Antifa Anarchist Willem Van Spronsen Is NOT A Hero

Antifa Anarchist Willem Van Spronsen Is NOT A Hero

Antifa Anarchist Willem Van Spronsen Is NOT A Hero

Antifa activist Willem Van Spronsen attacked the ICE detention center in Tacoma, Washington early Saturday morning. He wanted to blow the entire center up, regardless of who was inside. People are now trying to tell us he was a hero.

“The police fatally shot a man who was attacking an immigration detention center in Tacoma, Wash., on Saturday morning, the authorities said.

The man, who was armed with a rifle, was throwing unspecified “incendiary devices” at the Northwest Detention Center, according to a police statement. The man, identified by officials on Saturday afternoon as Willem Van Spronsen, 69, of Vashon Island, Wash., continued throwing lit objects at buildings and cars, the statement said.

“One car was fully engulfed in flames,” said Officer Loretta Cool, a spokeswoman for the Tacoma Police Department.

Mr. Van Spronsen also attempted and failed to ignite a commercial-sized propane tank attached to the center, said Shawn Fallah, the resident agent in charge of the ICE Office of Professional Responsibility.”

The New York Times article leaves something out. There is not one single mention of Van Spronsen’s long time affiliation with Antifa. Not a single one. In fact, the way the entire article is written, you’d think that the cops were the ones who just willy nilly fired upon the guy!

If he’d been able to get that propane tank lit up, the entire facility would’ve gone up in flames. That particular detention facility houses nearly 1600 detainees. But Van Spronsen wanted to bomb it regardless of who was inside.

This is the result of the violent rhetoric of Antifa that the media and public officials excuse, whitewash, or ignore.

Our American flag was ripped down and a Mexican flag raised at the Aurora CO ICE detention facility late Friday.

Did the media or Democrats condemn that? No.

In fact, with the silence from the media and left, Antifa activist/terrorists across the country are now telling us that Willem Van Spronsen was a hero. Below are just two of many many tweets lauding this terrorist as a hero.

Hey Lou Lou? Please tell me how blowing up a facility that houses nearly 1600 detainees will save lives? Oh wait, never mind. I guess SOME collateral damage is acceptable when looking at the larger picture. Amirite?

Governors Jay Inslee (D-WAnnabe President) and Jared Polis (D-CO facing recall) tried to blame Trump for all of this.

Polis is a bit defensive isn’t he?

Willem Van Spronsen didn’t just spring up out of the blue. He has a long history of activism, was arrested last year for attacking a police officer, and has been with Antifa for quite a number of years. What happened on Saturday was, by all accounts, deliberately planned by Van Spronsen.

“Deb Bartley, a friend of Van Spronsen’s for about 20 years, described him as an anarchist and anti-fascist, and she believes his attack on the detention center was intended to provoke a fatal conflict.

“He was ready to end it,” Bartley said. “I think this was a suicide. But then he was able to kind of do it in a way that spoke to his political beliefs … I know he went down there knowing he was going to die.””

He wanted to provoke a fatal conflict, but what does the media do? Write headlines that infer that the cops were to blame. Write stories that gloss over or completely leave out the fact that he was an anarchist and long time member of Antifa.

Then to have Governor Inslee try to make this about Trump?

Is it any wonder that Antifa is emboldened and is trying to make this guy a martyr and hero? Antifa has been given free rein in Portland, and now we have this incident in Tacoma. An incident in which a group he belonged to, the Puget Sound Anarchists, is celebrating.

““We find his actions inspiring. The vehicles outside the detention facility are used to forcibly remove people from their homes and deport them, often to situations where they will face severe danger or death. Those vehicles being destroyed is only a start of what is needed,” the Puget Sound Anarchists wrote. “We wish the fires Will set had freed all the inmates and razed the entire Northwest Detention Center to the ground. And we miss our friend and wish from the bottom of our hearts that his action had not ended in his death.””

They applaud his actions and believe more violence is necessary.

A hero Willem Van Spronsen is not, and never will be.

Feature Photo Credit: YouTube photo by Brian Hildebrand via Daily Caller, cropped and modified 

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  • SFC D says:

    If by “hero”, you mean “misguided idiot with a death wish”, then this man was absolutely a hero. Firebombs and gunfire are not protected speech, they are an attempt at government overthrow. The perpetrators should be treated accordingly. Children who throw tantrums get spanked. Armed adults who throw tantrums and firebombs get shot.

    • Jim says:

      Can we expect Antifa and supporters to deify him? Perhaps they’ll write a song in his honour? Something similar to the ‘Horst Wessel Lied’ would seem appropriate for these Fascists.

  • zenman says:

    Setting yourself on fire to protest injustice – martyr

    Setting others on fire to protest injustice – not a martyr

    Suicide by ICE… Still waiting (though not holding my breath) for the mass ban of people inciting and promoting violence.

    I think they need to be more radical and use more violence, then the governments (fed/state/local) and media will not have a leg to stand on with calling antifa a peaceful protest group.

    If a government can not maintain civil order then it looses its legitimacy.

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  • GWB says:

    He wanted to provoke a fatal conflict
    I’m more than happy to oblige any AntiFa member who desires that. Same goes for jihadis of the islamic sort.

    We find his actions inspiring.
    Please be inspired by them! Oodles of us patriots would be more than happy to give you the exact same result.
    Enough of you experience the result, and we’ll stop having to hear about your bullying and violence.

    They want to help actual invaders of our country? They want more violence?
    I don’t think they really understand what they’re going to get out of it.

    That’s what happens when you don’t really study history (or human nature). You don’t really understand what you’re getting in for when you spark that fire.

    (BTW, anyone note what sort of rifle he had? Was it one of those evil scary black rifles? Just wondering.)

    No, he’s not a hero. He was a fool – the sort that Stalin called “useful idiots”.

    • SFC D says:

      GWB, if you or I carry an evil black scary rifle, it’s an “assault weapon”. If it’s in the hands of AntiFa, it’s an “implement of liberation”.

  • Scott says:

    Polis is nearly as big a piece of shit as this antifa clown. May they both rot in hell. Polis is continuing the destruction of a once great state, furthering the damage done by Hickenlooper, and other dims..

  • Linda Cohen says:

    So this was perfectly acceptable–open carry around the capital of Virginia

    Or the Oregon Congressman Boquist and his bold stance: If Brown sends police, Boquist said, they better “send bachelors and come heavily armed.”
    I guess you’re only concerned about the destruction of property.

  • Wozzup says:

    But………but……..but…… he is 69 years old, has a crew cut, a beard, a neck kerchief and a guitar.

    He MUST be a hero.

    Otherwise that would make him a geriatric loser who never grew out of adolescence.

  • Mary Anne Borg says:

    I don’t understand how blowing people up is in their interest.

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