Alice Johnson: Biden Put Her In, Trump Set Her Free

Alice Johnson: Biden Put Her In, Trump Set Her Free

Alice Johnson: Biden Put Her In, Trump Set Her Free

Alice Johnson is the face of criminal justice inequity brought about by Biden’s 1984 crime bill. She is also the face of President Trump’s push to reform the criminal justice system.

President Trump doesn’t care what the political class thinks about his actions. This is especially apparent when it comes to “The First Step Act“, and correcting injustice in the overzealous sentencing for drug crimes.

Alice admits she was a participant in the drug ring, and as an intermediary she acknowledges her part in the crime. She was also a model prisoner, taking the opportunity to better her circumstances despite the low odds that she would ever leave prison. Her time started in 1996, two years after Biden’s crime bill was passed. In the subsequent years Biden rode the “harsh on crime” train for all that it was worth. Political points — not justice, was his focus. The Atlantic writes,

Through the years, Biden didn’t just promote the crime bill occasionally—he made its passage a centerpiece of his decades of legislative accomplishment in Washington.

He long supported civil-asset seizures of drug proceeds, mandatory sentences for drug possession, and harsh differences in penalties for the possession of crack and powder cocaine.”

The Joe Biden who wasn’t running for president was very happy to sit in DC and benefit from the appearance of being harsh on crime. Even through his time with Obama as VP, he never pushed to reform the bill. Despite a majority in the House, neither Obama or Biden made significant strides in prison reform.

But what is the Biden 2020 pushing as his agenda?

Equality, equity, justice – these ideas form the American creed. We have never lived up to it and we haven’t always gotten it right, but we’ve never stopped trying. This is especially true when it comes to our criminal justice system.”

Yes Joe, because YOU did nothing over the last 26 years to address the impacts of your legislation. Until Trump stated pushing the ball, politicians were content to sit back and overlook excessively harsh penalties. You found your mate in Kamala Harris, who has a history of questionable prosecutions as CA Attorney General. But now, you want people to believe that reform is your goal. Too late Joe! Too Late! Trump beat you to it, and he did it for the right reasons. Reasons that aren’t political or popular. He did it because it’s the right thing to do. 

Alice Johnson is a productive member of society, despite having been incarcerated. She is an example of what good can come from prison reform when real leadership takes an objective look at a failing system.

Alice is not the only former prisoner at the convention. Jon Ponder, convicted of bank robbery, was granted a surprise pardon by Trump during day two of the convention.  Ponder left prison and started a non-profit to help transitioning prisoners. Jon had this to say on Fox News after the event,

One of the greatest privileges we have as Americans is to participate in the electoral process,” he added, “so it’s something I’m looking very, very forward to and something I waited a long time for.”

I think he’s going to vote for Trump. Hopefully, most Americans do too. While Democrats are busy backpedaling on their legislative accomplishments, in the hope of appearing to make meaningful change in the lives of Americans in prison, Trump actually made that change for many. And that’s not insignificant in the face of Washington politics.

Edit: Of course the left is pushing the narrative that an accomplished Black women is a tool of the Grand Old Patriarchy! Politico surmises that Alice Johnson is being “propped up” by the RNC. Wow. Way to support Black women and former prisoners who have made great strides to better the world. Unbelievable, and frankly shameful! But not surprising.

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  • Quentin-Q Quill says:

    What do you have to say about Trump taking out a full page ad in a New York newspaper calling for the death penalty in response to the Central Park Five case? After the Central Park Five had been cleared of all charges and released from prison through the confession of the actual perpertrator and DNA evidence, Trump continued to insist they were guilty. As far as I know, Trump still insists they are guilty. If you’re not familliar with the Central Park Five, I suggest you do a basic search and see just how Trump’s actions in this case square with your rosy view of Trump.

    • I suggest you take your cherry picking condensing tone and back the heck up.
      I am very familiar with that case. it occurred during a time when NYC was a bigger shit-hole than it is now. I believe they were “wilding” that night. DNA evidence had yet to be popular or even understood. We’d need to get past OJ for that to happen.
      As I recall – in that case the witness ID’d the individuals, after making a remarkable recovery from having her head bashed in and left for dead. Of course, being gang raped probably didn’t give the best DNA sample.
      How do I feel about Trump thinking they are guilty, despite DNA…. About the same as I do Kamala letting people sit in prison after they have been cleared. Actually, No. I feel better about it because one actually had the power to correct her mistakes. Whereas Trump was a private citizen at the time, 1989. One who paid to finish Central Park after the city ran out of money. If you’re not familiar, I suggest you do a basic search and see just how invested he was in fixing a shit-hole for the benefit of everyone.
      You obviously have opinions, how do you feel about Biden’s crime bill that unfairly impacted Black and Brown Americans? One that focused harsh penalties for dealing drugs primarily consumed and sold by those groups?
      How do you feel about Kamala using the wrongly convicted to advance her career?
      How do you feel about Obama not working to pursue criminal justice reforms during his 8 years in office?
      Or is your TDS so strong that nothing else matters? Because if that’s the case, you don’t care about people… you care about politics.

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