No Blue Wave: Turning Point USA Young Black Leaders & #WalkAway Take DC

No Blue Wave: Turning Point USA Young Black Leaders & #WalkAway Take DC

No Blue Wave: Turning Point USA Young Black Leaders & #WalkAway Take DC

This weekend in DC, lots of unlikely Republicans and conservatives and independents are coming together in unexpected alliances. Turning Point USA is hosting a Young Black Leadership Summit, and the #WalkAway movement will have their first public group gathering. There will be no Blue Wave.

Obviously, the Turning Point event, drawing black conservatives from ages 15-35, is unusual in the sense that Democrats are supposed to be the ones who have dibs on minorities. They purport to have a lock on the black vote. But here is a group of young black constituents wearing MAGA hats and cheering the president and the Trump family.

Democrats and Progressives are starting to implode, because it’s almost like they take black votes for granted, and they have no other means of persuasion to talk black people into staying Democrat. But more and more prominent blacks are stepping forward to prove no vote should be assumed. Candace Owens has been instrumental in opening the door for independent thinkers to walk through. She is simply fearless and providing an amazing role model for the younger generation.

The #WalkAway movement is led by Brandon Straka. He’s also a former liberal who woke up and walked away from the political party that took him for granted. He thought being gay meant he had to vote Democrat. When he realized the Left was full of the bullies they pretended not to be, he walked away, and took a boat load of people with him. This weekend his organization is sponsoring three days full of events and a march on Saturday, that will send a strong message to the pink pussy mad hatters – they don’t own them.

All of this goes to say, there isn’t going to be any “Blue Wave” on election day – because it is going to be crushed by an overwhelming Red Tsunami. The Democrats have pulled out all the tricks in the last few months, and they’ve jumped the shark. In fact they’ve so overdone it that basically everything they do right now only goes to the benefit of Trump. No one believes the media whatsoever, and the absolutely hypocritical tone deaf lectures that the country is getting on civility from the original purveyors of incivility are being ridiculed for the empty rhetoric that they are.

The Democrats tried to force Kavanaugh to withdraw, and then they got too excited and blew it when Avenatti threw gang rapist into the mix. Whoops, too far. Fail. They tried to say his temperament was unsuited for the Supreme Court, but had to back off when they saw they had forced the rest of the country to better identify with Kavanaugh, and his yearbooks, than with their supposed victims’s fuzzy memories.

Now with the capture of this wacko bird mail “bomber” they are gleeful in finally predicting one of these nut jobs to be a Trump supporter. Well for goodness sakes it was bound to happen sooner or later! They tried it with Gabby Giffords, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Parkland, and so many others – but they finally got one! Ignoring political motivations on all the attacks on conservatives has finally paid off. It looks like this guy watches a lot of CNN, and that alone can drive a person to lose touch with reality.

And then they just ignore the Leftie mobs. Mob, what mob? Oh just the ones attacking Ted Cruz, Kirstjen Nielsen, Sarah Sanders, Pam Bondi, the doors of the Supreme Court, Ben Shapiro, Don Jr.’s wife, Steve Scalise, Rand Paul, and so many more. That’s all. They all knew what they were getting into, the Left doesn’t see a need to denounce any of that behavior.

Michael Ramirez: The March of the GOP Voter.

By the way, no one is taking the arrest of Cesar Sayoc seriously. Not even a moment of respectful contemplation. The supposed bombs that he sent, look to be of Wile E. Coyote origin, even if they have some level of danger to them. We don’t know much about that, so it’s hard to tell if they were really harmful. Everyone is dissecting his spiffy looking van with wrap type window decals and making fun of every new bit of information. Democrats are howling, “But Trump’s rhetoric!” But no sane person is listening. They are preaching to their choir that is shrinking every day. They are ensuring that people get dug into their positions even more.

Through all of this, regular Americans, the same ones who elected Donald Trump, have not become more “woke.” They did that already in 2016, and they are not going back. They are even more woke now thanks to the Democrats and the radical Left. They are no longer giving the media the benefit of the doubt. It’s hard to believe, but the media and the Left who lost the election in 2016 failed to learn even the tiniest lesson, and instead have gone further into their bubble. There really has been a turning point. The average American sees through the media, and minorities are not believing the empty promises any more. Nothing the media can say, nor anything your loud liberal friend can post on Facebook, will turn any voters their direction. This is what a fundamental change looks like. Thanks Barack Obama.

Featured photo: Candace Owens on Twitter

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  • Citizen tom says:

    Well, I hope you are right. I was amazed when Obama got elected a second time. People can be that stupid.

    The difference this time is that people have seen it is possible to beat the mainstream news media. So there are more voices out there in conflict with the mainstream news media narrative.

    Thank God for Trump. That man is not as smart as he thinks, but with God’s help he has persevered and seems to be winning.

    • Jenny North says:

      Yes, I agree with you that people are seeing the mainstream media in a tailspin and that is going to bolster regular Americans to break free from that group think. I continue to think Trump is easy to figure out. He just tries to do what he thinks is best and so far that aligns nicely with what’s best for America.

  • John says:

    Please Hilary, run again. Please.

  • Citizen Stan says:

    Well, it looks like your predication was way off. I thought it was premature and kind of silly for both sides to predict either a “blue wave” or a “red wave, ” but you apparently bought into your own desired narrative predicting that “there isn’t going to be any Blue Wave” on election day – because it’s going to be crushed by an overwhelming Red Tsunami.” I’m not sure exactly what margin of victory constitutes a blue or red wave, but there definitely was no red tsunami. The latest I’ve heard is that Democrats picked up 32 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives with more results still to be determined and around 7 governorships. Democrats also gained around 316 seats in state legislatures, and limited their losses in the U.S. Senate, doing better in Senate races than many predictions. If the walk away movement was such a factor, can you explain these results? Democrats had their biggest gain of seats in the House of Representatives since the Watergate debacle. There have always been people that change their party affiliation. I have to question if the impact of the walk away movement is exaggerated due to the influence of social media.

    I’ve only seen a couple videos of Candace Owens and I’m not impressed. She seems to come from the Tomi Lahren school of political theatre in which talking loud and fast and hitting talking points is a substitute for a thoughtful presentation and discussion of viewpoints. I saw excerpts of an interview Owens did and it seemed she couldn’t get through a phrase without saying the word “like.” I eventually stopped the video because her overuse of the word “like” and loud fast speech made her sound like an immature high school student. It’s unfortunate that Owens is sometimes heralded as some sort of visionary when there are other people with conservative viewpoints who are much better informed, more thoughtful, and much better speakers.

    It would be interesting if you’d do a follow up article on your article and what your thoughts are now that your predictions didn’t pan out. I don’t know if you’d call the results a blue wave for the Democrats, but overall Democrats did better than Republicans and there was certainly no “red tsunami.”

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