Andrea Mitchell Is Concerned About The Leaks…But Not The Spying

Andrea Mitchell Is Concerned About The Leaks…But Not The Spying

Andrea Mitchell is concerned.  The hard-hitting Obama groupie is wondering why Europe is coming off their Obama high.

From NBC Today, an excerpt:

“Mitchell continued to worry: “How did the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize just months into his presidency become the subject of Europe’s scorn?” She denounced the leaks, but not the spying itself: “The White House can thank NSA leaker Edward Snowden, who’s latest revelations have forced President Obama to apologize to France’s President Hollande, Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, as well as current and former leaders in Mexico, and Brazil’s President Rousseff, who even cancelled a state visit to Washington she was so angry.”

Do you think the media complicity and cooperation with the Obama administration will ever end?  Which outlet or talking head will be the first to mutiny?

Do they realize how easily their “news” stories and commentary are absorbed into social media and the blogosphere to be de-bunked, ridiculed, and ultimately discarded?  That their ratings are tanking and they are ridiculous caricatures that make Ron Burgundy look like a Pulitzer Prize winner?

If I was an ambitious MSM talking head, one of the many primetime celebrities that continue to foist the myth and urban legend that is Sun King Barack Obama the Awesome Rock Star upon the American public, I’d soon tire of being just one of the herd of fawning sycophants.   .  I’d be plotting how to be original and different.  And by different, I mean….just telling the truth, contrary to everyone around you.  I’d be sitting at The Capitol Grille on my second martini, pondering my next move – which should actually involve investigating, reporting and stating the truth and facts rather than reading the latest memo from Valerie Jarrett and chirping it back to the camera.   Scary  business, going against the Obama thug regime, but one that could lead to untold accolades, awards, and gratitude from a nation sick to death of the clowns that recite the “news”.

And yes, I realize it’s foolish to hope that people entrenched in the legacy media that live in “The World According to Obama” will actually think for themselves and question all the many scandals that are swamping the administration, but get little to no scrutiny in the MSM or legacy media.

Lucky for you there are alternativesLots of them.

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  • Kevin says:

    Here should be your point … Why under the Bush administration would people have gone apeshit had spying on allies came out and under the Obama administration people are “ho hum” about the whole thing? I watched the Dick Cheney interview yesterday and, even though he did everything he could to not say his administration was doing what the Obama administration is doing (or visa versa), he was clearly okay with the outcome … spying on allies.

    The indignation from our allies about our intelligence is a little over the top. Everyone spies on everyone. Enemies and allies, allies and allies, parents and children, girlfriends and boyfriends, the list goes on. Here’s what you need to remember … When the next Republican administration comes in (after Hillary serves two terms 😉 so let’s see that would be 2024) and their opponents are foaming over the mouth about secrecy and spying … remind them of King Obama.

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