Border Chaos: Obama Makes A Phone Call

Border Chaos: Obama Makes A Phone Call

The crisis at the southern border is only getting worse and more complicated, as some official pictures from the detention centers have been released (through pool photographers once the Border Patrol allowed reporters inside some of the facilities).

But don’t worry, President Obama made a phone call, so it will all be okay now. He told Mexican President Nieto that the illegal aliens who are crossing over now are not eligible to stay, even if they are children.

In the phone conversation, Mr. Obama “welcomed the opportunity to work in close cooperation with Mexico to develop concrete proposals to address the root causes of unlawful migration from Central America,” the White House said.
He also discussed the two nations’ “shared responsibility for promoting security in both countries and in the region.”
The White House said Mr. Obama encouraged the Mexican president to work with the U.S. to return illegal immigrant children safely to their families in Central America.

Oh, and even better, Obama will be sending Vice-President Biden to Guatemala today to tell everyone there that they shouldn’t be trying to come here. I’m sure that will work. As the Los Angeles Times reported:

Art Del Cueto, president of the local Border Patrol union, said children here had told him they were urged to migrate illegally now by family members, smugglers and religious leaders who believed they would be allowed to stay legally.

He said a child recently turned himself in to authorities at the border here by saying: “I’m Guatemalan. Please take me to your center.”

I’m sure that one phone call from Obama and one visit from Biden to Guatemala will totally fix this problem. And let’s not even talk about the infectious diseases that some of the illegals who are here now have brought with them.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas has had enough of this. He has ordered a border surge in Texas to try and stem the tide of the illegals who keep walking across the border and promptly surrendering to the nearest Border Patrol agent they can find.

But Perry is also calling on the Department of Homeland Security for help and financial assistance.

“That’s a 1,200 mile border. It is a very vast and inhospitable area that is substantially, if not almost all, private property,” he said. “So the idea that we have this ability to secure the entire border is — I hope you get your arms around that – is very, very broad, hard to do by the State of Texas and the resources, limited resources, we have.”

He also pointed out a very frightening fact – hurricane season is coming.

“We are just going into hurricane season,” he continued. “Were we to have a major event and literally do not have places to house our citizens because of this influx from Mexico — I am greatly concerned the catastrophe that could occur with those two events happening simultaneously.”

But the president seems to think that a phone call and a trip to Guatemala will set everyone straight. As if they didn’t know that this wave of unaccompanied minors was coming months ago. Which is why they set up an ICE job request for “the services of a responsible vendor that shares the philosophy of treating all UAC (unaccompanied alien children) with dignity and respect, while adhering to standard operating procedures and policies that allow for an effective, efficient, and incident free transport.” As if Mexico has a vested interest in stopping those from Central America from lining their pockets via bribes.

The administration knew what was coming. They either were too stupid to realize the scope, or wanted to manufacture a crisis to push immigration reform. But with all the other ongoing crises and failures that this president has wreaked, I’m sure the PR of this particular situation is not helping Obama any. So, he makes a phone call to bring it all to an end. If only.

If he thinks it will just stop because he asks them to, then we don’t just have an incompetent president, we have a malignant narcissist who thinks that the world will stop on his say-so. If only the rest of us ungrateful peasants would listen to him.

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