Black Men with Rifles and Black Rifle Coffee – Oh Yeah!

Black Men with Rifles and Black Rifle Coffee – Oh Yeah!

Black Men with Rifles and Black Rifle Coffee – Oh Yeah!

The progressive left is really struggling with the idea of black men with rifles and Black Rifle Coffee. The New York Times is trying to convince its readers that The Dallas Cowboy’s partnership with Black Rifle Coffee is going to hurt its brand.  I don’t think the rest of America is gonna buy that story.  The story pitches us the idea that after this recent spate of mass shootings, Dallas Cowboy fans are mad as hell about all things guns.  Given that we American’s have been buying a million plus (yes, a MILLION) guns a month for the last 36 months, I’m having a hard time seeing the average Dallas Cowboys fan being that butt-hurt about a partnership with a coffee maker.  Ummm, just no.  

But according to the article, 

“The Dallas Cowboys are facing criticism after announcing a new partnership with Black Rifle Coffee, the veteran-owned brand popular with conservatives and gun owners that sells roasts with names like “AK Espresso,” “Murdered Out” and “Silencer Smooth.


The announcement quickly drew backlash on social media, with critics noting it came a day after a gunman on a rooftop killed seven people and injured dozens more at a Fourth of July celebration in Highland Park, Ill., and less than two months since a gunman in Uvalde, Texas, killed 19 children and two teachers.”

I truly believe that anyone that works at the New York Times believes social media is, in fact, real life.  I mean, has a single NYT journalist under the age of forty even been to a football game, much less a Dallas Cowboys football game?  My guess is no.  Today’s young journalists are too busy combing through Twitter looking for jokes to get offended by.

Instead, Jesus Jiménez, the NYT writer of the piece, trots out an aggrieved fan as “proof” that the Dallas Cowboys will see a spate of other fans heading for the hills, or at least another team:

“One Cowboys fan, Jackie Barrientes, 41, referring to the Uvalde mass killing, said she was shocked to see her team “partner with a company that promotes the weapon that killed those children.

Ms. Barrientes, who grew up in South Texas and continued to support the team even after moving to Baltimore, said in an interview on Thursday that she was now considering cheering for another N.F.L. team.”

To be fair, I did find some other Twitter freaks with opinions:


Here’s the thing though, I feel for anyone grieving over the Uvalde shooting.  It is an ongoing festering lesion in the American psyche.  The deaths of all those children are unspeakable.  But all the drip, drip, drip of added details and how badly the police chief handled the entire situation is like salt in the wound.  But once again, GUNS are not the problem.  Insane people holding them are the problem.  Always has been, always will be.  Evil exists.  I’m sorry.

And if we were truly interested in solving the problem of mass shootings, or black, urban gang violence, or any of it, we’d address the underlying issues.  We’d acknowledge that an entire generation of young people are suffering from crippling mental illness:  anxiety, sexual confusion, suicidal ideation.  All of which is compounded by two plus years of unconscionable isolation from over-zealous politicians seeking expanded power and government tyranny.  These years will go down in history books as a black stain on the world, not America alone.  We have no idea yet the damage they have wrought.

Adding to this blight on our souls, we long ago stripped our communities of the ability to care for these mentally ill people.  All based on one freaking lie after another! From a NYT article back in 1984 (apparently, they still did journalism back then!):

One of the most influential groups in bringing about the new national policy was the Joint Commission on Mental Illness and Health, an independent body set up by Congress in 1955. One of its two surviving members, Dr. M. Brewster Smith, a University of California psychologist who served as vice president, said the commission took the direction it did because of ”the sort of overselling that happens in almost every interchange between science and government.”

”Extravagant claims were made for the benefits of shifting from state hospitals to community clinics,” Dr. Smith said. ”The professional community made mistakes and was overly optimistic, but the political community wanted to save money.”

Now, we have a whole host of young men (yes, I went there) who are pent up, told they are horrible, and seriously have no one in their life who gives a rat’s turd about them.  How exactly DO you think this will play out?  

Instead, Joy Behar, the quintessential liberal racist hack wants us to think it’s not just guns that are the problem, but BLACK MEN with guns.  There’s some serious projection going on I think:

Well, all I have to say to Mizzzzzz Joy is “take your KKK hat and go home.”  There’s another dude out in Arizona that’s making quite a name for himself, and I think he might feel the same way!  Jerone Davison is running for Congress there.  I may just have to send him a few supporting dollars for his hutzpah!  

“The ad shows Davison, who is black, fending off a mob of Ku Klux Klan members with an AR-15. As Jack notes, the ad is quite over the top, even distasteful. At the same time, as Jack also points out, “firearms can help minorities defend themselves against people who pose threats to them and their families.”

So, you wanna know what I think?  I think the Dallas Cowboys is a team full of young, black men.  I bet some of them have some fire power at home.  You know, right next to the Black Rifle Coffee they all got when the partnership papers were signed.  Might make me a Cowboys fan after all y’all!  Oh yeah!  See how I pulled that all together?


A little Black Rifle Coffee pour over this morning.” by jonmrogers is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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  • alanstorm says:

    I see that “Millie” Watts has resurfaced, and is still painfully ignorant.

  • Scott says:

    “Instead, Joy Behar, the quintessential liberal racist hack wants us to think it’s not just guns that are the problem, but BLACK MEN with guns. There’s some serious projection going on I think:”

    To be fair, the KKK and the concept of widespread gun restrictions both started after the civil war, by DEMOCRATS afraid of blacks with guns… so she’s really just returning to the roots of the party.. (well, the party never left those roots, they’ve just been hiding it for a long time.. Now Joy is once again saying the quiet part out loud…)

    • Scott says:

      Ooh, I think I need to get another cup of coffee.. my monthly subscription from BLACK RIFLE just arrived…

  • Slow Joe Crow says:

    More Black people with guns means more Leftists dropping the mask and revealing their racism.
    Black Rifle Coffee is just cringe. They trade on veteran worship but kiss the boot on gun control, and lost my respect with a video where they seemingly waterboarded a hipster to sell coffee. If they went bankrupt I’d applaud.

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  • Cameron says:

    The dems can’t help themselves. It’s why they say things like “If blacks were armed, conservatives would love gun control!” They project as if they were being endorsed by IMAX.

  • Bob says:

    Garbage company & really garbage coffee.

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