Casino Magnate Steve Wynn Prevails Against #MeToo Accusation

Casino Magnate Steve Wynn Prevails Against #MeToo Accusation

Casino Magnate Steve Wynn Prevails Against #MeToo Accusation

Steve Wynn, sidelined by a #MeToo accusation in 2018, was vindicated in a Las Vegas court yesterday. Once a major Republican donor and member of the Republican National Committee, as well as a high-profile casino owner, the accusations from Halina Kuta effectively sidelined Wynn and nearly tanked his Wynn Resorts.

This is how the New York Times reported on the story back then, with an assist from the Associated Press.

“A woman told the police that she had a child with the casino mogul Steve Wynn after he raped her, while another reported that she was forced to resign from a Las Vegas job after she refused to have sex with him.

The Associated Press on Tuesday obtained copies of police reports recently filed by the two women about allegations dating to the 1970s. The police in Las Vegas said this month that they had taken the statements after a news report in January revealed sexual misconduct allegations against the billionaire.”


“In one police report obtained by The A.P., a woman told police officers that Mr. Wynn raped her at least three times around 1973 and 1974 at her Chicago apartment. She reported that she became pregnant and gave birth to a girl in a gas station restroom.

In one instance, the woman claimed that Mr. Wynn pinned her against the refrigerator and raped her. She said he then made a phone call, kissed her on the cheek and left. The report does not explain how Mr. Wynn would have entered the apartment or whether they had known each other. The woman said she did not give him a key.”

Sounds awful doesn’t it? Sounds like Steve Wynn was definitely the bad guy here, and like so many others – Harvey Weinstein – Wynn was painted as one of THE poster boys for #MeToo.

Well, Steve Wynn decided to fight back. He sued Halina Kuta for defamation and asked for the grand sum of $1 in compensation.

What the AP and New York Times left out of their stories is that Halina’s accusations didn’t add up. 

  • She claimed Wynn raped her in early 1970’s
  • Claimed that her daughter was Wynn’s
  • Claimed that she was Pablo Picasso’s model for the “La Reve”

Here’s the problem with her accusations. “La Reve” was painted TEN YEARS before she was born. Wynn’s real daughter was born in Washington D.C., about six years before Kuta claims Wynn raped her and got her pregnant.

When the original accusations started flying, all the usual leftist Democrats gleefully jumped on the Steve Wynn is EVIL REPUBLICAN BECAUSE TRUMP and #MeToo!

Any bets as to if or when Molly and Nedra will backtrack on this? What’s the over/under as to them ignoring the ruling and hoping no one calls them out?

Steve Wynn still has other fallout to deal with the false accusations levied at him by Halina Kuta. Because of the accusations, the Nevada Gaming Board wants to ban him from the industry.

I have to wonder if the judge’s ruling will have an affect upon the gaming board’s decision?

““I find that Mr. Wynn’s testimony is credible and Ms. Kuta’s testimony lacks veracity in numerous areas,” the judge said. He declared that Kuta, who represented herself in the trial, “knowingly made a false report” to police.

“This was intentional,” the judge said of the police filing, “although this story seems to be totally fanciful.””

I find it amusing that the AP reported this news and included the facts that Kuta lied about her claims, when it was the AP who breathlessly ran with the story in the first place!

Will the media take any responsibility for helping a woman make such serious accusations? No, no they won’t.

Halina Kuta accused Steve Wynn of rape. She made it all up. The media and the darlings of the #MeToo movement cheered her on.

Steve Wynn’s vindication shows once more the fatal flaws in the “believe all women!” that we had shoved down our throats for months, especially during the Kavanaugh Hearings. 

A woman lied hoping for a $150 million windfall. She rolled the dice and lost.

Feature Photo Credit: Wynn hotel/casino by JayGeorge via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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