Highland Park Killer, Captured, Sent Signals For Years

Highland Park Killer, Captured, Sent Signals For Years

Highland Park Killer, Captured, Sent Signals For Years

Robert Crimo, the Highland Park killer, was captured alive last night. That’s good news and bad news. He could have saved us a lot of money by taking himself out of the game. On the other hand, if we were a rational nation, we would dig into his brain during his coming incarceration to find out what made him a ticking bomb and why everyone missed the big, red flags and loud signals he sent for years. I bet we could learn a lot, if we cared. But, the powers that be will use this to push for more gun control. It’s wash, rinse, repeat, learn nothing and wait for it to happen again. I am so tired of this excrement.

The Highland Park killer took a position on a rooftop and rained down death and injury on families enjoying the annual Fourth of July parade. Six lives were lost and at least two dozen were injured. I would like to point out that these mass death incidents take places where firearms are not allowed. Guns are not allowed at schools or open-air events, like parades, in many places in the United States. This makes them target rich environments for people with malevolent intent. It also disarms the good guys who would carry and shoot back, or .in the case of the SUV killer in Waukesha, shoot at. But, the powers that be have no interest in making you safer. Already, social media is filled with people asking why anyone needs an assault weapon. Great googly moogly.

More disturbing is how utterly disturbing the 22 year old shooter was for years. His conversion to sick, twisted killer did not happen over night. Remember the Uvalde shooter from two months ago? Well known in the neighborhood as a sicko. Nobody did anything. Bag of dead cats. Nobody did anything. Threatening to rape girls. Nobody did anything.

The Highland Park killer or Awake the Rapper sent even bigger signals and made videos too.

Did the Highland Park shooter construct that set in his parents’ basement? Did he have help? That’s not cheap to make or to mix the sound for the video. Nobody is asking about this. They are immediately going to gun control. It’s because they really want your guns. They don’t care about the young men who are being destroyed and destroying others. They being the fascist liberals who want power. There is a generation of young men being ruined, by….and that is the problem.

They are told so many things by bitter, frigid females and transwomen (who hate themselves). Masculinity is toxic. Hunting, fishing, fighting and being strong are toxic. Hale no, real men aren’t toxic. They are providers and protectors. They open the pickle jars and kill the bugs. Have you heard about the Hammerhead Worms that are invading East Tennessee? That’s what men do. They handle the Hammerhead Worms.

Our young boys are told that they are patriarchal oppressors. That’s a heavy thought to put on a child. These bitter women who we have put in education, think Randi Weingarten. Our young men are denied scholarships and places in schools in favor of girls or oppressed minorities. A dear friend of mine, has two sons and a daughter. Her sons had higher MCAT scores, but her daughter got a full ride to an Ivy League medical school, because she is a girl and, therefore, oppressed.

Even if the parents are still together, is anyone at home. While the kids are at home, there should be a parent at home. I don’t give a fat rat’s backside which parent it is. Leaving kids home on their own with social media and other teens is a toxic cocktail. By the way, social media is scrubbing the Highland Park shooter. Just like the did the Waukesha killer.

The worse of it all is the pills they feed our kids today. Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors are wonderful and have their place in mental health. They are not necessarily for teenagers. Yet, many of our children are on the SSRI’s and other psychotropic drugs. Here, I agree with Congresscritter Marjorie Taylor Greene on this subject:

We pray for the families hurting in Highland Park. We MUST get real about what is going on with our young men. Gun control is not the answer. The gun-grabbers won’t let us ask the right questions.

Featured Image: Highland Park Police/cropped/Public Domain

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  • Bruce says:

    Crimo: Just another in a VERY long line of “wind-up toys”. (An aside: FAS??)

    Plenty more where that came from.

    And THAT, boys and girls, is THE PLAN.

  • wayne miller says:

    If you look around the web you will see that he has a tattoo on his arm of a Fist holding a Red Rose which is Socialist symbol.

  • GWB says:

    That’s not cheap to make or to mix the sound for the video.
    It’s actually somewhat inexpensive to build a sound set nowadays. My son has been working to build sound studios on the cheap for years – the right second-hand stuff and you’re in. And software exists that is free or cheap, as are the Chromebooks to run it on. (Ugh, I know, but it’s what’s available.)

