Cincinnati Trump Rally; Filled With Patriotic Goodwill

Cincinnati Trump Rally; Filled With Patriotic Goodwill

Cincinnati Trump Rally; Filled With Patriotic Goodwill

President Donald Trump traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio to hold a rally for his Trump 2020 Presidential Campaign. The rally was held at the U.S. Bank Arena, and the crowd was at capacity which is over 17,500 people. The thing that has always struck me about the Trump rallies is the patriotic joy and goodwill. Tonight was no different. I know that is not the conventional wisdom. The leftwits see anger. I see graciousness.

The pre-Trump warm-up crew included Donald Trump, Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, Vice President Mike Trump, and #WalkAway activist Brandon Straka, who tweeted:

When Trump took the stage, to the sound of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA” the crowd went wild. He began with the story of how he worked early in his career, in Cincinnati, at his father’s Swifton Village project. That was back in the late 1960’s. Swifton Village was lower income apartments on the edge of Bond Hill, even lower income housing. I know this because I grew up in a middle income area about fifteen minutes northeast of Swifton Village. Every good performer knows that having a connection to the audience builds amity and Trump is a great performer. But, he is not insincere.

Trump did his usual recitation of every good and wonderful thing he has done since taking office. All politicians do that. Heck, all leaders do this. What I loved about the Cincinnati rally was that the President is so gracious about giving credit to every single person on his team. Tonight, he called out the warm-up crew, his daughter Ivanka, Ohio Governor Mike Dewine, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, and, my favorite part, he called out the lawyer who won the Border Wall case this week. Apparently, attorney Pat Cipollone has always wanted to attend a Trump rally. Trump remembers and takes care of those who work for him. I like that.

There were two protesters. The first one was allowed to go on for quite a while before the the police arrived to remove him. Trump asked if Cincinnati had a Democrat mayor. Yes, the mayor is a Democrat. Everyone got the joke. The second one started his protest. Trump noted that the protester took a look at the guy in front of him and just left. Trump pointed the Trump fan in front out and made that guy’s life. Again, everyone got the joke.

In case you missed the rally, here is the video from Fox News Channel:

The elite leftwits, who think they are our betters, see anger and hatred at a Trump Rally. I don’t. I see joy and patriotic goodwill.

Photo Credit: Screen Grab from CSpan coverage of Trump Rally/Screen Capture Fair Use

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