BREAKING: Two Ukrainian Fighter Jets Shot Down by Rebels

BREAKING: Two Ukrainian Fighter Jets Shot Down by Rebels

The dust has barely begun to settle over the MH-17 disaster, and yet the rebels in Ukraine — pro-Russian separatists armed and aided by Russia herself — just can’t seem to contain themselves. News broke this morning that two Ukrainian fighter jets were shot down by the pro-Russia rebels.

Two Ukrainian fighter jets were shot down by pro-Russian rebel fighters, a spokesman for Ukraine’s military said early Wednesday morning.

The spokesman said the jets were shot down near Savur Mogila in the eastern part of Ukraine.

It’s not clear yet what happened to the pilots.

The planes were Sukhol-25 fighters.

Defense Ministry spokesman Oleksly Dmitrashkovsky said the planes could have been carrying up to two crew members, The Associated Press reported.

It’s worth pointing out that Ukraine asked the United States for anti-missile technology to prevent this exact thing from happening. Apparently it just wasn’t a priority for our state department. Way to go, Barack.

This is what happens when we have a leader who refuses to act like one. Liberals, along with plenty of libertarians, are content to let the United States become weaker, who don’t want us to be the global superpower we have been for decades. But what’s happening now is exactly the problem with us not being the dominant global superpower: someone else will come in to fill that void. If Barack Obama continues to shrug this incident off and push the response off onto Europe, then Russia will only be further emboldened. There has been a lot of speculation that the Russian aggression against Ukraine is Putin’s first baby step to re-building the USSR, and if true, then there’s not even a prayer that our president will lift a finger to stop him. If nothing changes, we very well could be looking at USSR v2.0 taking our position as the dominant global superpower, and that’s a bad, bad thing.

But hey, fear not… Obama will surely devote approximately 42.7 seconds to this in an already scheduled speech where he’ll sternly warn Putin to cut it out, or else he’ll make another sternly worded speech. That’ll do the trick!

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