Border Breaking Point: DHS Asks To Deport Unaccompanied Migrant Kids

Border Breaking Point: DHS Asks To Deport Unaccompanied Migrant Kids

Border Breaking Point: DHS Asks To Deport Unaccompanied Migrant Kids

Our border is in crisis due to the thousands of illegals overwhelming the system with their claims of asylum. The Democrats ignored it in January and now their chickens are coming home to roost. DHS is requesting more money and the authority to depart unaccompanied migrant children.

First of all, in this day and age, who in their right mind sends their kids trekking through strange countries without a family member with them?? And no, don’t tell me that every single one of those children magically has a relative somewhere in the United States or meets all the asylum criteria.

Do I feel sorry for those kids? Yes. Does it enrage me that their families sent them on this trek? Absolutely. Do I blame the Border Patrol for trying to figure out how to deal with these kids and ultimately deciding that sending them back to their families is the answer? Not. One. Bit.

The stats he lists completely underscore the severity of the situation.

“CBP started the day with over 12,000 migrants in our custody. As of this morning, that number was 13,400. A high number for us is 4,000. A crisis level is 6,000. 13,000 is unprecedented.”

What are the numbers he is talking about?

  • 4,000 migrants apprehended Monday
  • 4,117 apprehended on Tuesday
  • 100,000 apprehensions or more for just the month of March
  • 90 percent of that number have crossed ILLEGALLY
  • 3,500 in custody in facilities designed for barely 1,000 people

The Department of Homeland Security is well past the breaking point. Which led to DHS Secretary Nielsen making the following request.

“Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen will ask Congress for the authority to deport unaccompanied migrant children more quickly, to hold families seeking asylum in detention until their cases are decided and to allow immigrants to apply for asylum from their home countries, according to a copy of the request obtained by NBC News.”

You can read the entire letter here.

The Democrats had their chance to do the right thing for our national security AND for the illegal immigrants back in January. Instead we ended up with a bloviating mess of a government shutdown.

They sat on their high horses screeching about THE CHILDREN, yet refused funding because WALL. The Democrats whine about saving the sick, injured, and KIDS, yet when asked for funding and resources they throw down the NOT GONNA DO IT! flag.

They are willfully ignoring the very real stories of those trying to game the system. And the efforts of the Border Patrol to care for the sick and injured with little to no resources.

“To give you a sense of what that looks like, when I walked through Paso Del Norte Station yesterday, we had a quarantine cells for people with the flu, people with chicken pox, people with lice, a tremendous number of different conditions that we are trying to manage every day.

In the last four days, we’ve seen fevers of 105 degrees in infants, a two-year old suffering from seizures in the desert, a 19-year old woman with a congenital heart defect that needs emergency surgery, and a 40-year old man suffering from multi-organ failure but trying to refuse medical care.”

But tell me again Democrats that there isn’t a crisis.

Escobar voted NO on the funding request. Yet she’s pointing fingers at DHS now?

Ilhan Omar gets it all wrong because of her ‘I hate America and this country has been mean to me!!!’ agenda.

You know what is inhumane? Denying funding to the Border Patrol because of a measly wall. You know what is inhumane? Using children as political props instead of calling out their parents for sending them unaccompanied across miles of country to hopefully land in the United States and doing so without any resources!

Let’s get a little bit of reality here shall we?

We have a crisis on the border, there is a massive caravan of 20,000+ headed our way and the Democrats choose to blame Trump for their own role in the mess they helped create.

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  • Johnny says:

    Time to seal off the border with Mexico.
    It’s within Trump’s power, and it will get Mexico on board in about eight seconds.
    Four thousand per day?
    That’s ludicrous.

  • His_Highness says:

    Deport unaccompanied illegal alien children? There is no way the courts are going to allow that to happen. They would sooner grant them the right to vote than to deport them.

  • william chandler says:

    DHS should have built “the wall” 16 years ago.
    DHS has an annual budget of $100+BILLION and does SQUAT.
    ever wonder why the Department of Homeland Security did not seal the borders and ban ALL muslums and ILLEGALS from entering ….. 16 YEARS ago?
    It was the ONLY JOB it HAS — SECURE the Homeland!
    DHS is NOT about SECURING the Homeland ……. Where were the PANSIES from Department of Homeland Security?Where are the SELF PROCLAIMED “heroes” of Homeland Security that should be arresting the DOMESTIC TERRORISTS who are using violence and the threat of violence in the furtherance of their political aims ……. which is the exact definition of TERRORISM ?! They are padding their overtime, counting their perks, dreaming of their “double dipper” retirements at YOUR expense, and stealing equipment.
    “I am a HERO from Homeland Security and you must WORSHIP me and “Thank me for serving”” ——— CRAP on DHS ……. coward bitches run and hide —
    DHS could not protect a pizza pie from Michael Moore.

    W-rong Bush hired the former head of the East German STASI, Marcus Wolf, and Yevgeny Primakov, former head of the KGB, to design Homeland Security ( both Jews, Followed by more “dual”citizen creeps.). Why? To bring oppression HERE
    FEMA-CAMP-GAZA is a PREVIEW for you “PREPPERS/PATRIOTS” …. We are ALL Palestinians now …….
    just WHO is training your FEMA police/guards? it is the mindset and brainwashing your police have been received.
    Wake up and smell the coffee …. you are NEXT.

  • Alej says:

    Deport the “children,” many of which are in their twenties, covered with cartel tattooes, across the border with a quart of water, and make sure they keep on heading south.

  • Jamal says:

    Trump keeps saying one thing but does another. Not always, but often enough to make it seem he is a paper tiger.

    1. He has powers to do a number of things to close down the border. Including actually put the military on the border, both borders. What he has done by putting a couple thousand in couple locations, I’d to not be effective in their deployment and mission. If a general complains they can’t do it, fire him/her.
    2. He has threatened to take money away from the Central American countries and ‘tax’ the money illegals and migrants send back to another country…but does nothing!!!
    3. Now you hear him saying we need the millions of illegals for workers.

    And under the radar, the Koch brothers , Steyer, Soros’ are getting aid and comfort from Trump by quietly expanding the special workers visas by tens of thousands of people. These are people who are directly taking jobs from American workers. In the Sacramento CA area the numbers of newly migrated South Asians taking high tech jobs has gotten to over 10,000 people (bringing in their extended families, too). Example: now local mega screen theaters are showing Bollywood and Hindi language films on half their screens each weekend.

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