Bari Weiss V. Brian Stelter Is An Unfair Fight

Bari Weiss V. Brian Stelter Is An Unfair Fight

Bari Weiss V. Brian Stelter Is An Unfair Fight

Whoever the booker is over at CNN’s “Reliable Sources, he/she is probably in the fetal position crying for Mommy. It was Bari Weiss versus Brian Stelter aka Potato and it wasn’t a fair fight. Miss Weiss is a thinking woman and Stelter is a non-player character, a simple script reader who cannot think.

Bari Weiss is a liberal but she is also a realist. Once upon a time, she was an editor at the New York Times. She was bullied so badly by the wokerati that she quit. She quit in a spectacular fashion with a resignation/indictment letter that laid out the suicide being committed by the Times. Our Deanna wrote a post about the letter that you can read here She started a Substack subscription called Common Sense and is now making more money than the times paid here, saying what she wants as her own boss. She is a brain and a truth teller.

Brian Stelter is a potato. For your viewing pleasure, here is the video of the exchange:

Stelter asks Miss Weiss in which ways has the world gone mad? Well, Potato, and she goes on to list that those of us who questioned whether the Kung Flu was a lab leak were called racist, you cannot say that men and women are different (vive la difference) and on and on. Stelter interrupts her to ask who says you cannot say those things. Well, duh. Bari Weiss is right that you don’t have to be told by the C-suite that you cannot say some things. Facebook and YouTube will deplatform you. The Twittermob will come after you to cancel you. Networks and cable news station will roll their eyes and condescend to you. And, Weiss called out CNN as one of the outlets telling you what you cannot say.

“People who work at networks, frankly, like the one I’m speaking on right now, who try and claim that it was racist to investigate the lab leak theory,” Weiss said.

Stelter was dissatisfied with her answer and, in a tone-deaf reply, claimed that Weiss’s assertion was merely a “provocative” statement that held no water.

“I’ve heard about every story you mentioned, so I’m just suggesting, of course, people are allowed to cover whatever they want to cover,” Stelter said.

As Bari Weiss was speaking, Stelter would say “Hmmmm” and nod as those he had any clue what she was talking about. His faces though were priceless:

Hmmm and nod was all he had when Weiss brought up University of Chicago geophysicist Dorian Spalding being cancelled by MIT for believing in, the horror, meritocracy:

“What are the downstream effects of an example like that? Every other scientist, every other academic who’s watching that is saying, ‘Wait, hold on, if he’s being canceled for that, what does that mean for me? I might as well shut up. I might as well practice doublethink in the freest society in the history of the world,’” Weiss said. “That is one of the great stories of our time. That is the story that’s been uncovered largely not because of disinformation or not because they’re lying about it, simply because they’re ignoring it, it’s disinformation by omission.”

Stelter, however, overlooked Weiss’s points that this misinformation and cancel culture are promoted by media networks and other powerful institutions, to absolve himself from any blame and shift the burden to Twitter mobs.

Maybe Stelter doesn’t watch his own network. He doesn’t seem to know what goes on there. Like the other day when Don Lemon lectured Sanjay Gupta over having gone on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Lemon still insists there is nothing wrong with calling Ivermectin, horse dewormer. That is a prime example of the misinformation pedaled by networks like CNN.

It wasn’t a long enough segment for Weiss to mention all the examples. It would have taken hours, maybe a day. Brian would have missed the point anyway. He is a potato.

Featured Image: Cropped from a Twitter Screen Grab

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