Abortion Ice Cream Parties: The Latest From Looney Portlandia

Abortion Ice Cream Parties: The Latest From Looney Portlandia

Abortion Ice Cream Parties: The Latest From Looney Portlandia

We know we are in a bad way when an indoctrinated die-hard Democrat Tweets about the economic benefits of abortion. We know we’re even worse off when a pro-abortion organization partners with an ice cream shop to offer “ice cream socials” to support abortion.

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon has now come up with a new abortion-themed flavor of ice cream for pro-abortion Portland, Oregon residents. It’s called “Rocky Roe v. Wade” and is being promoted by local ice cream parlor, What’s the Scoop? I wish this was a joke. I really wish it was.

And this, sorry to say, is one more reason I absolutely hate going into the cesspool that is becoming Portland.

This from NARAL Pro Choice Oregon Executive Director Grayson Dempsey:

Don’t live in Portland, you say? You can get your abortion ice cream shipped to you! Yay.

Order your pints online between August 13-26. Pick up your pints between September 13-21 at What’s the Scoop?, 3540 N Williams Ave. NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon staff and volunteers will be on hand on September 13th from 5:00-8:00 and we’d love to see you there.

Or you can skeddaldle on down to What’s the Scoop? and get your waffle cone scooped by pro-abortion celebrities. How exciting is this?!

Portlandia, Portlandia. Land of IPAs, hipsters, Bernie Brain-Washed White folk who put “Black Lives Matter” bumper stickers on their Priuses and shout “diversity” from the rafters while homeless heroin addicts camp out in the middle of their streets. Home of Occupy ICE nutjobs. Home of compassionate animal-lovers who volunteer their time at no-kill animal shelters believing all furry creatures deserve a chance. Now, they can support abortion, the death of a child, with a sweet treat post soy steak dinner. Life in their disgusting blue liberal bubble is now complete.

Perhaps it is befitting the ice cream be dubbed “Rocky Roe v. Wade” considering Norma McCorvey (AKA Jane Roe) regretted her decision to fight for the abortion movement later in her years.

People are not “freaking out”, Grayson. They are merely calling attention to how jacked-up the idea of this is. Maybe your own child will have a scoop and may not fully understand this insanity because that is what it is. Ice cream socials to celebrate and fund raise for abortion? I cannot even imagine how this ice cream establishment thought this was a great idea. It’s okay, though. Sales per scoop will stimulate the economy! If you’re in Portland, I highly recommend voting with your dollars and going to Salt and Straw instead. They haven’t come up with an abortion flavor of the month….yet.

The hard left does not even realize the caricatures they have made of themselves. What will their insensitive, morbid and sick souls think of next? Hey, you just got a baby ripped out of your uterus? I’m sure ice cream makes it alllllll better! Here, try some Rocky Roe v. Wade! These miserable people suck the joy out of everything. Even ice cream.

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  • Kim Hirsch says:

    So they celebrate scooping out an unborn child from the womb with a scoop of sweet ice cream.

    My God, these people are sick.

  • Jim says:

    ”Abortion is Health Care”

    For whom? Which parties benefit: mother, foetus or doctor?

    I note also that in some western countries, e.g. Australia where I live, it has been noticed that the natural ratio of male infants to female infants is changing from 105 to 100. A recent local news article:

    ”there are higher rates of boys born to mothers who have migrated from China and India.
    For example, between 1999 and 2015, 8654 mothers born in China had boys at a rate of almost 111 males to every 100 baby girls for their second child, then at a rate of 114 to 100 to for their third or subsequent child. “We believe that some women may be terminating pregnancies after discovering they are expecting a girl and in other cases are travelling overseas to access non-medical sex selection services through assisted reproduction, …”

    In other words certain parents are having pregnancies of female foetuses terminated after ultrasound examinations have indicated the gender of the foetus, not for reasons of ”health care”. At what point is the line between legitimate health care and eugenics crossed? This appears to be a side effect of multiculturalism, so favoured by the ‘progressive’ Left.

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