s after seeing several major incidents of deliberate bias in their coverage. This incident is particularly foul but not surprising. CNN stinks.

    CNN, I am told, doesn’t care that millions now avoid their propaganda. They have enough of an almost Orwellian forced audience in airports and the like to keep the advertising revenue flowing it. Cut them off there and they will wither and die.

    And you can help deprive them of that audience as well as delight the public. When you travel and have a layover in an airport, spend that time hassling airport officials—the higher the better—about those blaring CNN TVs. Point out that air travel is stressful enough with that. Insist that they be pulled.

  • Thomas Hazlewood says:

    At Waco, the children were well fed and were not being trained to slaughter other children in a schoolyard massacre. Bet they’d have preferred treatment similar to these Jihadist trainees.

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