Alex Vindman And His Frank Burns Moment

Alex Vindman And His Frank Burns Moment

Alex Vindman And His Frank Burns Moment

Alex Vindman got his moment in the spotlight yesterday and guess what? Frank Burns is alive and well! Not only that, he does selfies!

It was quite the circus wrapped up in a farce during yesterday’s impeachment hearings. Evidently Vindman was compelling because his uniform was AMAZEBALLS! SQUEE! 

“When Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman appeared before the House Intelligence Committee, his striking presence in his serviceable eyeglasses and his military uniform exuded authority, ferocity and patriotism. As one of the Democratic committee members noted admiringly, Vindman was wearing a Purple Heart on his uniform. He also had a Combat Infantry Badge pinned on the left side of his chest, indicating he’d been involved in active ground combat. For civilian viewers, it was helpful to understand the meanings of some of the insignia on his jacket. But even without the details, anyone looking at the vast collage of medals spread across his chest could understand the story they told: that Vindman is one of the many dedicated individuals who choose to stand guard so that others might sleep easily.”

Out here in the west, we call people like Robin Givhan a buckle bunny. We are supposed to never ever question Vindman’s bona fides because uniform and medals! Heck, we aren’t supposed to question Vindman because he’s an OFFICER!!

Yes folks, Vindman just went full Frank Burns! He was super serious on insisting that my rank is IMPORTANT DAMMIT!!

This from a guy who couldn’t even address Congressman Devin Nunes by name and his title.

Alex’s testimony, in addition to his Frank Burns moment, was quite problematic for the Democrats. When you have Adam Schiff going to bat for you by “helping” you testify in the preferred narrative. Said narrative is, ‘no one knows who whistleblower is, so quit trying to out him!’ 

“What’s strange about this part of the testimony is that Vindman already testified under oath that he did not know the identity of the whistleblower. How could he “out” the identity of the whistleblower if he does not know who it is? Further, Schiff also claims to not know the identity of the super-secret whistleblower, but he stopped Vindman from identifying the person he says he spoke to in the intelligence community about the Ukranian phone call.”

Schiff’s antics here don’t pass the smell test. Neither does Vindman’s. 

““Per the advice of my counsel and the instructions from the chairman, I’ve been advised not to provide any specifics on who I have spoken to with inside the intelligence community,” Vindman said before being cut off by his own lawyer.”

“Per the instructions from the chairman.” WOW. I don’t know about you, but this smacks of rigging the narrative and directing testimony.

Keep in mind, Vindman testified earlier that he didn’t tell ANYONE about the phone call. Yet this is his response to Jim Jordan’s questions.


Needless to say, quite a number of people across the military community had a great laugh over Vindman pulling a Frank Burns with a side of Barbara Boxer.

While we are poking fun at this guy, here’s something else we need to consider regarding Alex’s veracity. NSC officials had very significant concerns about Vindman’s adherence to security protocols, and tried to get him removed. Yet he is still there, because he is being protected.

Vindman admitted to quite a number of things during yesterday’s testimony. None of which are the “Gotcha” that the Democrats wanted. No bribery, no contact with Trump, the call was deemed ok in Vindman’s book, and yes there was conflict of interest regarding Hunter Biden and Burisma.

Today, during Ambassador Sondland’s testimony, CBS caught a glimpse of Vindman and his brother. Heck, they caught more than a glimpse.

Not even Frank Burns could pull off that level of arrogance!

Adam Schiff really wanted yesterday’s witnesses, Vindman especially, to put the final nails in Trump’s impeachment coffin. Instead, he ended up with Frank Burns.

Now, they are pinning their hopes on today’s testimony from Gordon Sondland. Good luck.

Feature Photo Credit: Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • GWB says:

    his striking presence in his serviceable eyeglasses and his military uniform exuded authority, ferocity and patriotism
    If there’s anything his presence “exuded”, it was NONE of those three things. Most of his awards look like they’re PCS medals (except the PH and the CIB). (I’m going off of someone else’s analysis of what’s on his salad board – I haven’t taken out my magnifying glass and looked, personally.) And his “presence” screams not so much “patriot!” as it does “pastry!” I’ll give you ferocity, though – if we’re talking the buffet at the Golden Dragon.
    I will give him credit for the CIB and PH. They at least mean he was actually engaged with the enemy as an infantry officer, at one point.

    the vast collage of medals
    BWAHAHAHAHA!!! No, it’s really not that vast.

    Not even Frank Burns could pull off that level of arrogance!
    Oh, I don’t think you recall the show very well. But he *was* only a Major….

    I can’t find the photoshop I saw of Vindman’s testimony with Frank Burns’ face over his. If I could, I’d link it and chastise you for not finding it. 😉

  • GWB says:

    OK, as to LTC Vindman’s Purple Heart, GQ had published a story back in early October.
    Here’s the correction they issued about the story.
    Personally, if he had received his PH as per the original story, I’d have to give him props for that……..

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