Missouri’s Governor Eric Greitens Resigns Over Affair And Campaign Finances [VIDEO]

Missouri’s Governor Eric Greitens Resigns Over Affair And Campaign Finances [VIDEO]

Missouri’s Governor Eric Greitens Resigns Over Affair And Campaign Finances [VIDEO]

It has been quite the day of cancellations and resignations. First we have Roseanne Barr showing her true colors and getting her sitcom cancelled because of it. Now Missouri has a new Governor due to Eric Greitens resignation this afternoon.

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens announced on Tuesday he is stepping down effective at 5 p.m. Friday in the face of an impeachment effort, an adverse judicial ruling and and multiple criminal investigations.

Here is his entire statement.

The last bit is quite …interesting.

Ok…. that’s all well and good. However, there’s more to this story than just the sexual assault/coercion aspect – which is bad enough.

A Cole County judge ruled that two subpoenas regarding Greiten’s non-profit, A New Missouri, will stand.

Based on the ruling, the House committee can expect to obtain communications between Greitens for Missouri and A New Missouri and policies “concerning coordination or communication between Greitens for Missouri and A New Missouri, Inc.”

A New Missouri will have to turn over receipts of paid media, content of paid media and communication regarding paid media. The non-profit will also have to turn over communications between the group and Greitens and his campaign.

The finding was a blow to Greitens’ legal team, which sought to quash the subpoenas. Catherine Hanaway, a Greitens attorney, said in a statement she was “not surprised” Beetem sided with the committee after the House narrowed down what it was seeking the court to force compliance with in anticipation for the court hearing.

Hanaway also said she was pleased the judge is allowing A New Missouri to redact the names of donors to protect their identities.

Greitens was facing impeachment proceedings if he didn’t resign.

Article VII, Section 1 of the Missouri state constitution lays out the guidelines for impeachment: “All elective executive officials of the state, and judges of the supreme court, courts of appeals and circuit courts shall be liable to impeachment for crimes, misconduct, habitual drunkenness, willful neglect of duty, corruption in office, incompetency, or any offense involving moral turpitude or oppression in office.”

Former Missouri Supreme Court Judge and Chief Justice Michael Wolff, who is now dean emeritus at the St. Louis University School of Law, has been closely following the avalanche of complex problems that Greitens is facing.

“If there is an impeachment trial, it may well focus on the dark money issues, and misleading statements allegedly made to the state ethics commission since he’s been governor,” Wolff said. “I assume he would testify, but I could be very wrong.”

So, what is next for Greitens? One would suppose that he is still on the hook as a civilian in regards to both the misuse of charitable donations, illegal reporting of donor lists and funds during his campaign, as well as the assault case. As he said, during his resignation statement, he is facing thousands of dollars of legal bills. That will likely continue.

Meanwhile, Missouri needs to move on with Lt Governor Mike Parson moving into the role of Governor. Others are relieved that Greitens has resigned. 

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, a Republican, said that Greitens had made the “best decision” possible.
“The governor made the best decision for his family and the state. I look forward to Gov. Parson’s leadership and will do everything I can be to be helpful,” Blunt said in a statement.
Eric Greifens was supposed to be the one to fix Missouri, and was supposedly a rising star in Republican political circles. That star sank faster than a blazing comet.
There are no winners here, contrary to what many on social media are gleefully posting. The losers in this entire debacle? The citizens of Missouri and most especially Greitens wife and children.

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