#Clinton Campaign Attacked In Same Hack As #DNC [VIDEO]

#Clinton Campaign Attacked In Same Hack As #DNC [VIDEO]

#Clinton Campaign Attacked In Same Hack As #DNC [VIDEO]

Well, well, well. It seems that while the #DemsInPhilly were losing their minds over Trump asking the Russians to produce Hillary Clinton’s 30,000+ missing emails, the Clinton campaign HQ was attacked in the same hack as the DNC. Jake Tapper of CNN interviewed a Clinton campaign worker at the Democrat National Convention about the likelihood that the Russians hacked the DNC to help Donald Trump win in November just earlier this week.

It seems that the Clinton camp knew of this risk back in March, but refused to cooperate with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) when they met with senior campaign officials to warn them that they were targeted for cyber attacks. I know, the likelihood of a Clinton not cooperating with a Federal investigation-imagine (sarcasm)! It seems that the campaigns response to the FBI’s request for information was similar to her lawyers response to the FBI’s probe into her bathroom server.

“Through lawyers, the campaign refused to give over the information because ‘the FBI’s request for sensitive personal and campaign information data was too broad and intrusive’, Yahoo News said.

The involvement of the Justice Department’s national security division is a sign that the Obama administration has concluded that the hacking was state sponsored, individuals with knowledge of the investigation said.

The Clinton campaign, based in Brooklyn, had no immediate comment and referred Reuters to a comment from earlier this week by campaign senior policy adviser Jake Sullivan criticizing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and calling the hacking ‘a national security issue.’

The Department of Justice had no comment.”

Again, let me express my utter shock (sarcasm).You would think that the Clinton’s think they are above the law. Or something.

Of course, Putin’s people claim they had nothing to do with any of this hot mess but the Justice Department has determined due to certain signatures associated with known Russian hackers, such as Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear, that their finger prints are all over this.

It seems Cozy Bear has made himself quite at home in the DNC servers and took up residence roughly a year ago, while Fancy Bear is a more recent intruder. Both installed malware in the DNC servers and laptops that have been transmitting information back to “command and control” servers for quite some time according to Crowdstrike, a security application service. In an article on Wired, a recognized technology publication’s website, they explain how the Bear’s evaded detection by anti-virus software.

“In fact, Crowdstrike writes that the groups changed their malware on a regular basis and frequently altered their “persistence” techniques to avoid deletion by antivirus programs or other security measures. All of that, along with the two groups’ histories of breaching targets from the White House to the State Department, points to Russian government espionage as the breach’s motive.”

In the meantime, it seemed like things were going well at the DNC’s coronation of their liar in chief. If you don’t count the fact that the chair that started the convention had to step down after she was booed by her own people and disgraced in the initial email release. Or that the next person to be handed the chairmanship was an SEIU and Clinton campaign hack.

High times at the DNC for Hillary and Tim Kain
High times at the DNC for Hillary and Tim Kaine

It really does make one wonder at the pathetic spectacle that the Presidential election this year in the greatest country on earth has become. If you need me, I will be curled up in a corner crying over what has become of my country and drowning my tears in wine.


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