Blaming Trump For Shooting At Tree Of Life Synagogue Is Wrong On Every Level [VIDEO]

Blaming Trump For Shooting At Tree Of Life Synagogue Is Wrong On Every Level [VIDEO]

Blaming Trump For Shooting At Tree Of Life Synagogue Is Wrong On Every Level [VIDEO]

The news about the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue during Shabbat services outside of Pittsburg is horrifying.

At least 11 people are dead and six others wounded — including four police officers — after a man walked into a Pittsburgh synagogue shouting “All Jews must die,” according to witnesses and local news reports.

Local news station KDKA identified the shooter as Robert Bowers, 48. The suspect, described as a heavy-set, bearded white male, surrendered and was arrested after the horrific incident at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa., on Saturday morning.

I cannot imagine the shock, horror, and pain that the congregation and families of the police officers are going through right now.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Wimley/Post-Gazette

It is now becoming crystal clear that the shooter was not only completely  unhinged, he was staunchly anti-Trump and a raging anti-Semite as well. A few folks were able to get to the shooter’s social media pages before they started disappearing and his feed was chock full of hatred for Jews, Trump, and many more.

Yet far too many have decided that this is all Trump’s fault. Max Boot wept all over the Washington Post.

Trump calls Democrats “evil” and “crazy.” He accuses them of being “treasonous” and “un-American.” He claims they are in league with MS-13 gang members. He says they are trying to open our borders to criminals and to turn America into Venezuela — a bankrupt socialist dictatorship. He denounces the media as “the enemy of the people.” He applauds a congressman who assaulted a reporter and calls for his political opponent to be locked up. He singles out minorities such as Waters for opprobrium, and he promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that hold George Soros responsible for everything from the Central American caravan to protests against Brett M. Kavanaugh.

When Trump talks about “globalists,” the far right hears “Jews.” When Trump says there were “fine people” on both sides in Charlottesville, the far right hears official approval. There is so much anti-Semitic filth online now. I see it every day on Twitter and in my email inbox. Normally I tune it out. Just background noise. But others are listening.

Oh, Ok. Yet Max also says that he has spoken out about the incivility of Democrats. According to him, hounding people in restaurants is wrong but the pipe bombs and shooting up a synagogue are far worse because Trunp! Max doesn’t straddle fences well at all.

And then we have these three:

Where to begin?

Shaun, neither the pipe bomber nor the shooter can or should be considered conservatives. Nope. They are deranged depraved lunatics. Period. Full. Stop.

As far as the shooter, his social media shows just how unhinged he was. The question is, why didn’t someone report him?

Do either fit even remotely, the definition of conservatism? Not in my book.

Julie, sweetie, why in the hell are you blaming American Jews and Israel for this? Do you even HEAR yourself? Scoring political points off of this is wrong on every level toots. You know it, but you went ahead and vomited this crap out anyway. You missy, are a bad person.

Chris Murphy – you like lying don’t you?

Trump called the MS-13 gang animals, and they are. He didn’t call legal nor illegal immigrants animals. Nope, he specifically signaled out the brutality of MS-13. So that’s Lie #1.

Trump didn’t praise the neo-nazis at Charlottesville. Nope, he pointed out that there are good people on both sides who didn’t want the violence that happened. Lie #2

But sure, you go right ahead and use lies to score political points off of a tragedy. Speaks volumes about your character …or lack thereof.

Vice President Pence is correct. What happened today is evil. Period. The ONLY one to blame here is the shooter. Those who are trying to make this all Trump’s fault are employing the very same language and tactics they so smugly insist that only Trump is capable of. They are wrong to do so and they know it.

To the families and friends of those injured and killed, our prayers for strength, healing, and peace are with you.

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Feature Photo Credit: Alexandra Wimley/Post-Gazette

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  • Doug says:

    Turns out Robert Bowers the Pittsburgh Jew killer was following orders from Ayatollah Meshkini in Iran. You know, the “Death to All Jews” state the left loves and Obama paid off with billions in cash? Your tax dollars at work in Pittsburgh.

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