CBS Employee Alix Bryan Files Fraud Report Against Memories Pizza in Indiana

CBS Employee Alix Bryan Files Fraud Report Against Memories Pizza in Indiana

CBS Employee Alix Bryan Files Fraud Report Against Memories Pizza in Indiana


Memories Pizza in Indiana has already been forced to close after an unethical reporter created a story out of thin air with the express intent of stirring up controversy. ABC 57, located in South Bend, sent reporter Alyssa Marino to the small town of Walkerton to seek out a business that would give them their honest opinion about the RFRA bill. Owner Crystal O’Connor was polite and obliging, and said that while they would never refuse service to a gay couple who came into their restaurant to eat, they could not in good conscience cater a gay wedding if ever asked to do so. The entire situation was hypothetical, yet the media reported it completely differently. Huffington Post, for example, claimed that they “vowed” to reject gay weddings. Buzzfeed outright lied and claimed that O’Connor said she would deny gay people service. From there, what happened was sadly predictable.

The LGBT bully machine went into overdrive. Obscene comments were left on the restaurant’s Yelp page; the owners began receiving death threats. A lesbian gym coach threatened arson against the business.


Unsurprisingly, Memories Pizza was forced to close because of the threats and bullying the owners have had to endure, all because of a manufactured outrage that the media concocted.

But, as per usual for the intolerant left, destroying the livelihood of Americans just because they happen to hold opinions that liberals disagree with isn’t good enough. They’re only getting started.

Someone started a GoFundMe account in support of the O’Connors, and the response has been overwhelming. Already, over $800,000 has been donated. It turns out that Americans actually don’t support a pair of business owners being crucified for nothing more than standing by their religious beliefs, and for politely expressing their opinion when asked for it.

But again, liberals can’t have that. Americans aren’t allowed to support people that liberals don’t approve of. So a CBS employee, Alix Bryan, decided to take action.

Bryan works for WTVR-TV, the Richmond CBS affiliate, and she decided to file a report against the Memories Pizza GoFundMe account claiming fraud. Bryan has absolutely not a shred of evidence to prove that any fraudulently activity has occurred, but she did it anyway — you know, just in case.

Unsurprisingly, Bryan didn’t take kindly to having her actions questioned:

According to Bryan, though, she’s perfectly justified in filing a false fraud report, because she thinks she’s entitled to know where the money is going and how the O’Connors will use it.

And while she claims that it’s “totally acceptable” to file false reports against a person just because she feels like it, and that she contacted the person who set up the GoFundMe Account, the facts are not quite on her side.

Hey, here’s an idea: why don’t we all report that Bryan committed murder? Or sexual harassment? Or robbery? You know, just in case. There’s absolutely no evidence she’s done any of these things, but who needs facts and logic on your side when you don’t like someone? She could be doing anything behind closed doors, so we should just be cautious. Right?

Unfortunately for Bryan, the station is now investigating her — probably because filing a bogus fraud report against two people simply because she disagrees with them politically is a pretty messed up thing to do. But then, in liberal America, people aren’t allowed to think for themselves and express their own opinions, are they? The O’Connors found out the hard way just how the Alinsky-esque left reacts when you dare step out of line.

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  • Bryan’s actions were monstrous. Filing a false complaint “just in case” is the sort of thing one would expect in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, as bloodthirsty fanatics sought to use power to destroy those whom they hate.

    Having said that, I am going to express an opinion that might be unpopular: I don’t think Bryan should get fired for her actions.

    If Bryan had done her filthy activities on behalf of the CBS affiliate, then she should get canned. But as far as I can tell she did not. This was the act of a bigot doing her mischief on her own time, and as far as I am concerned that is her problem. If Bryan broke any laws filing a false complaint, let the law take care of her. Personally I am weary of “social justice” activists such as Bryan acting like the Gestapo, and I have no desire to imitate them.

    Firing Bryan would be a way for CBS to quickly wash its hands of the affair and go back to pretending they are impartial observers. The reality is that CBS – and the majority of the media – have serious problems, of which Bryan represents only the tip of the iceberg. For the past few days we have watched the media (including CBS) deliberately try to whip up hatred and hysteria against a group they openly despise and make no effort to understand (so much for diversity and tolerance). Too many journalists see faithful Christians as vermin to be exterminated rather than humans with fundamental rights. Firing Bryan will not fix the evil that grips much of our modern media.

    • Nina says:

      RL, you make a good point in regards to firing or not firing. However, if she participated in the twitter war she pretty much started while on work time, and its likely she did (unless she works the midnight shift)… then there is potential for consequences by the station’s HR department.

  • Lumpenproletariat says:

    In many respects, Bryan is a new poster child for the state-coddled microfascist: the Stasi-inspired progressive activist who makes up charges against her neighbors “just in case” in order to bring the SWAT teams, NSA deep surveillance machines, IRS audits and the whole slew of state-sponsored terrorism against those she fears and hates.

    And why does Bryan fear and hate boring middle class America? Because they don’t celebrate the same exact, homogeneous construction of identity that she does. Isn’t that remarkable? Bryan very likely defines her hate on the basis that other people don’t accept her construction of identity, yet she uses a terrifying nation state and its powers of destruction in order to exterminate others who have different constructions of identity too.

    The reality is that every single one of us has a different construction of identity. We are attracted to different things, have different turn-ons and turn-offs, find different personality quirks fascinating or annoying. Identity and attraction is truly a multiplicity of multiplicity. Sadly, the very people who should understand this are the first to go full-on-fascist.

    I’d love to see Bryan required to spend the next several years working with people of she currently finds intolerable. Let her discover the tea party soccer mom whose parents immigrated from India is actually an amazing individual. Let her learn about that big white truck driving guy that she likely stereotypes and learns about how he had to learn to act strong and male when his abusive father left his mom and four younger siblings, and he had to step in. Let her learn how each and every one of us is constructed through the consequences of the difficult lives we face each and every day. That pizza joint she wants to hate so much? Let her see first hand what kind of real human beings they are.

    Oh, and let the management of this CBS affiliate be fired. Their denials and tolerance of this conduct is inexcusable. Unlike Alix, they should know better and are being paid to do so.

  • Nicholas Johnston says:

    Don’t we americans have the right to have our freedom of who we choose to serve as far as being a business owner. It makes me angry the gays and lesbians will attack in any way they can when they feel they have been attacked especially by the christian community. Memories pizza did not want to cater to a gay wedding SO WHAT!!! So just because your gay you think you have the God given right to do and say anything you want? Get a life gay community!!

  • Tom greenwood says:

    i’ve been a reporter in Dwtroit for nearly 40 years and I’m here to tell you this “journalist” is wrong. Did she ever hear of the saying There’s no cheering in the press box?” It means we are to be objective when working on pure news stories. We don’t march in the parade, we report on it.

    • Jodi G. says:

      Exactly, Tom! It’s the first thing I learned in journalism school: Be aware of your biases, do your best to suppress them, and present, without commentary, both sides.

  • hatereporters says:

    So, ok to attack innocent people who are targeted by reporters?
    So, ok to attack reporters who attack innocent people?
    No, we are human, they are not and we are merciful to lower order primates.

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