Bandwagon Hillary Pretends to be Thrilled About the Cubs Going to the World Series [VIDEOS]

Bandwagon Hillary Pretends to be Thrilled About the Cubs Going to the World Series [VIDEOS]

Bandwagon Hillary Pretends to be Thrilled About the Cubs Going to the World Series [VIDEOS]

Last night baseball fans learned that the long drought had ended. After 71 years the Chicago Cubs are going back to the World Series.

Hillary Clinton, who grew up in the Chicago area, learned the news after a rally in Philadelphia. Her traveling press secretary caught the moment when she made That Face.

Hillary’s excited because she’s been a lifelong Cubs fan.


That is, when she wasn’t a lifelong Yankees fan.


So which is it, Hillary? Yankees or Cubs?

It depends on whose votes she’s trying to get her grabby mitts on. Listen to her explain her way out of the dilemma back in 1999, when she was running for Senator from New York.

Umm, no Hillary. That’s not how this works. Yes, there’s a cross-town rivalry between the White Sox and the Cubs. But there are no fan requirements that you pick a team from both Column A and Column B. I’m a Kansas City Royals fan, which is an American League team. I’m not obligated to cheer for a National League team.

But wait, what’s this? Five years earlier, in 1994, First Lady Hillary Clinton sang “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the seventh inning stretch on opening day for — you guessed it, the Chicago Cubs. I’m so thankful Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray didn’t hand her the mic. Just listen to Hillary sing “it’s a shame” — there’s not enough beer in Wrigley Stadium that can wash that out. That hectoring voice cutting through my unsuspecting psyche like a dentist’s drill gave me the chills.

But now this is happening during the waning days of the campaign season.


The Cubs are playing the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. And Ohio is an important swing state. So if Hillary campaigns in Ohio, will she claim lifelong fandom for the Indians?

But let’s allow Hillary to further explain her team flip-flops. In a 2014 speech given in Chicago, Hillary said this:

“When I was a little girl, I quickly caught on that being a Cubs fan was more of a tenet of religious faith than any kind of passing fancy. Once a Cubs fan, always a Cubs fan, but my personality was such that I couldn’t stay hitched only to a losing team . . . . So I had to search for a team that would counterbalance the experience of losing every single year, so — I hate to say this, and I know you’ll probably boo me — I became a Yankees fan.”

You heard it here. Hillary Clinton is nothing more than a bandwagon fan.

Hop on, Hillary! There’s plenty of room!

Lack of loyalty — show of hands, please, who’s shocked?

Actually, Hillary Clinton is loyal to one team, and one team only. That’s Team Clinton. Her feigned look of “The Cubs Won! I’m So Stoked!” is sheer pandering. She’s trying to indulge us Little People — we schlubs who get a visceral thrill by sitting in a stadium on a hot summer’s evening, wolfing down $1 hot dogs on Buck Night and cheering on our team, win or lose.

Just stop it, Hillary. Don’t piss on my foot and tell me it’s raining.

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