    I’m going to refuse the standard appeal to “mental illness” and pharmacological candy stores. The problem isn’t mental illness as traditionally defined. It’s a lack of morals and any semblance of real consequences for violation of them. Between hedonism and nihilism, our children today don’t have much of a chance.

    • ravenshrike says:

      Mental illness was never the issue. The drugs which cause between 3-6% mania and homicidal ideation symptoms in users are the issue. Of that subset, some decide to act on those drug fueled impulses.

    • David135 says:

      Nationwide, schools do yearly testing for math and reading. Perhaps what’s needed is a program of annual psyche/ emotional surveys to identify increasing violent tendencies(violence only, nothing more). Certain benchmarks may require activating intervention measures or possibly restrict firearms purchases. Problem: Even though I’m suggesting it, I recognize leftist educators would immediately abuse such a program. It seems a logical, workable program except the opposition does not operate in good faith.

      • GWB says:

        Again, it’s not mental illness and ‘abuse’ of psych drugs. It’s a MORAL issue that can never be solved by the application of science or technology. It can only be solved by actually returning to a concept of morals and consequences for breaking them.

        This is where Progressivism has infected you: you believe that “science” can solve a problem like this and that people do bad things because they’re mechanically broken, somehow. It’s a question of evil not insanity.

  • Scott says:

    Lefties are screaming that he’s a Trump supporter, I’m not seeing it…

  • Mary says:

    David135: Illinois does authorize social/emotional screens already, and that in fact has been the hook leftists schools and administrators have used to impose SEL into all curriculum at the expense of traditional learning and curriculum.

  • ontoiran says:

    you can look at his picture and tell he’s a ticking bomb.

  • WTP says:

    “real men aren’t toxic. They are providers and protectors. They open the pickle jars and kill the bugs. Have you heard about the Hammerhead Worms that are invading East Tennessee? That’s what men do. They handle the Hammerhead Worms.”

    Well this is information coming from women about 40 years too late. I mean, it’s bloody obvious but it has only men pointing out the bloody obvious over that time. And fewer and fewer men over the years because many such men..”men” wanted to get laid and thus would say whatever the women wanted to hear. And then those men…”men” took jobs as counselors, getting paid by women with money their husbands earned, to tell women what they wanted to hear. Well ladies, you got what you either asked for or were willing to put up with. You got your “equality”. Yet the b****ing never stops.

    • GWB says:

      Plenty of women like the Victory Girls have been sounding the alarm for decades. But Progressivism doesn’t want to hear it, and so they have been stifled.

      • WTP says:

        Oh perhaps. Some. But many conservative…”conservative” women whom I have known for decades quietly said nothing and even took advantage of the situation have suddenly started to speak up about it. Welcome as that may be, it should be noted how people are incredibly willing to go along with obvious stupidity until it finally starts to affect them directly and painfully. At which point it is often too late. Disagree with my point? Just wait a few years until you realize that an unwillingness to accept THIS truth/reality, as bloody obvious as IT is, starts to affect and cause you pain.

        • GWB says:

          No, I won’t disagree on your point. But I certainly wouldn’t include the Victory Girls in that group.

  • Patricia says:

    Well said.

    All this “new” thinking is destroying our boys.

  • NTSOG says:

    In this morning’s local news feed I read that “Crimo was able to bypass four background checks and buy five firearms despite a history of dangerous behaviour. … In April 2019, for example, police attended his family home after he was reported for attempted suicide. Police returned in September that year, and ended up confiscating 16 knives, a dagger and a sword after a family member called to say he was threatening “to kill everyone” there.

    However, in December 2019, Crimo applied for a gun owner’s ID card, which his father sponsored. He was later able to use this to legally purchase his guns.”

    Here is another case where Laws exist to prevent mentally unstable and immature people accessing weapons, yet those Laws were not applied by authorities. A Law that is not ‘actioned’ is simply not a Law and making other Laws would be irrelevant. The authorities effectively gave him a free pass.

  • […] the entire situation is like salt in the wound.  But once again, GUNS are not the problem.  Insane people holding them are the problem.  Always has been, always will be.  Evil exists.  I’m […]

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