Of a Body Double and the Tin Foil Hat Brigade

Of a Body Double and the Tin Foil Hat Brigade

Of a Body Double and the Tin Foil Hat Brigade
body double conspiracy pic
February trip to Mar-a-Lago / Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It isn’t difficult to find a conspiracy under every rock. Human nature is such that someone always looks for another explanation, usually one more far-fetched, than the official reason for pretty much anything that happens. One of the most famous, at least here in the States, has to be the Kennedy Assassination. I’ve lost track of the number of different theories concerning it. They range from Lyndon Johnson setting JFK up to the Mafia to Kennedy actually surviving and living on an island somewhere. But we now have a new one and the Tin Foil Hat Brigade is out in force with it. It seems there are those who believe First Lady Malania Trump has been replaced by a body double. Yep, that’s right. They think a body double steps in, at least for some photo ops.

Oh, not all the time. At least most of the Tin Foil Hat Brigade hasn’t gone that far. But they claim there are times when they can prove – PROVE – it’s not the First Lady making public appearances. They point to comments by the President, statements they claim no one would say if they weren’t trying to hide the truth. Others look so closely at the appearance of the First Lady that you have to wonder if they are merely fans or have stalkers tendencies. You see, they KNOW what Mrs. Trump looks like and the woman in the video below is — gasp — a body double and not the real First Lady.


But it’s not just that they claim Mrs. Trump has a body double who stands in for her at some public appearances. Oh no. They point to photos of a woman who appears to be a Secret Service agent and who bears a resemblance to the First Lady. But they aren’t sure she really is. Why? Because she wears “heels”. Actually, if you look closely, she appears to be wearing boots with a heel on them. Is it something we have seen often from Secret Service agents? No. But then, we don’t often see many female agents.

body double conspiracy theory
Paris trip in July. AP Images

“Wow! That is totally not her! Look at that harsh contour on her nose! I’ve studied her face … totally doesn’t look like her to me,” another commenter wrote. “What the heck is happening in this world!?!”

Ooookay, perhaps this “commenter” has too much time on their hands?

Reading about this so-called controversy, I had to laugh. It brought to mind a book I read years ago. Off I went to see if I still had it. Sure enough, buried deep in the bookshelves, there it was. My dad had gotten it through the book club. The Second Lady, by Irving Wallace. To be honest, that book told a more plausible story than the Tin Foil Hat Brigade does.

In the book, the First Lady is kidnapped while in Russia. Oops, maybe there is a bit of truth in it after all. Russians! (Removes tongue from cheek and continues typing.) A Russian spy, who is her body double, replaces her. The double’s mission is to help bring about the downfall of the United States.

Wait! Are we sure this isn’t what’s happening now?

Damn, I have got to quit that. I’m going to drill a hole in my cheek if I keep up with these tongue-in-cheek comments.

Anyway, the Russians don’t kill the real First Lady. After all, they need her alive to give them information for the “Second” Lady. It’s a story seen from both sides, with the First Lady doing her best to not only survive and escape but give over information that will cause the imposter to be discovered. Wallace, being a pretty damned good storyteller, leaves the reader guessing in the end as to which of the women survive. You can find a more complete synopsis of the story here.

body double conspiracy theory meme
Don’t say I didn’t warn you. / by VinceVance

I’m really surprised someone hasn’t brought in the Russian angle yet on this so-called conspiracy. Give it time. Someone will. All I know for sure is I wish I’d bought up stock in all the tin foil companies before this particular theory took off.

Mind you, I can perfectly understand why Mrs. Trump might not want to be seen in public. Can you imagine what her life must be like, hearing day in and day out, from the media no less, that her husband is basically the Anti-Christ? If that’s not enough, she gets attacked for being fashionable when, for eight long years, it was hard to pick up a paper or look at the internet after Mrs. Obama appeared in public without finding someone gushing and fawning over her attire. Double-standard much?

Let’s face it. The Tin Foil Hat Brigade rarely meets a conspiracy theory it doesn’t love to embrace. This is just the latest one. Still, what if the Secret Service is trying to take over. If they’ve replaced the First Lady, how long before they replace the President? Should we all hide in our basements and wait for help to arrive? I know! We’ll call in General Mattis. He’ll save the day.

And the image of General Mattis riding to the rescue brings a smile to my face, especially as all the liberal heads begin exploding with the realization that he, now, is in charge. Let’s see, under the terms of the Constitution and the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, the Secretary of Defense is the sixth in line to take office if anything happens to the President. Hmmm. Could the conspiracy go that deep? Think of the howls of outrage from the Left, just before their heads exploded at the thought of the two generals running the country. Imagine how our enemies would flee in terror rather than face General Mattis and General Kelly. Ooooh, I really do like that image.

Maybe I need my own tin foil hat. Except that wouldn’t be a conspiracy theory. That would be a dream come true.

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  • GWB says:

    Look at that harsh contour on her nose!

    These people don’t know her visage very well. Melania (no offense here, ma’am!) has a decided “bad side” with respect to her nose, imo. From that angle, her nose looks like a knife blade, and is rather harsh.

    Should we all hide in our basements and wait for help to arrive?

    Protect your precious bodily fluids! Deny them your life essence! It’s a conspiracy!

    just before [the Left’s] heads exploded

    Ahhhh….. Now there’s a pleasant picture.
    OK, maybe not. With the mess it would make? And it would require HAZMAT protocols to clean up. (You really don’t want to get any of that on you.) Oy, it would make a bigger mess than they are of our country. Hmmm, but, then again, it would only be temporary, and once cleaned up, the country would be fine. OK, let’s go with it.

    • Amanda Green says:

      LOL. I would happily deal with the temporary mess — with a Hazmat suit — if it meant not having to deal with the long term mess.

  • MikeyParks says:

    I shudder at the thought of a Hillary body double. Could there be another human as heinous as she?

  • Kate says:

    Some people have lost their minds.

  • Norm says:

    But of course, those who thought they saw a “package” under Michelle’s dress were just unhinged wingbats. And those who thought that the post collapse “Hillary” photo op with the little girl was a body double were even more insane, because that stuff NEVER happens in real life, right?

  • Orvan Taurus says:

    Ox slow. Ox not THAT slow.
    We know what a gov’t. conspiracy looks like: Watergate.
    Unless Watergate was a really clever conspiracy to cover for the real, clever ones.
    Nah, assumes gov’t competence. Ain’t NO WAY ox THAT slow!

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