Bring Me The Head of Al-derpo Progressive

Bring Me The Head of Al-derpo Progressive

Bring Me The Head of Al-derpo Progressive

Democrats, Progressives, and #NeverTrumpers — aka the Il-liberal state — have pegged the outrage machine 24/7 since November 8, 2016. And President Trump seems content to live rent free in their derp-derp-derp heads.

They have lost their grip on reality:

On MSNBC, where illiterate histrionic analogies litter coverage every day, a contributor compared Donald Trump’s meeting in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin to Pearl Harbor and Kristallnacht, just to be safe.

Social media is teeming with similar hyperbole — “treason,” “traitor,” etc . — and not just from anonymous trolls. It’s difficult to accept anyone with a working brain actually believes this rhetoric, and they certainly don’t act like it. But if well-heeled pundits keep telling everyone The Fourth Reich is imminent before retiring to their townhouses in Capitol Hill every night, some people might actually start believing them. And if email phishing and hacking is truly comparable to Pearl Harbor or Kristallnacht or the Holocaust there’s really no reason why those accepting these analogies shouldn’t also support military reprisals abroad and coups at home.

It isn’t Trump who is a threat to our nation, but the Progressive hysterics out to overturn the legitimacy of our electoral system.

Vote this November. Vote GOP.

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