Can Nancy Pelosi Keep Power Now That She Has Lost Cher?

Can Nancy Pelosi Keep Power Now That She Has Lost Cher?

Can Nancy Pelosi Keep Power Now That She Has Lost Cher?

After losing to President Donald J. Trump for the fifth time (Presidential election plus four specials), Democrats are starting to point fingers at Nancy Pelosi. The Georgia District Six loss of Democrat Jon (Pajama Boy) Ossoff to Republican Karen Handel has “woke” some Democrats to their growing problems. The Russians didn’t hack the Georgia D6 election. Even the celebrity Cher has chirped in.

Cher has turned on Nancy Pelosi. Man alive, those sculpted faces

In response to a couple of tweets from Massachusetts’ Democrat Representative Seth Moulton, Cher tweeted:

Has Pelosi lost Cher

Opinion follows:

I know many Pubbies would love to keep Nancy Pelosi around because of her “San Francisco Values” and her record losses. I want her to get gone, as in, retire. Nancy Pelosi’s speaking cadence, tightly pulled stare and random hand gestures make me want to take my personalized Louisville Slugger baseball bat to whichever television I am watching at the time. Please make the scary lady go away.

End of opinion.

Last night, the obtuse Richard Fowler appeared with Fox Business Channel’s Kennedy and spewed the talking points of the Democrats for this news cycle.

Pelosi sucks. Trump reach across the aisle. Yeah, dude. That’s gonna work. Just yesterday, the Congressional Black Caucus refused to meet for a second time with President Trump (three months after the first meeting). has this quote from Politico, regarding the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus):

the CBC is citing Trump’s lack of action to address the caucus’s priorities that were laid out during the first meeting. Also, the lawmakers are concerned that the president will just use the whole thing as a photo-op, with one aide saying, “No one wants to be a co-star on the reality show.”

The CBC, in this girl’s humble opinion, does not care about the United States of America. The CBC only cares about it’s identity politics. And, each and every one of them would have crawled across broken glass, wearing only skivvies, in the snow, to be on Donald Trump’s reality show, “The Apprentice”. Bunch of whiny losers.

Speaking of Whiny Losers, second place loser in the Democrat National Committee Chairman race, Representative Keith Ellison said, according to

“I think she’s one of the best speakers ever, and I am glad to support her,” said Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, a leading progressive who lost a race for Democratic National Committee chairman earlier this year.

I know he didn’t really mean her oratory skills. Her disjointed speaking style makes my fillings hurt. She isn’t Speaker of the House. No, she is Minority Leader. He couldn’t have meant her leadership abilities.

Here, from is why, despite losing Cher (and share of seats in the House), Nancy Pelosi will stay in power for now:

Pelosi still has a lot going for her. She remains the most successful nonpresidential political fundraiser in U.S. history, raising more than $560 million for House Democrats since she became leader in 2003, even though critics say all the money doesn’t matter if they keep losing.


In Democrat politics, money has the very large megaphone. Nancy Pelosi will remain in power until the Democrats realize they are flushing money down the commode. Donald Trump spent far less than Hillary Clinton and Karen Handel spent far less than the unfortunate Jon Ossoff.

Looks like Nancy Pelosi is going to be around from quite a while longer. Le sigh.

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  • parker says:

    As Cher goes so goes nobody. Pelosi may be senile but she is not the dimmies problem. Their problem is their agenda, as everyday more people realize how twisted, power hungry, and sick they are.

  • Johnny says:

    Leave her be.
    When your enemies are in the process of making a mistake, do not interrupt them.

  • Scott says:

    Great post! as far as i’m concerned, the congressional racist caucus can F off and die.. As Jonny said, don’t interrupt the enemy when they;re making a mistake, though I can agree that Pelosi never needs to be heard in public again, let her lead the Dimms to ruin.. and use her speeches a sleep deprivation for jihadist prisoners.. maybe it will induce them to suicide….

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