Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner and the Political Correctness that Plagues Us

Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner and the Political Correctness that Plagues Us

Bruce Jenner as Caitlyn
Bruce Jenner as Caitlyn
Bruce Jenner has become a woman, y’all. Or, at least he thinks he has. His new name going forward is “Caitlyn Jenner”, and he has a 22 page spread/story in the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair in case you cared, which I know many of you do not. I am not politically correct, so I will not refer to him as her. In the VF story, he talks about feeling like a woman his whole life (yes, I doubt that, too), his transition, and his family.

I am really disgusted by all of the coverage that a sick man has been getting. I am one of those cruel conservatives that doesn’t care what you feel you are. If your genetic makeup says you are a man, you are a man. No amount of surgery, mutilation, or makeup can change what you genetically are. By the way, Bruce/Caitlyn admits that he had a panic attack after his 10-hour facial feminization surgery in March.

“What did I just do? What did I just do to myself?” he recalls thinking.

Hmm, could that be because this type of behavior isn’t normal? Or healthy? Don’t worry, though, because some progressive nutjob from the Los Angeles Gender Center came to Jenner’s house to assure him that this type of regret is perfectly normal of transitioning, but that it was “human and temporary.”

I have made a lot of decisions in my life that have made me experience regret later on, some right after the act, but the right decisions have never caused me an ounce of panic or worry. Now, I know that I am probably going to be crucified by the “tolerant” Left for my differing opinion, but this fascination with the acceptance of transgenderism is not helping anyone – esp transgender people.

The Vanity Fair article also discusses the relationship with Bruce’s kids, and claims that all of them are fully in support of his transition. However, none of them want to be featured on the E! docu-series about his transition set to air this summer, saying that they want to forgo personal financial gain in “favor of preserving their father’s legacy”. Too bad he doesn’t feel the same. Who knew the Kardashian/Jenner’s had any class whatsoever?

No, I don’t think it was an enduring will to preserve their father’s legacy that made these fame-hungry money-grubbers resist the chance to be on television for even more time than they already are featured. Could it be that some of them aren’t as supportive as the media and Jenner want us to think? I can say this with absolute certainty: No feeling of not belonging, misery, or anxiety could ever make me do something to disappoint or cause an issue within my family.


I am so infuriated that the progressive Left is attempting to force this garbage down our throats. It is not okay that a man thinks he is a woman, because he is not a woman. We live in a culture that now believes that morality and kindness are interchangeable, and they are not. Morally we are obligated to help someone who wants to remove limbs/parts/organs or mutilate their body. That used to be a sign of mental illness, but in the new politically correct, post-modern psychological America, the Left is telling us that we should just accept this bizarre behavior to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. Because hurt feelings are the worst possible thing that could happen to anyone. Anywhere. Ever.

So, the next time you see a story about Bruce Jenner transitioning, or about some other transgender at Planet Fitness going into the ladies locker room because they feel they are a chick, and you ask why you should care, remember this: The Left is using this politically correct campaign to destroy the morality and legacy of this country. They teach our kids that this isn’t the greatest place on Earth to live, and that we are just mean bullies of the world that are racist and unkind. Their path of destruction is only just beginning to be seen in its full horrifying immensity, but we don’t have to accept it and we shouldn’t accept it.

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  • Barbara Gomez says:

    He wasn’t an attractive man, and he makes a VERY unattractive woman(?). I feel sorry for him.

  • Robin H says:

    There’s a reason transgenders have one of the highest rates of suicides, and it’s not because we’re not accepting them, it’s because there is something wrong with their brains or their thought processes. If my neighbor thinks he’s a dog are we supposed to accept that now, too? Should we get them a full body hair transplant and let them walk on all 4’s? Or would we suggest some counseling to help him? I’m not sure there’s any difference between the 2.

  • Kim Younts says:

    Thank you for your article that says it exactly as I also believe it is.
    Sad, sad, sad state of affairs in our nation. Another big “hats off” to BO for one more level of degeneration in the most wonderful country in the world. (Yes, his determination to pacify far lefties has helped lead the US down the moral pit hole where it’s heading.)

  • Stacy0311 says:

    Used to be that people like Bruce/Caitlyn got psychological help not their own TV show

  • Donna says:

    First off, to each his own. What bothers me is him being told how courageous he is. How much courage did it take to deceive 3 wives and his 6 biological children? The older ones have already stated he was an absentee father. What, now that he is a woman this will make him a better father? I’m not buying it. He may have changed his outside apperence but on the inside you’re still the same person. If he were my father I wouldn’t expect any dramatic differences in his parenting skills. I feel sorry for his kids.

  • Nick Dobbing says:

    I share your concern about political correctness, but I’m also reminded of Matthew 7:3-5. There’s PC at both ends of the political spectrum, no?

  • Alton Jones says:

    The truth is, Bruce Jenner is not a woman. He is a surgical and chemical hermaphrodite

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