Biden Expected To Sign Police Reform Executive Order

Biden Expected To Sign Police Reform Executive Order

Biden Expected To Sign Police Reform Executive Order

NBC News is reporting that Joe Biden is expected to sign an Executive Order on Police Reform since recent efforts in Congress have stalled. The Biden Junta hopes that this Executive Order (EO) will shore up faltering support among Black voters. Likely the policing EO will also give Biden an opportunity to rant against Donald Trump, always popular with the Left, insult half of America, shout for no reason and pound the little mini-desk in his fake Oval Office set.

The good news is that at least most of the Lefty Moonbats have stopped shouting “Defund the Police”. The bad news is that there has been absolutely no effort at bipartisan negotiations on real police reforms. A year and a half ago, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott wrote a not perfect bill with some police reforms. When the Democrats wouldn’t take up Scott’s bill, he said it was because the Dems cynically wanted the issue, a divisive racial issue. Read Deanna’s post here.

In 2020 and 2021, the Democrats have failed to move on the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act”. Creepy Joe Bidenf has failed at absolutely everything he has touched (energy, supply chain, Afghanistan, to name a few) and he got a new dog last month. So what’s a failed President to do? Sign an Executive Order, that’s the ticket.

Not that I think Joe Biden remembers what his positions used to be, but he once was considered strong on law enforcement. From NPR July, 2021:

For years, Biden was a loyal ally to law enforcement, dating back to his days in the Senate when he crafted the 1994 crime bill with their direct help.

“When he was vice president, he would routinely have law enforcement at the residence,” said Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, a Washington, D.C.-based police think tank. “He told President Obama when he was vice president he wanted the police portfolio. So, he knows this issue.”

But while Biden may know the issue, the issue itself has changed with mounting calls for more accountability among police officers in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing.

Now, Joe’s poll numbers are cratering and he desperately needs a win. Hence, the expected EO on Police Reform. As NBC reports:

President Joe Biden is planning to sign executive actions on police reform as early as this month, three people familiar with the plans said, as his administration seeks to unilaterally jumpstart an issue that’s a top priority for a key constituency.

The executive actions would follow Biden’s uphill battle to advance voting rights legislation, and could coincide with a similar effort by some Democratic lawmakers to revive the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which stalled on Capitol Hill after failed attempts to craft a bipartisan measure.

The focus on police reforms is part of what appears to be a last-ditch effort by the Biden administration to take action on some of the president’s signature initiatives in the run-up to his State of the Union Address on March 1. In addition to voting rights and policing, the White House and congressional Democrats are considering ways to resurrect Biden’s Build Back Better package, either by paring back the legislation or separating it into two bills, according to three sources familiar with the discussions.

The Squad already threatened Biden about breaking up Build Back Better and they don’t play. If Biden doesn’t sign the police EO, he will have nothing but failures to talk about in his March 1 State of the Union Address. Sweet Baby Jesus, that’s going to be awful anyway.

But, wait, there is more:

Two people familiar with the discussions said the White House could roll out the executive actions to mark the beginning of Black History Month in February.

Biden also is expected to use the moment to criticize former President Donald Trump, the people familiar with the discussions said. The president was sharply critical of Trump during a Jan. 6 anniversary speech and again on Tuesday while giving remarks on voting rights.

Yes, the old racist Biden will get a twofer. Black History Month and swatting Trump.

The EO signing will be a combination of the fake office with the teeny desk and the odd yelling like in this video about fewer democracies:

The Police Reform EO will be like everything else Creepy Joe has done: a failure and likely extra Constitutional.

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  • Cameron says:

    Watch him have even more vicious meltdowns when things keep collapsing around him.

  • JAW3 says:

    What will the reforms be? Sunlight on Biden*s desperate acts are really needed to keep his inner angry black man from ruining our country. IMO.

    • GWB says:

      Are you dissing this “one bad dude”? It’s because he won’t let you rub the hair on his legs, isn’t it?

      (I feel creepy after writing that. Gonna have to go wash my hands now.)

  • GWB says:

    “When he was vice president, he would routinely have law enforcement at the residence,”
    Yeah, and they complained about him skinny-dipping in front of them. (At least the SS agents did.)

    the issue itself has changed with mounting calls for more accountability among police officers
    No, it hasn’t. Not really. It’s the same Coward-Pliven strategy they’ve been using since at least the turn of the century.

