#BlueLivesMatter: Louisiana State Trooper Shot During Traffic Stop

#BlueLivesMatter: Louisiana State Trooper Shot During Traffic Stop

A Louisiana state trooper is now in critical condition after being shot in the head during a traffic stop today.

According to LSP Sgt. James Anderson, the trooper was responding to a vehicle driving in an unsafe manner when he located the vehicle in a ditch on LA Hwy 14 near Fruge Road around 2:45 p.m. Sunday.

A struggle ensued between the driver of the vehicle and the trooper.

The trooper was shot in the head.

The Trooper was transported to a Lake Charles hospital and listed in critical condition.

Neither the trooper or the suspect has been identified. The suspect appears to be an older white male, and is in custody.

The Louisiana State Police is asking for prayers.

Pray for a miracle, and for the trooper’s family.

UPDATE 9:30 am ET:
The trooper is still in critical condition, and has now been identified.

Police video showed 43-year-old Senior Trooper Steven Vincent, a 13-year state police veteran in southwest Louisiana and member of a law enforcement family, trying to talk a man out of the vehicle stuck sideways in a ditch, Col. Mike Edmonson said Sunday night.

He said the truck door opened and the man, identified as Kevin Daigle, 54, of Lake Charles, came out with the shotgun.

At least two or three buckshot pellets hit Vincent, doing major damage. “His brain is not telling his body what to do,” Edmonson said.

After the shooting, he said, Daigle wandered into the road and over to Vincent, asking if he was alive.

“You could hear him breathing, telling him, `You’re lucky. You’re lucky — you’re going to die soon.’ That’s the words that came out of his mouth,” Edmonson said.

The suspect has multiple DWIs and other arrests. And credit goes to good Samaritans for stopping the suspect before anyone else got hurt.

He (Edmonson) said two or three drivers stopped immediately, one of them making a quick turnaround on the two-lane highway.

That driver wrestled the shotgun away from Daigle, and, with the others, got him to the ground, and snapped Vincent’s handcuffs on his wrists, Edmonson said. As far as he knew, he said, the good Samaritans were unhurt.

Continue to pray. The trooper’s health looks very dire.

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