Bill Clinton Lives In His Personal Purgatory

Bill Clinton Lives In His Personal Purgatory

Bill Clinton Lives In His Personal Purgatory

There are so many consequences that Bill Clinton has avoided over the course of his life.

Lest anyone has forgotten, Bill Clinton is an adulterer, a liar who committed perjury, a predatory boss, a sexual harrasser, an alleged but uncharged rapist, and a corrupt politician. The #MeToo era produced a slight awakening on the part of the left that Bill Clinton was someone who they probably shouldn’t have defended and championed. And then the left promptly forgot all of that because Bill Clinton is part of the past, only to be slapped across the face with the ugliness of what Bill may have done with the help of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell.

And yet, the Democrats still allowed Bill Clinton to speak at the DNC, thanks to his status as a former president, and because he STILL gets a pass from Democrat WOMEN for his predatory behavior.

Bill might look old and frail and sick now, but he still has all his mental faculties. Which is good, because that must make him aware that he is living in his own personal hell.

Bill’s hell on earth is having to still be married to Hillary.

This might have had compensatory benefits if Hillary had done what everyone assumed she would do – win the 2016 election. Bill Clinton probably imagined himself as Hillary’s co-president, with all the perks of White House living but none of the responsibilities. He who imagined himself “the first black president” would have loved being able to set the standards as the first “First Gentleman” of the United States.

And then 2016 happened, and Bill and Hillary’s grift came to a screeching halt. All the power and prestige they had expected to enjoy was gone. The Clinton Foundation shut down parts of their operation and the cash flow dried up. Bill and Hillary tried a speaking tour together that was an absymal failure. They could barely sell tickets for the show. Hillary’s book and her continued running commentary about her own bitterness must be a drain on everyone who must interact with her.

And Bill is still married to her.

Now, we all know that Hillary stayed with Bill in order to make sure that they had some kind of “united front” for the political career that she launched right after his presidential terms ended. But now, with all hope of higher office done, and Hillary held up as a perpetual Resistance heroine for taking on the Bad Orange Man, Bill is little more than a horny puppet that gets dragged out of his man cave every few years to give a DNC speech.

And he still has to be married to Hillary, and pretend that he actually gives a crap about her rantings. But sometimes, the mask slips.
Is Bill old? Exhausted? Tired of listening to Hillary rant about Russian interference and how she should’ve could’ve would’ve been president? Yes.

Bill Clinton may never face a court of law and be brought to justice for crimes that he has been accused of. But he’s still living in his own personal purgatory. He wakes up every morning still married to Hillary.

While that is not and never will be full justice for his actions, it does provide some satisfaction.

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  • I used to think after 2016 that Hillary Clinton had pretty much sentenced herself to bring the character in a Eugene O’Neill play such as Long Day’s Journey Into Night or The Iceman Cometh and that in some ways this would be a worse punishment for Benghazi then any I myself could contrive. But it didn’t occur to me until I read your post that she might drag others into the play along with her. I wonder if it’s still a Eugene O’Neill play with her husband in it or if we are now talking about a Tennessee Williams tragedy instead? The thing is, this is a prison of her own devising. She could still live a full and happy life if she were to let go of both her ambitions and of 2016. It’s her unwillingness to do this that is turning her life into that sort of play. @_@

  • Joe in PNG says:

    Likewise, Hillary is stuck in her own purgatory- decades and decades of driving, gnawing, pressing ambition for the presidency; an almost painful hunger for that office, one that drove and pushed her. Then, in 2008, it looked like it was going to be her year, until that kid came along and took it. So, she had to wait, and make a deal to wait quietly and patiently, and they would give her that office in 2016… then she was rejected yet again .
    Now, she’s done, and will never have that hunger sated.
    Dante would be proud.

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