Afghanistan Already A Wreck Before US Departure

Afghanistan Already A Wreck Before US Departure

Afghanistan Already A Wreck Before US Departure

So, how’s that withdrawl from Afghanistan going, everyone?

In short, it’s a shitshow. And technically, we haven’t even left yet. But with Joe Biden’s rabid insistence that we get out of Afghanistan by August 31st, and hoping without any reason that the Taliban will play nice with the Afghan government, the withdrawl is already shaping up to be a disaster.

Bagram Air Force Base was abandoned in the middle of the night without even telling the Afghans just a few weeks ago. The Taliban has already been seizing back control of certain areas, like the border crossings into Iran and Turkmenistan. And those who worked for the United States Army as interpreters are being identified and killed by the Taliban. But hey, no one panic – the State Department “vehemently” condemned the attacks. Doesn’t that make everyone feel better now?

This was the very thing that everyone knew would happen when the United States armed forces left Afghanistan, but the Biden State Department seems to be only just now realizing what would happen, but not moving very quickly to fix anything.

Which leads to the current situation. The Taliban wants to seize control of Kandahar. It would look very bad if the government of Afghanistan lost control of the country’s second largest city before the United States officially leaves. So, it’s time for some airstrikes as a parting gift for the Afghan government. Just to show that Team Biden still cares a little.

The airstrikes, about a dozen in recent days, point to a continuing role for the U.S. military in Afghanistan, despite confidence expressed by President Biden and the Pentagon that the Afghan armed forces are well-equipped and ready to fight the Taliban on their own. U.S. forces are due to depart Afghanistan by the end of August.”

Kandahar, population 600,000, was home to deceased Taliban leader Mullah Omar, and host to key military bases once maintained by the U.S. It is also a major economic prize.”

The Taliban have advanced dozens of miles toward Kandahar city in recent weeks, squeezing it from three directions, capturing swaths of territory in the Panjwai and Arghandab valleys, places where foreign troops fought for decades to keep the Taliban at bay.”

You know, while it might not have been ideal to keep troops in Afghanistan, the last American combat deaths in Afghanistan happened in February 2020. It is now more dangerous to live in Chicago than it is to serve in Afghanistan. And while American troops were there, the Taliban didn’t feel emboldened to be striking back and gaining territory. But we’re going to keep helping out, promises General Kenneth McKenzie, so even though we might not be actually there, we will be supportive. Whatever THAT means.

Speaking to reporters Sunday in Kabul, Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, head of the US Army Central Command, said, “The United States has increased airstrikes in the support of Afghan forces over the last several days, and we are prepared to continue this heightened level of support in the coming weeks if the Taliban continue their attacks.”

McKenzie acknowledged the Afghan government will face tough days ahead.”

“The Taliban are attempting to create a sense of inevitability about their campaign. They are wrong,” he said. “Taliban victory is not inevitable,” he said, adding that the US military will continue giving logistical support to the Afghan Air Force even after its foreign forces are expected to leave the country on August 31.”

“We will continue to support the Afghan forces even after that August 31 date, it will generally be from over the horizon,” McKenzie said.”

Wow. I am sure that the girls of Afghanistan who have already been attacked and killed for daring to go to school, and those worried about their future, are supremely comforted by the idea that the United States will be supporting them “from over the horizon.”

The comparisons of Afghanistan to Saigon have already begun, and Team Biden will bear the consequences of the political fallout the minute a gruesome video of the Taliban executing a former interpreter, or shooting up a school bus full of girls, goes viral. Not even a suck-up media will be able to spin that to save Grandpa Joe, but the loss of political face will be nothing compared to the loss of lives when that day comes.

Featured image via ArmyAmber on Pixabay, cropped, Pixabay license

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  • Oldav8r says:

    This is how we have “fought” wars since 1945.

  • American Human says:

    Look, I support the ability of girls to receive an education and for women to walk outside without fear of having acid thrown in their faces etc., however why is it the responsibility of the U.S. to ensure this happens? My heart breaks to think of what the Taliban will do to peaceful Afghanis who just want to live their lives. It really does but no one will ever successfully conquer Afghanistan, including the Taliban. Alexander the Great only pretended to defeat them (by marrying a few of their daughters), the British tried and failed twice, the Russians tried and failed twice and now the U.S.A. has tried and failed. The Chinese are coming in and will try to be the new overlords and they will fail too, and they are supporting the Taliban.
    Considering everything that has gone on there in recent years (the last 25 or so), it was never worth a single American life. The main reason was to get Bin Laden but we found out quickly that he wasn’t even there. The military didn’t lose this war though, it was, once again, the politicians who lost it.
    Mr. Oldav8r is correct, we haven’t fought a war to win since 1945.

    • GWB says:

      I would disagree. We won the war. What we lost was the occupation. Which is why we shouldn’t do occupations, in general. Unless you’re willing to go as far as dropping some nukes, occupation is a very good way to achieve nothing except bleeding yourself dry.

      The Cold War is NOT a good example of how to fight.

  • GWB says:

    In short, it’s a shitshow.
    It’s always been one. Before we arrived, before the Soviets left, before Britain tried to subdue it. I’m pretty sure Alexander failed here and Genghis Khan didn’t even try.

    “The Taliban are attempting to create a sense of inevitability about their campaign. They are wrong,” he said. “Taliban victory is not inevitable,”
    Oh, how very wrong you are, General. Their victory is absolutely a given. Unless someone came along willing to actually exterminate them, no matter where they ran. Someone who actually believed in victory and could serve it up.

    And, even then, Afghanistan would still be a hole on the map where other countries are not.

  • JAW3 says:

    Maybe it was neocon happy talk back in the day when W seemed like a republican that Afghanistan is a mineral gold mine waiting to be exploited. too bad about the taliban savages killing life as they find it.

  • Jake says:

    The weird thing is not a peep from the left and or feminists.

    19 million women and girls are suddenly going back to the 8th century in terms of rights, Healthcare, education, careers, and I have not seen a single feminist complain.

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