A Love Letter to a Conservative Man

A Love Letter to a Conservative Man

This post is not the usual type of thing I write for Victory Girls.  Usually, I’m sputtering, snarking, cussing and railing against liberal/progressive/leftist/radical/anti-American subversive shenanigans.  But I’m fortunate enough to have just celebrated a wedding anniversary with a man who is the best man – the best person – I will ever know.  My Dad is a close second.  And our sons?  Growing into good men.

I know many of you reading this have similar relationships with conservative men be it your husband, your partner, your father, your son, your brother, your uncle, or maybe even a friend.  To the mainstream media and the current administration, these men are boring, stupid fellows that thump Bibles, cling to guns, and are surely racist.  Well, my husband IS very boring, according to their barometer of “exciting”.  He doesn’t “twerk” or wear skinny jeans, seek or collect welfare.  He doesn’t think gender is self-appointed, believe that “global warming” is anything but a huge scam, or “sext” (this is a man that refers to email as “internet letters”).   He definitely isn’t a male feminist!  Rather, he is a wonderful, steady, loving father to our four kids and new “Papa” to some tiny and lucky future BB gun owners.

My conservative husband is my best friend and truest love.  He believes in hard work and making his way in the world with as little governmental intrusion as possible which is almost impossible these days.  But he’s still out there swinging.   He has owned a successful manufacturing business for over 25 years and treats every customer and every employee equally (regardless of sex or race and without governmental regulation telling him he has to do it) and with respect.  He has the old-fashioned idea that if he works hard and fairly, he’ll be rewarded and in turn, he’ll share his success with others – by his choice and direction.  And yes, he thinks Obama is a tool precisely because Obama and the liberals promote the exact opposite of what he is, and has believed in, and worked for, all these years.  My husband and other conservative men like him, are marginalized and sneered at by progressive/liberal wastrels.  So, here is my love letter.  To him and, by extension, to every conservative man out there who is as appreciated as my husband is.

Dear Husband,

I want to take this opportunity, in a public forum, to thank you.  I want as many people as I can reach to know about you and how profoundly good you are.  I want them to know there is a man with a backbone and no tolerance for moral relativism still here in America willing to work hard and think smart.  I want them to know how you’ve guided me and your children through 30 years with strength, love, complete devotion, and faithfulness.  Yes, I’m admitting you’ve guided me – your feisty, unpredictable, troublesome wife.  Don’t get excited though, this doesn’t mean you are the boss of me!  But without your steady and unconditional love, I’d be less.  Less of everything and certainly less happy.  You’ve given me confidence because you had such abundance of it.  You set sail into our life, certain of your compass points and your strength.  You rose early each morning, determined to do your best, and do it for us.  When we were broke, you just worked harder, smarter, and longer.  You never blamed anyone, ever, for any misfortune or setback.  I watched and learned from you.  When success began to come, you immediately looked to others you could lift up as well.  Many of them don’t even know it was you that helped them through a bad time.  You practiced the Golden Rule quietly and humbly.  Our children watched and learned.    When our little girl suffered so many devastating surgeries and struggles, you not only held her…but me too… through those dark and worried times.  You guided all our kids through the difficult stages of growing up with wit and wisdom – while I was off ranting and raving – unsure of how to cope with teenagers.  And look at them now!  Wonderful young adults, starting their own journeys through life full of your confidence and goodness.  Thank you.  If you were… if WE were…liberals, without the confidence or moral compass to make hard decisions in which to guide our kids toward the ethics we believe in, this wouldn’t have turned out so well.  I am sure of it.

Thank you for putting food on the table, cutting down trees, fixing the broken pipe, taking care of your parents.  Thank you for changing the diapers, letting our girls put bows in your hair, giving a hamster eulogy in the backyard, and bringing me coffee in bed every single morning for years.  Thank you for making me laugh when I wanted to cry, running to our son as he returned safely from Iraq, and learning how to “argue” with a woman who just wants to be heard….THAT was a hard one!  Thank you for being a man of integrity and courage – never backing down from an injustice or bloviating cowards. Thank you leading our family; for loving us, supporting us, and giving us everything we needed.  Because that’s just what we wanted.

My husband walking our eldest daughter  down the aisle
My husband walking our eldest daughter down the aisle

I’m so grateful for my funny, irreverent, smart, capable, compassionate, conservative husband.  You are loved and appreciated but I know you know that.  I just wanted other people to know it too. 

Love, Your Wife

I hope I’ve given you, dear reader, an inspiration to go write up your own love letter of appreciation and gratitude to a special conservative man in your life.  Our conservative men, like our women, are under attack.  Our men are awesome, interesting, and definitely not boring.  They are an important part of us.  Go tell them….because they aren’t going to hear it from Obama, his minions, the rabid leftists and feminazi’s in this country, or the MSM.

Welcome Instapundit readers and thanks for the link, Glenn!

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