Cesar Sayoc is Not a #MAGABomber, He’s a Terrorist

Cesar Sayoc is Not a #MAGABomber, He’s a Terrorist

Cesar Sayoc is Not a #MAGABomber, He’s a Terrorist

As details about serial pipe bomb mailer, Cesar Sayoc, are coming to light, our media has attached their own name to him. He’s not Cesar Sayoc, ‘s the #MAGABomber.

Scroll through the Internet…pick a browser, any browser. Cesar Sayoc is the “quintessential” Trump supporter. Calling for “red tsunamis”, pumping iron and filming himself at Trump rallies. All people who support Trump do this. They are indistinguishable now.

All this, and the “ice cream truck of white supremacy”, too. Too bad Sayoc isn’t “white”, per se. Just registered Republican.

You see, there are certain nuances between Democrats and Republicans. And only Republicans, according to liberal media outlets are capable of doing these things:

The left certainly has illiberal, paranoid modes of thought. The difference is that the left-wing version resides outside the boundaries of two-party politics, because the Democratic Party is fundamentally liberal not radical.-Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine

But, in contrast…

The Republican Party, on the other hand, has followed a course that has made its rhetoric amenable to extremism. Republican radicalism enabled the rise of a conspiratorial authoritarian president, and that president has expanded the bounds of the party’s following farther out to the fringe. It is getting harder and harder to distinguish the “normal” elements of conservatism from the “kook” parts. That some of those kooks would resort to violence is not an accident but a statistical likelihood. Trump’s party is a petri dish for diseased minds.-Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine

Diseased minds? Really? And the beat goes on:

Umm, no, not exactly, sweetheart. For a group of individuals who point to the other side as being close-minded and judgmental, they are swift to pound the gavel of judgment. Let’s get this straight. As my fellow Victory Girl, Nina, said a few days back, this is terrorism, plain and simple. Whether it is coming from a Muslim who supported Democrats in 2012 or a Christian who supported the candidate on the Republican ticket in 2016. The difference here is that said Muslim was not called the “BarackBomber”. Steve Scalise’s would-be assassin was never dubbed the #BernieBroShooter. Why? Division. Bias. Politics. And if said Muslim was called such a name, it would have come from only a few on the fringe who opposed Barack Obama’s politics. The media has now coined a name and, just ahead of voting, they are running with it. As far as Democrats and liberals having a hard time distinguishing “normal” (love that they put this word in quotes) Conservativism from the “kooks”, I think we “normal” folk in the land of Red would venture to say we feel the same way about the Democratic party and liberal group-think as of late. In fact, we feel, there’s a whole lot of kooky going on in that sea of Blue. Cesar Sayoc is not a just a guy in a MAGA hat who drove an “ice cream truck of white supremacy”. He is a sick, twisted individual. He is a domestic terrorist and his actions are and should be punishable by law.

The fate of Cesar Sayoc will unravel in the next few days. Two things we predict: he won’t get a Rolling Stone cover and story complete with sympathy of what a troubled soul he is and nope, he probably won’t be invited to The White House.

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  • TN Volunteer says:

    ….what if this guy is just a duped carrier and not the bomber?

  • GWB says:

    The difference is that the left-wing version resides outside the boundaries of two-party politics
    Oh wow. The hubris and self-delusion there is yuge.
    He’s right, though, in one sense, as they really care much more about slavish adherence to goodthink than they do party affiliation. Just look at folks like Jennifer Rubin.
    They really don’t care how many parties there are, as long as everyone thinks the same.

    he probably won’t be invited to The White House
    Unless maybe you suggested Trump could get a few more votes by pulling the lever on the scaffold for this guy himself. I think Trump would willingly build a hangman’s deck for a terrorist in the Rose Garden.

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