Chelsea Manning: No amount of lipstick will change that pig

Chelsea Manning: No amount of lipstick will change that pig

Chelsea Manning: No amount of lipstick will change that pig

Chelsea Manning is making his rounds, complaining about how mistreated his poor little self is. Because you see, after stealing nearly a million classified files and releasing them willy nilly to one of the most egregiously unscrupulous organizations, run by a sociopath who couldn’t give two rancid rat’s asses about whom his releases harm, Manning deserves sympathy, apparently.

Nope. Not happening.

Let’s remember that Julian Assange considers himself a martyr for the “truth” that he claims needs to be made public. This is the conscience-less creature Manning sought out and to whom he gave classified information.

And now, after spending a few years in the pokey and crying about how everyone treated him like he still had a penis between his legs, which… you know… he did and still does, he’s doing the “poor me” circuit, claiming he did nothing wrong.

Chelsea Manning on Sunday told a crowd at the annual New Yorker Festival in New York that the information she leaked did not expose names of informants.

“These aren’t intelligence documents,” she said. “It’s historical data.”

She went on, “There’s nothing sensitive in there, there’s no troop movements,” she added. “It was a historical record of everything that had happened in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Lies. Absolute lies.

Classified information is classified information. It doesn’t matter if it’s current or “historical,” as Manning claims. Until declassified by a classification authority, he had no right to release that information. It did not belong to him, and was rightfully imprisoned for stealing it and releasing it.

He compromised the names of innocent Afghan elders, women, children and other villagers who did nothing more than provide information to coalition troops to the Taliban. And the Taliban certainly thanked him for it.

He revealed military tactics, techniques and procedures, as well as standard operating procedures to any enemy who accesses WikiLeaks or picks up a newspaper.

His first two releases, in particular, contained information randomly grabbed, because he was just dying to get even with the Army, from a classified computer system – in violation of a number of regulations and his promise to keep classified information out of the public eye as required by his clearance and job.  They were initial radio transmissions and reports that contained names and other identifying information about our sources, radio frequencies, MEDEVAC requests and procedures, and other information useful to our enemies.

But Manning not only claims nothing of importance was released (which contradicts what he told Adrian Lamo in their chats when he was trying to sell himself as someone of importance who could provide classified information to Assange), but gets all prickly when confronted about it.

“I’m not going to have this debate right now,” Manning snapped, after The New Yorker’s Larissa MacFarquhar asked about WikiLeaks’ decision not to redact the names of Afghan civilians mentioned in the documents Manning had leaked to the organization in 2010.

Manning lies. It’s as simple as that.

Yep, still a guy.

He’s lying to the public, pretending to be some heroic, misunderstood hero, instead of a guy dressed like a girl, with man hands, a huge Adam’s apple, hairy legs, and five o’clock shadow. And changing his name to Chelsea doesn’t make him a girl. It makes him a man with a girl’s name.

Since he left prison, he’s been hiding behind his alleged transgenderism to avoid criticism and deflect righteous anger from those who correctly believe him to be an oath-violating shit gibbon, who used his access to classified information to provide aid and comfort to the enemy.

When Harvard decided it was best to disinvite Manning as a visiting fellow, after nationwide criticism and the resignation of former CIA deputy director Michael Morell over the issue, Manning took to Twitter to whine, moan, and complain about Harvard’s decision to rescind the invitation of the first tranny they invited to the university as a visiting fellow, as if the decision had anything to do with what was between his legs, rather than his actions.

His Twitter feed generally looks like my kid’s puppy took a poop after she ate a bunch of multi-colored nerf darts (yes, it really happened, and yes, it really did look like she ate a small gay man and subsequently pooped rainbows), filled with needless emoticons, rainbows, and contrived self motivation about all these alleged “challenges” he faces as a trans “woman.”

Yeah, so many challenges. A spread in Vogue. Invitations to speak at various venues. Media interviews. Opportunities to write editorials in major newspapers. That’s more than most convicted felons get when they leave prison.

I said previously that I refuse to call him a woman – for various reasons – including the fact that I think he’s using his alleged gender identity disorder as a shield, to draw attention away from the fact that he is simply a felon who leaked classified information that eventually wound up in the hands of our adversaries, and I refuse to afford him the courtesy of pretending he’s anything but a man in a dress.

And I’m sick and tired of the left treating him like a hero, instead of a traitorous, lying swine. No amount of lipstick will change that pig.

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • David says:

    A rope around his neck and a push off the back of a truck. Problem solved.

  • AussieChick says:

    Can’t argue with any of that. You can see’s he’s a traitor from ten thousand miles away.

    I don’t know about you but I’m getting really sick of being told bullshit about how all a bloke has to do is to chuck on a dress and he’s a chick. I’m not ‘offended’ but I am pissed off. There’s more to females than lipstick and the dressing up often smacks of parody or caricature.

    • Nicki says:

      I know, right? I do have a couple of friends who really do have gender dysphoria issues. They’re wonderful people, and they never hide behind a dress. They live their lives as the gender they associate with.

      This jackass… oh, I’m gay. OK, you’re gay.

      But that’s apparently not enough of an excuse. He just wasn’t special or different enough, so then it was, “Oh, I’m a chick, and because I’m a chick, I committed these CRIMES.”

      Ummm no, Mannifer, you’re not. You committed these crimes because you suck as a troop and as a human being.

  • Eric Buhrer says:

    I was with you until you got to the end and started slandering pigs.

  • grnberet says:

    Bradley should have been shot as a traitor. Too bad the traitorous President let him loose on America to spew his rancid beliefs. If there is justice he will off himself like most mental defects do.,

  • Capt, Craig says:

    Grnberet, I couldn’t agree more.

  • Chris in N.Va says:

    B-b-but “SCIENCE!” Conservatives are science deniers! (..of hand-jammed/twisted-and-tweaked “climate models” [which no independent outsiders are permitted to peer-review] that have been carefully engineered to burp out only the desired. predefined results)

    Then we have the “approved-science-worshipping” Libs who deny the totally binary possibilities (only two, no more) of male vs female chromosome makeup.

    No amount of lipstick or aftershave can change that basic biology. Biological Science Deniers Unite!!

    • GWB says:

      Let’s specify (because we ARE science-minded) that gender is binary in expression normally. There are rare cases of XXY or XYY people. I fully support those people getting “reassignment” help because of their actual medical condition. (I happen to know one.)

      • MrsH says:

        In Know way does it help. These folks are mentally ill. And you are complicit in encouraging derangement

        • GWB says:

          If you don’t know anything about the small number of cases where this is true, then you ought to be silent on the issue in general until you’re educated.

          No, I’m not complicit in encouraging derangement. This actual medical condition causes a lot of problems, and it should be helped.

          (BTW, I put “reassignment” in scare quotes above because it really is NOT reassignment for these folks. Most of them have both sets of primary genitalia, some have almost none. It’s more of an “assignment” surgery than a “re-assignment” for them.)

          I never have advocated that people with dysmorphia should get anything other than mental help for their sickness.

  • GWB says:

    That’s more than most convicted felons get when they leave prison.

    Unless they shot a cop (even if they’re still in prison). Or planned a terrorist act (on an Israeli pizza parlor). Or planted a few bombs here and there (even if their incompetence meant few intended victims died).

    (*LOVED* the bit about tweets and puppies. Had my co-worker laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe.)

  • MrsH says:

    No amount of mutilation, hormones will turn the traitorous
    pig into a women. No amount of lipstick will make him pretty.

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