Chelsea Clinton Should NOT Run For Office

Chelsea Clinton Should NOT Run For Office

Chelsea Clinton Should NOT Run For Office

Michael Sainato of The Observer put up a post last night titled “Chelsea Clinton is The Last Thing The Democratic Party Needs”. Now, as Mr. Sainato points out, the Clinton’s have sent up several trial balloons since Hillary’s historic Presidential loss. Hillary may run for Mayor of New York City or have a television talk show. The Clinton’s are famous for focus groups and trial balloons, among other things.

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton
The swearing-in of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the State Department
Featuring: Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton
Where: DC, United States
When: 02 Feb 2009
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One of their trial balloons has been that Chelsea Clinton will run for Congress. Chelsea Clinton running for office is not just the last thing the Democrat Party needs. Chelsea Clinton running for office is the last thing the United States of America needs. Not just no, Chelsea, but HALE NO. For the love of all that is holy, please no, Chelsea. Argh!

Oof, I feel better.

I am sure Chelsea is a lovely human being truly intelligent woman sentient being. Please don’t count me as a mean girl, but she is her mother’s daughter. She even said so.

The 36 year old mother of two is not heinous. She has a bit of spark and personality. The teeth and gums make me think of a horse. I am so sorry. I am going mean girl and lookist.

Let’s look at her accomplishments.

Chelsea Clinton graduated from Stanford, but I remember her travelling a lot with her mother, like to Africa and stuff. She probably got AP credit for that. Further, according to Blue Nation Review:

She earned her master’s degree in International Relations from Oxford University.
In 2003, she joined McKinsey & Company as a consultant, becoming the youngest person in her class to be hired.
Clinton completed a Master of Public Health degree at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health in 2010 and began teaching there in 2012.
She’s serves as vice-chairperson for the Clinton Foundation and serves on the board of the School of American Ballet and IAC.
In 2010, she began serving as Assistant Vice-Provost for the Global Network University of New York University, working on international recruitment strategies.
She is the co-founder of the Of Many Institute for Multi-faith Leadership at NYU and serves as its co-chair.

Continuing in my mean girl meme, would she have any of those degrees or positions if she were not Bill and Hillary Clinton’s spawn. She probably is very smart, but without connections, no, she would not be in those positions. I do not begrudge her that. Mazel tov.

But, she is Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter. If Chelsea Clinton ran for office, she would carry her parents baggage with her. Bill and Hillary Clinton have more baggage than a freight train.

The freight train carrying the Clinton Family Baggage

For added baggage, we can throw her husband under the bus, oops, I mean in the mix. Her father in law served time in prison for a Ponzi Scheme. Chelsea’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky is a “failed” hedge fund manager. With all the connections he has, how does one fail at being a hedge fund manager. His hedge fund lost 90% of its value. I just cannot explain that one.

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky

Personally, I say no more Clintons or Bushes need to run for several generations. They seem to be like a printer cartridge. As the ink runs out, the images get weaker and weaker. Let’s get new blood in office. And, by the way we now have enough Trumps. One Trump is enough. No more Trumps. Surely, there is someone else is Westchester County, New York who is qualified to run for office other than Chelsea Clinton. Please God!?

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