    George Floyd’s killing
    George Floyd’s death. Despite the jury holding Chauvin to fault, Floyd killed himself. It wasn’t the doing of the police.

    executive actions on police reform
    Here’s the thing, though. The federal gov’t has very little Constitutional authority over state and local law enforcement.
    On top of that, what on earth is he going to say? “The Executive Branch of the US gov’t thinks you shouldn’t hit black boys when they’re down.” And that’s got exactly what weight?
    He’s going to tell them he’s going to sick the DOJ civil rights folks on them? That’s different in what way? That’s been a threat for 30 years or more.
    He’s going to defund them? Local law enforcement should be funded entirely locally anyway. And the SCOTUS will look poorly on that, unless discretion is built into the budget act that authorizes those funds.
    There’s a reason there’s no details on this.

    I’m going to guess it will be either blatantly un-constitutional or it will be entirely ineffective – like most of Biden’s time in office.

  • Scott says:

    Serious question here.. why is it that the “black community” (to use the leftist terminology) seems all too willing (based on voting numbers if nothing else), to support the party of racism, and straight up racists like biden?

    I guess a similar question could be asked of Jews supporting fascists, since we’re talking about the same party, but the racist side seems more appropriate to this topic.

    • Winnie SC says:

      It’s all about the handouts, baby!

    • E, ROBOT says:

      Can’t do as much damage as the sainted martyr’s EO allowing public sector unions (includes teachers’ unions). That one act changed everything and destroyed our former enviable civil service which took orders from tax payers into power drunk mafia-like malignancy which has oozed into every part of our lives.

  • bobby b says:

    What can he do?

    He can redirect appropriated funds to whomever he likes for LE services. He can send out agents and lawyers and fedcops to friendly jurisdictions with manpower problems. He can have DOJ increase oversight-seeking lawsuits against cities. He can pull money from unfriendly jurisdictions. He can alter how federal crimes are prosecuted and punished. He can . . .

    Well, there’s lots he can do. Usually expensive, always beneficial to his buddies, always painful to his enemies (that’s us, btw), and not requiring Congressional approval.

    All we can do is try to tie it all up in the courts.

    • GWB says:

      Actually, the Supreme Court has said he can NOT redirect spending willy-nilly; it has to be written into the budget legislation. (There’s equality issues, even if it is allowed.)

      What agents can he send out? None of them have local police authority; they can only enforce federal law.

      Yes, he can order the DOJ to be even more antagonistic to law enforcement agencies. But honestly, the DOJ has been antagonistic to local law enforcement for decades now.

      He can’t alter how federal crimes are punished. That’s written into law. (Minimum sentences and all that. It came with the 1994 Crime Bill, that… Biden sponsored.) He can make them prosecute some laws more or less, but that could be stopped too, since the Supreme Court looks poorly upon the head executive playing with the law that way (even when it had a liberal majority; of course, that was before idiots like Kagan).

      I get your point about he can possibly get away with what he wants. But I think several court cases recently have shown the courts’ tolerance for the shenanigans has reached its limit.

      • SDN says:

        “What agents can he send out? None of them have local police authority; they can only enforce federal law.”

        Like the Patriot Act? Anyone can be declared a “terrorist”. Ask the parents complaining about school boards how easy that is.

  • Milwaukee says:

    Scott…in Chicago the gangs are instrumental in determining who gets elected as aldermen.

    The expression “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” came from a late 1800s Tammany Hall. The gangs were offended victims were shooting back. Many young men had their coat pockets seen shut. That way the police couldn’t slip a gun into their pocket.

    The majority of Blacks in New York appreciated the stop-and-frisk when it first came out. The police had to have some probable cause, and it did reduce crime.

    Bye the way, Chris Rock has an excellent video on “How to Avoid an Ass Beating By the Police.”

    • Scott says:

      I’ve seen that Chris Rock video, and yeah, it’s spot on. And I agree, corruption like you mention is a large part of the problem, Shitcago has been a democrat run pit of criminality for over a century.. with plenty of notables to take that corruption on the road to DC…
      As the saying goes, ya can’t fix stupid..

  • Patricia says:

    I have a feeling this is a continuation of the takeover of police functions by the feds, started by Obama and his consent decree agreements with several cities.

    Not good. Not good at all.

  • Miles Fortis says:

    SloJoe’s ‘weird yelling’ is a now an almost autonomic response. He’s learned from past experience, as many of those with dementia do, that the ‘rush’ he gets from the adrenaline surge makes him feel better.

  • Subotai Bahadur says:

    I assume that the Executive Order will be titled “Decree by the President for the Protection of the People and the State”. The text will be something along the lines of this:

    Subotai Bahadur

  • SCOTT OLSON says:

    A Joe Biden Enabling Act?

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