CHILD ABUSE: Mother Punishes Son For Voting Trump At School [VIDEOS]

CHILD ABUSE: Mother Punishes Son For Voting Trump At School [VIDEOS]

CHILD ABUSE: Mother Punishes Son For Voting Trump At School [VIDEOS]

Warning! What you are about to read next may trigger an apoplectic rage. I’m not kidding.

When it became clear late Tuesday night that Donald Trump would be our next President and Hillary Clinton had lost, the reaction by avid Hillary supporters, millennials, and the left has been a fascinating look into how they handle adversity. I’m about to go get checked for whiplash because I’ve been shaking my head so much!

The violence of the rioters since Tuesday is disturbing, mind boggling, and maddening. It has included vandalism and setting things on fire




Students beating up kids at school for supporting the wrong candidate!!

But when it devolves into full on CHILD ABUSE… that is when this crap needs to be shut down and shut down NOW. Yes, CHILD ABUSE.  I’ll warn you again, what you are about to watch will enrage you and make you sick.

Are you as heartsick and as enraged as I am??!!!

That woman is supposed to nurture and protect her children!! But instead, because of a freaking MOCK ELECTION at his school, she goes nuclear. Even worse, as we can all see, she thought it was a fantastic idea to post her vitriol directed at her son on Youtube!! I cannot type here the words I would like to use to describe how heinous I find her.


That beautiful little boy will forever be traumatized. Even if he is gotten into counseling it will take him YEARS to recover his self esteem. It will take him YEARS to stop associating voting and elections with being destroyed by his “mother.” And yes, THAT WOMAN destroyed her child…heart, mind and soul.


People… ENOUGH!! Look at that little boy’s face. Your angry hateful rhetoric, and the violence at the riots has played a significant role regarding what happened to this beautiful child. The consequences of what has happened to him is definitely upon his ‘mother,’ but its also on YOU. It is time, past time to end this. End this NOW before any other child is traumatized or worse, someone is killed.

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  • Ellen K says:

    I have to wonder why this idiot woman posted this. Did she think she was being funny? Did she assume the liberal late night talk shows would pick it up as just another little amusing political meme? This is psychological abuse and this “mother” should be investigated by CPS. What a horrible woman.

  • Jennifer says:

    Ellen you echo the words of many of us prior to Nina posting this fabulous post. It’s DISGUSTING and I agree she deserves to be reported to and investigated by CPS.

  • Reggie says:

    This ignorant ass lady !!! I mean I’m fired up and can’t say everything that I want because I know kids are reading this as well. This lady is the stupidest person I’ve ever seen in my life time, and I’ve seen all kinds of stupid.. not sure if she thought this was funny or not but I’m here to tell her ITS NOT! She deserves every bit of jail time and a long stay at that! CPS needs to Intervenea and take all of her kids away from her! She is a reckless monster and needs to be treated the same way she treated her kids! Poor excuse for a mom! I’m done

  • Rob says:

    This bitch is a piece of shit.I will adopt both of those children when CPS takes them from that evil woman.They will never have to worry about someone they love not being there for them for any reason.Make America Great Again…

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