Barron Trump And More Trumps As Florida Delegates

Barron Trump And More Trumps As Florida Delegates

Barron Trump And More Trumps As Florida Delegates

For those Biden Fans, Never Trumpers and Nose-Holders, the headline at Reuters “Donald Trump’s youngest son Barron to represent Florida at Republican convention” was bile raising. Well, I got more bad news for you chumps. He’s not the only one.

Here is more from the Reuters article:

Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron Trump, will be one of the delegates representing Florida at the Republican National Convention in July, a notable move given that he has kept largely out of the public eye so far during the campaign.

A campaign official confirmed an earlier report from NBC that Barron Trump had been selected by the state party as a delegate from Florida.

Barron, 18, is “very interested in our nation’s political process,” said the official, who requested anonymity to discuss internal campaign matters.

In Florida, presidential campaigns submit a list of proposed delegates to the state party, which in this case would have included Barron.

His selection underlines how deeply the Trump family has become involved in Republican politics. Lara Trump, Trump’s daughter-in-law, was named co-chair of the Republican National Committee in March. Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., Barron’s older brothers, have been active on the campaign trail. Both are also on Florida’s 41-person delegate list for the convention in Milwaukee, the campaign official said, along with Tiffany Trump, Trump youngest daughter.

Older daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner served in the first Trump White House and have taken their share of the Ugly GroupThink infesting the Political Class. They should stay home and enjoy their beautiful children. Mazel Tov.

Along with Don, Jr. and Eric Trump, Barron will be joined in Milwaukee by half-sister Tiffany Trump Boulos and her husband Michael Boulos. Mr. Boulos is a billionaire heir and businessman.

The media asks if Barron Trump is still off limits

And, more from Newsweek:

Allison Gill, political commentator and host of the Mueller, She Wrote podcast, posted on X, formerly Twitter, Barron was “no longer off limits” while sharing NBC News’ report.

X user Rob Voreck said Barron’s move into the world of politics is “going to end very badly.”

“He’s now fair game to the media. I’m actually surprised. I thought Melania would do everything to prevent this but if Barron, now an adult, personally made the decision to participate in his father’s circus, so be it,” Voreck added.

Devin Nunes’ Alt Mom, a popular parody social media account which purported to be the mother of the former California congressman, posted: “Barron Trump is officially fair game now.”

Another social media user added: “Barron Trump to step into the political arena as a Florida delegate at the Republican convention.

“Children are off limits. However, at 18, Barron is now considered an adult. Should Barron choose to enter the Republican political circus, it will be game on.”

When has Barron Trump been off limits? In June of 2017, Barron wore a “The Expert” T-shirt and held a fidget spinner and the media went bats. In November of that year, Barron had an ISIS death threat at age 11. Before Donald Trump was inaugurated the Media Medical Specialists had diagnosed Barron Trump as being on the Autism Spectrum.

Since Donald Trump came down the Golden Escalator, the entire family has been under fire.

Get over it. Enjoy being 18 young man.

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  • Citizen Tom says:

    The politics of personal destruction. That is our Liberal Democrat news media.

  • Hate_me says:

    I care more about when media will stop writing: “ X, formerly Twitter,” every time they cite someone’s tweet. Everyone knows what it was – media is too concerned with space saving to use the Oxford comma but they continue to insert an extraneous clause every chance they get… is this meant as some kind of swipe against Elon Musk?

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