American Sailor Incident Weakens U.S. Not Iran

American Sailor Incident Weakens U.S. Not Iran

American Sailor Incident Weakens U.S. Not Iran

We’ve all seen the photos and video of our American sailors kneeling with hands held over their heads while Iranian weapons are pointed at them.


The entire incident has, thankfully IMO, reignited the debate concerning the Iran Deal and the efficacy of this Administration’s foreign policy. And yet, there are many who believe or would like us to adopt the mantra of ‘nothing to see here, move along’ so the Iran Deal applecart won’t tip over.

The Pentagon has backed off claims that a mechanical failure contributed to U.S. sailors drifting into Iranian waters and touching off a diplomatic incident earlier this week, with Defense Secretary Ash Carter now saying a “navigation error” was to blame.

“The information that they have given us, and through their commanders is that they did stray accidentally into Iranian waters due to a navigation error,” Carter said in a television interview with Univision at U.S. Southern Command in Miami.

“So that seems to be the original cause of this, according to the interviews that we have done,” Carter added.

Oh. Ok. So, we’re supposed to believe that none and I mean NONE of the sailors on that boat could read navigation charts? We’re supposed to believe that a high-tech boat with up-to-date GPS and other navigation tools had a “glitch?” Likewise we are supposed to believe that their commander, the guy who sent those sailors and two boats out to wander around the Persian Gulf, wasn’t keeping tabs on them and just let them wander off course? In other words, the Navy is incompetent and this is all their fault. Really??

Exactly! The more mea culpas we issue, the more apologies we throw around, and the more people we throw under the bus serve only to add fuel to the fire. Think I’m wrong? Iran is pretty thrilled with the outcome.

Not a single one of the explanations our Administration has provided thus far can or should excuse the actions of Iran. Keep in mind that they have repeatedly taunted the U.S. before and since the announcement that the crappy Iran Deal is now in place. Sending a missile into the air near our ships in the Strait of Hormuz is NOT a ‘glitch’ ladies and gentlemen. It’s not an ‘oopsie, we mixed up the coordinates’ either. In fact, their test of a nuclear capable ballistic missile in October and numerous other incidents should be of extreme concern to us all.  We need to remember how Iran’s leadership views the Iran Deal.

The above was in July, just after the Iran Deal was announced. And yet, Secretary of State John Kerry is on the phone constantly with his new pal, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif discussing what?


What type of tea and crumpets our sailors were given?

Iran is having a lot of fun playing games with the U.S., the U.N., and with the world. They’ve a great deal at stake, $100 billion in assets worth. Yet that didn’t stop them from posturing these last few days. That didn’t stop Iran from capturing and holding our sailors instead of just towing them back into international waters. And that certainly hasn’t stopped them from refusing to sign the Iran Deal that they’ve never had ANY intention of being beholden to.

Iran is crossing lines right and left and what do we do? Wring our hands, issue abject apologies, throw our own people under the bus, and let Iran merrily continue on their way. How far will Iran go before we’ve decided its too far?

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  • GWB says:

    “We’re supposed to believe that a high-tech boat with up-to-date GPS and other navigation tools had a ‘glitch?'”
    Absolutely. Especially when Iran jams said GPS signal.

    “Likewise we are supposed to believe that their commander, … wasn’t keeping tabs on them and just let them wander off course?”
    Same reason. The original reports mentioned that the fleet lost contact with them. Jamming.

    Yes, Iran has those capabilities and has used tested them at times. Look up MIJI, particularly the “M” word in that acronym.

    • Nina says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

      Unfortunately the State Department, the Administration as a whole and even Defense Dept is twisting themselves into pretzels to be super duper friends with Iran.

      So, the narrative of the “glitch” and mechanical problems will continue -with Iran the only ones benefitting. 🙁

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